Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 294

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 3: The Mission of a Church Leader
Section 6: The Providence of Cain and Abel, 06-15


(6)  In order for you to become Abel, you need to find and recover Cain. Until you have recovered Cain, you cannot become Abel. Accordingly, in a position representing God, you need to go through the positions of servant of servant, servant, and adopted child, and then rise to the position of child. Only by doing so can you establish the condition for Cain to submit to you as Abel. Then, you can finally complete the responsibility of a son who can stand before God, and if at that point Cain takes a cooperative stance, you can then advance to the position of a parent. Thus, there are two reasons for which you need to witness: First, to set up someone in the position of Cain, and second, to secure the position of Abel. Thus, you who are witnessing from the position of Abel stand in the position of God. Moreover, with God at the center and on behalf of Jesus, you are restoring what your ancestors failed to accomplish in the age of restoring the position of the servant.

(7)  No matter how much you are loved by God at this moment, if there is no Cain standing beside you, you cannot become Abel. Where can Cain and Abel be found? It is not in a comfortable and good place. Why do we need Cain and Abel? We need them for restoration through indemnity. How do we carry out restoration through indemnity? We have to become sacrificial offerings. Our body and mind should become one, we should become one with God, and then become one with the sacrificial offering. Finally we need to bring Satan to that place and bring the restoration to a close. Thus, we need to settle it once and for all.

(8)  How does God determine Abel? It must be in a way that Satan cannot accuse. What can Satan not accuse? It is oneness with God. This occurs not in joy, but in sorrow and difficulty. In other words, Abel must be willing to die in the most miserable situation. That is how you, as Abel, become one with God.

(9)  From the perspective of the Principle, who is Abel? He is the center. God should be able to enter his core and dwell there. Have you become Abel? To become Abel, first you have to obey. You must obey God and become one with Him. In order to become one with God, you should do everything He tells you to do. Surely you cannot become Abel unless you do all that God tells you to do. Even if you already did ninety-nine tasks, if you refuse to do one task, you cannot become Abel.

(10)  The fight between God and Satan takes place over people, who form the center of the universe. God continues working to transform us even as we sway to God's side one day and Satan's side the next. The Unification Church is battling between good and evil, and between Cain and Abel. The providence of restoration is none other than the fight between Cain and Abel. Everything is connected to this battle. Why then do I keep bringing up the issue of Cain and Abel as the representatives of history? It is because this is a fundamental issue. It is centered on the family. The problem of Adam and Eve and the problem between these brothers caused the breakdown of the family. That is why I am trying to restore the family centered on the issue of Adam and Eve and that of the two brothers. I am trying to return them to the original point. The key to history lies in turning them around. That is the key. That is how crucial the issues of Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel, are.

Who is Abel?

(11)  You need to know how to distinguish between Cain and Abel. Between any two people, one is Cain and the other is Abel. This is the case even among Unification Church members. Then, which person is Cain and which one is Abel? Abel is the one who is injured, whereas Cain is the one who injures. For instance, if you were to approach someone who is just standing there and say, for no reason, "Hey, you, rascal!", then those few words would make you Cain. Let me give you another example. Consider parents who have two sons. Suppose the parents consult with only the first son, and he represents his parents in all matters. If he hits the younger son, although the latter did nothing wrong, the parents will naturally stand on the side of the younger son. This is the standard to judge good and evil, but in today's society people do not understand this. The one who harms others is certainly Cain.

(12)  Among Unification members, if you belittle someone who is working hard and offering devotion for the church, saying, "Why is that person's behavior so strange?" you immediately become Cain. This is how Cain and Abel set themselves apart from each other. Those who are criticized and harmed although they did not commit any wrongs are always Abel, while those who criticize and strike others are always Cain. This can happen even by uttering just one word. In speaking, the one who says something that benefits others is Abel, while the one who says something that harms others is Cain. If you praise others, you bring benefit rather than loss. However, if you say something to profit yourself, it is tantamount to harming others. Thus, the position that benefits others is the public position, whereas the position that benefits oneself is the private position. In this way, we distinguish Abel and Cain, and good and evil, based on who is public-minded and who is private-minded.

(13)  The person who is more public-minded is Abel. Among Unification Church members, there are those who believe they are Abel because they joined the church earlier. However, although they joined earlier, if they are not public-minded, they are Cain. Cain himself was born first, but because he didn't take a public position, he had to follow Abel. The Abel figure is the one who stands in a more public position. To walk the public path, you need to maintain relationships with brothers and sisters. What I am saying is that, in walking the public path, the horizontal relationship is important. Even in going to the kingdom of heaven, the problem usually does not lie in becoming one with God but in relationships with brothers and sisters. The secret to going to the kingdom of heaven is to follow the public path.

(14)  Leaders think that they are automatically Abel, but that is not the case. Abel is the one who saves Cain, and he can go to the mother only after uniting with Cain. Therefore, even if you have not become one with the leader, once you unite among yourselves for the sake of the leader, the leader will come to you. That is why Jesus said he would be present wherever two or three gathered in his name. From now on, our focus on leaders needs to be replaced by a focus on members. Likewise, the head of a family needs to emphasize the members of the family rather than himself as its head. Otherwise, heaven cannot come about within that family.

(15)  You could not have been born as Abel if there were no Cain. You need to understand this above all. Abel is in the position of Adam. That position means, first, that Abel needs to have the love of God. The Fall was the failure to form a bond with God's love. Second, it means that the archangel figure is Cain, and needs to unite with Abel. Before Adam came to exist, the archangel was already there. Likewise, before Abel was Cain. After God lost Adam due to the Fall, He established Abel in the place of Adam. Originally, Adam should have become one with God, and the archangel should have become one with Adam. Had this happened, there would have been no Fall. Hence, restoration is the work of patching up the failure of Adam to become one with God and the failure of Adam and the archangel to become one. Thus, restoration requires that Abel become one with God. You can become Abel only if you have first received God's love. 


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