Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 299

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 1: What is Peace?

Section 2: Peace Is the Hope of God and Humankind, 05-15


(5)  What needs to be settled first, rising above all scholarly pursuits, customs, and established social structures, is the question of God. God must be the beginning point. If God created human beings through a process, from a starting point, we can't realize a world of peace unless we rediscover the way God intended to actualize His ideal of creation, which is humanity's destination. The world of peace is a world of oneness. If God and human beings take different directions, then the one world of peace cannot appear. Thus, the necessary conclusion is that there must be only one direction for both God and humankind. Therefore, unless we jettison the direction of this human-centered world and set our course toward a world that upholds God as the Supreme Being, we cannot find the way to a unified, peaceful world.

(6)  An individual of perfected character can represent God's ideal of creation. God did not create the natural world to simply observe and interact with it. He created for the sake of joy. It is through joy that we can find happiness, and through happiness, that we can create a peaceful environment for each other. To feel joy, we don't need money, and having people there, by itself, also is not enough. What is needed is a force between God and human beings that allows God to relate to us as a Father to His children. These are the elements of joy—bonds that neither God nor His children can break no matter how they feel or what they do. There must be an absolute force, a subjective force, that cannot be removed or blocked by any other force, a path we can pursue as our one and only absolute ideal. Until that has been settled, we cannot have our ideal subject partner, and God cannot have His ideal counterpart. Then what is the central, primary factor that can create joy between God and human beings so that both can be happy? What is the core essence that can become the origin of peace? It can only be a reciprocal relationship with the absolute love of God.

(7)  What is the central issue in resolving all the problems of the world? Giving a clear explanation about the existence of God is more important than anything else. When all human beings come to realize that God truly exists, they will clearly know the direction of His Will. When they understand God's purpose, a unified, peaceful, and ideal world will surely come about.

(8)  The idea that a peaceful world can come about by human effort alone is a fantasy. Why is that? When you look at your mind and body, how intense the battle between them is! Therefore, even for myself, when I was cultivating my mind, my motto was: "Before desiring to master the universe, I must attain perfect mastery over myself." Our body is intense and powerful, and we can expect it always to block our way. Even if you could rule the universe, it is not easy to rule yourself. Since this is how it is, in this chaotic heaven and earth, peace and unity are nothing more than fantasies. Nonetheless, as long as God exists, they are possible.

(9)  The original garden of Eden was a garden of life. It was not a garden of life that was supposed to be limited only to that time; it was to have continued throughout eternity. Had it been realized on the earth, human beings, as beings of life, would have experienced eternal joy and gratitude for God’s gift of life. Also, the original garden of Eden was a world in which human beings could emit the light of life as the lords of all living things, where each individual could emit light as a substantial realization of God’s eternal hope and as a being of eternal value. The original garden was a garden of love and also a world of peace and unity, in which all God’s children were to have become one by relating with each other harmoniously centering on His love.

The king and the kingdom of peace

(10)  You will become one united, extended family centered on the restored nation that belongs to Adam and Eve on the world level. Such a great united family is not just a united nations of the world. New ancestors, first and second generation, will need to be organized from the spiritual and physical worlds, like a large extended family. From them must come a people, nation, and world. What remains after that is to form a people, nation, and world that will fulfill what is written on the concluding page of history. Now can you understand how urgent this task is? I have announced the age of God's homeland and His kingdom of peace. The time is coming when all beings in existence need to stand in that place. But if God's homeland and kingdom of peace do not stand in a realm of liberation and complete freedom, God will not be able to take ownership.

(11)  The original garden we wish for is a garden of happiness and a world in which we offer praise and gratitude to God. That world is a world of hope based on love and life and a world where the values of peace and unification have been realized. It is also a world in which all human values combine and appear as beauty, a world where all God's children, through song, laughter and dance, praise the life and eternal love we have received. Moreover, it is a world in which all things of the creation join together, harmonizing with the movement of human beings. God wanted to realize this world of His original ideal through human beings.

(12)  The children, Cain and Abel, were not born through God's love. Our ancestors, Adam and Eve, were supposed to receive God's Blessing; instead they were driven out of the garden. Even as God did so, He said, "Beloved Adam, beloved Eve! I created you in order to build a garden of love, which is the world I intended when I created this great universe. Thus, you would have been the king and queen of peace and happiness." No other entities on this earth could have held this position. It was only our first ancestors who were to have become the king and queen. Adam could have stood as the king of the heavens and earth for all eternity, with his descendants covering the earth. After the heavens and earth were formed, after the connection had been made between God and His beloved children, our ancestor Adam was the one person who could have received the title of king.

(13)  Two thousand years after the Fall, Heaven selected and established a chosen people and promised, "I will send you someone who will become your lord and leader, your prince of freedom, peace, and happiness." And thus, Heaven sent this one person who had been promised as the champion of happiness, peace, and freedom, the one man who could resolve Heaven's anguish and bring forth Heaven's blessings. The one person promised through the ages finally appeared, yet the chosen people of Israel did not welcome and attend him and live according to his will. Because they did not unite according to God's Will and fight to resolve Heaven's anguish, the grievous course of history has been repeatedly prolonged until this day. Jesus Christ was the person who came as the prince of peace, happiness, and freedom, to resolve God's anguish, which arose from the bitter, four-thousand-year course of human history.

(14)  If you embody the idea of a cosmic kingdom of heaven and expand a movement of God's love, life, and truth, then a world of peace will be established on this earth. Therefore, your parents are not just your own parents, your family is not just your own brothers and sisters, and your children are not just your own sons and daughters. If you become people with the character that views all people as your parents, brothers and sisters, and children, then you will shed tears for any person being harassed in the world of death. Also, when you see people your own age or younger than you, your tears will flow with a sense of responsibility to save them, and you will try to do so. When you become such people, you will be at the center of building the kingdom of heaven on this earth.

(15)  Peace will be realized only when there is a king of peace. Should a human being or God be the king of peace? It goes without saying that God should be the king of peace. If you understand what kind of God the God of peace is, you can become His child. By doing so, you will become His heir, who can inherit His royal authority.
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