Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 298

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 1: What is Peace?
Section 1: The Concept of Peace, 25

Section 2: Peace Is the Hope of God and Humankind, 04


(25)  No matter how talented or handsome a man, he was not born for his own sake. He was born for the sake of a woman. Even the most intelligent, beautiful woman was not born for her own sake. She was born for the sake of a man. We must ponder the fact that the natural origin of existence is the act of creation for the sake of others. Here we find the formula by which God created His ideal world. It is only when we exist for the sake of others that God's true love can begin, His ideal partner can appear, and peace and happiness can be realized.

(26)  Humankind is confronting today's chaotic world and pursuing a peace that transcends nationality. However, to this day, a world of peace for all people has failed to materialize. Since this is so, if there is one ideal with potential, an ideal that can give people hope, it is the ideal that advocates the logic of a peaceful world with God at its center. This is the only ideal that can give this chaotic world a chance to find a new direction and a new history. If we think about it logically, the only possible outcome has to be the kingdom of heaven on earth. The kingdom of heaven is a world of peace with God at the center. From that center, all conflicts based on history, religion, race, and any other obstacle, can be overcome. God must remain the single, unchanging center.

(27)  How will we find the peace and freedom that can bring forth a world of happiness through the paths of religion, ethics, and philosophy, all of which seek the truth? The heart of all people today is the same. And the heart of people thousands of years in the past was the same, as will be the heart of those who will appear hundreds of millions of years from now. There is no changeability in the world of heart. Can we not find, somewhere on this earth, a heart motivated from the one unchangeable base, so we can develop a world that can realize a garden of happiness, a social standard that can engender such happiness, and a religious mindset that can match that feeling of happiness? If we conclude that such a thing cannot be found, then where will God go? If we came to that conclusion, we would also have to conclude that God can't be with us.

(28)  If there is a heavenly rule that gives Heaven the means to embrace us, to set up the heavenly providence, to uphold morality and ethics, and cause people to aim for goodness, then there is no question that Heaven will explain to us everything that is related and connected to it. Moreover, a day will come when men and women of all ages will affirm this in their heart. The day will come when everyone will harmonize with each other, delighting in freedom, peace, and happiness. If this does not come about, then no relationship exists between us and God or any great thinker.

Peace and freedom

(29)  Today, it is commonly held by people at all levels of society, that this world is not a world of peace. Still the people of the world yearn for peace. Moreover, everyone without exception wants to live in a free society, free nation, and free world. A man or woman seeking to walk the true path of life wants to enjoy genuine happiness while rejoicing in genuine freedom in an environment of genuine peace. But there can be no genuine happiness unless peace and freedom reside in our mind. Although people cry out for freedom, they also Admit that their surroundings are not free enough for them to live as their heart desires. Therefore, no human being can deny the fact that he or she has not yet reached the fulfillment that his or her mind eagerly pursues.

(30)  Everything seeks partners that have good origins. Moreover, everything seeks places where there is freedom, and pursues that which brings peace. Nonetheless, freedom, peace, and happiness are not to be sought separately; they must be sought together. So, is freedom to be found within peace, or is peace to be found within freedom? Peace is a condition for freedom; freedom comes on the foundation of peace. Peace is where two people harmonize with each other, which is only possible when they make concessions to one another.

(31)  There is no freedom under the love of Satan's world. Neither is there peace, happiness, hope, or eternal life. We must restore all these through indemnity. Freedom arises when we restore the creation's rights, human rights, and love's rights. Therefore, your mind and body must become one. I am saying you should restore human rights. Only when our mind and body are united can we be truly free. If a grandfather and his grand daughter-in-law, for example, were one in heart, then it wouldn't matter even if he had to enter her room unannounced. What I mean is, the artificiality would crumble, because when there is unity of heart, there is freedom, and only in freedom is there peace and true happiness.

(32)  Without a foundation of unity, freedom cannot exist. If your mind and body clash, can you have freedom, maintain it, and be joyful? Can freedom appear? It cannot. Also, where is peace? True peace is where we are completely free, where everything is smooth and nothing is lacking. Yet, when your mind and body clash, is there a place where peace can dwell? No. The same is true for happiness. Can anyone find happiness when his or her mind and body are fighting? There's no way. When we consider these fundamental issues, we realize that it is only where our mind and body are completely united that we can be free, that a base for peace appears, and that happiness arises. It is only when a husband and wife become one in heart and body that they can dream about a peaceful world based on peace in their family.

Section 2.  Peace Is the Hope of God and Humankind

(1)  In order for humankind to be good, every individual must be good  Unless that happens, humankind cannot become good. In the end, each person has to become a good person and stand in the position of a driving force for peace, in the unchanging position of a good fruit for eternity. Otherwise, even though we want the world to become peaceful, it will not.

Peace and God

(2)  Because the human ancestors fell, they could not become God's genuine sons and daughters. Instead, they got together as they wished and had children, forming a tribe, people, and nation. This should have occurred based on principled love that revolved around God. A peaceful, ideal world of genuine happiness can exist only with God's love.

(3)  The Messiah's work is carried out with God at the center. Therefore, to this day, God and Satan have been opposing one another. God is plus, and Lucifer, who should have been a minus, became a plus called Satan, that repels God. Conflict leads to war, destruction, and ruin. But unity brings peace. Unity cannot come about unless we create a minus realm to God and relate to Satan so as to bring him to submission. Heaven's side must become Abel and unify this world. Abel comes to unify. Unification brings the beginning of the peaceful world, the garden of Eden.

(4)  People seek genuine, unchanging truth. At the same time, humanity pursues love, the ideal, happiness, peace, and freedom. No matter how chaotic or hopeless the world may be, our heart and mind yearn for this. This fire of hope continues to burn. The issue here is: what will God do? God has no choice but to pursue a world of true love, true ideals, true happiness, peace, and freedom. So what human beings are pursuing, and what God is pursuing, must be the same thing. Then when we speak about love, ideals, happiness, or peace, are we referring to the qualities of one individual, or are we speaking about what can be realized only within a mutual relationship? These are not conditions that can be realized by an individual alone. Can you have love by yourself? Can you enter an ideal state by yourself? You cannot have such things as happiness or peace when you are alone. These can be realized only within mutual relationships.


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