Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 293

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 3: The Mission of a Church Leader
Section 5: Witnessing and Pastoral Care, 17
Section 6: The Providence of Cain and Abel, 05


(17)  Have you ever wept and prayed all through the night for the sake of the person you are witnessing to? I am asking whether you have shed tears for that person more than you would at the death of your father or mother, or even your lover. If you have not, then you should. You should weep bitterly throughout the night. If only you could save one life, is there anything you would not spare? Money, clothes, or a house would not even be an issue. Be crazy about loving people.

(18)  To witness, you need to study people's psychology. You should be able to tell whether a person would like something just by looking at his or her facial expressions and manner of walking. Learn the formulas to analyze people's emotions. You should be able to tell just from listening to your wife's footsteps whether or not she has had a good day. When your wife comes into the room, suppose you asked her, "Why are you upset?" She would be at a loss for words because it would seem you already knew everything before seeing her. You should live your life in such a way. When you pray for someone out of interest, that person is bound to take an interest in you.

(19)  When you go out witnessing, your heart should be totally different from yesterday. In other words, you should think, as you start the day, "In the past, I went forth with such and such a heart, but today, I resolve to undertake the work with a new heart." By thus changing your resolve and your motivation, you will surely bring good results. However, if instead you set out more depressed than before, with a heart worse than yesterday, you will inevitably retreat. The more you continue working in such a way, the more destruction you will bring upon yourself. Moreover, if you spread that negativity to everyone else, no matter how great your purpose and how strong your inner resolve, you will find yourself completely stuck, at a standstill, and unable to advance, no matter how hard you try.

(20)  All people, regardless of who they are, need to walk the path of restoration centered on the Word. On that path, before you can reach the position to indemnify the national level, you first need to complete the indemnity on the tribal level. Then you can appoint someone to stand on your behalf and defend you from opposition by the tribe. He or she can also defend you from opposition by other families. Once you have set up your tribal representatives, they can stop all such attacks. That is why we are witnessing. Even when we have climbed up high, we still need to establish successors and expand the ground on which our successors can follow our path. They too will defend us from opposition. That is why it is necessary to witness.

(21)  We do not witness with weapons; rather, we witness with love. Our victory is based on saving Cain through the love of Abel. It is to restore with true love those who were conquered by false love. This is the only way we can return to the original world, a world devoid of conflict. If we were to witness by any other means or method, Satan would still have some tricks left up his sleeve; he could employ other means and methods. Jesus, even on the way to his death, until the final moment of his life, established the way of love. Since he was not able to completely establish the course of saving Cain in his lifetime, through his death he demonstrated the way to open the gate to Cain's salvation.

(22)  We do not witness to benefit the Unification Church. We witness not to save our church, but to save the nation. Furthermore, we witness to save the world. Our purpose is different from that of Christians. They witness for the growth of their own denomination, but we do not witness for our own sake. Even if the Unification Church were to become perfect in and of itself, it needs ultimately to find the way to save the nation. If we walk the path to perfect the nation, even if we have to abandon the church, we move to a higher level of perfection. Since that path is more worthy, we need to seek the nation even at the sacrifice of the church.

Section 6.  The Providence of Cain and Abel

(1)  In the church, you should know how to discern who is Abel and who is Cain. Between any two people, one is surely Abel and the other Cain. Among three people, two of them could be either Abel or Cain, but of the two, one is the chief Abel or chief Cain. You should be able to clearly distinguish them. Cain and Abel should not be disunited or divided. One is the right hand and the other is the left hand. Therefore, regardless of your position, you should find and attend your Abel figure with the belief that his God is also my God, and God loves me and loves him as well. In this way, you should do your best to avoid making the mistake that Cain made.

(2)  The principle of Cain and Abel is great. God's true love is such that He desires to save the youth of the nation even at the sacrifice of His own children. Because God's heart has this nature, unity can be achieved only in the world of such heart. You can be united only through love, by living for the sake of others. If your love is not for the sake of others, Satan can walk right through it and bring destruction. Since this is God's hope, the hope of all things and the hope of humanity, how can a person who strives to realize this ideal come to ruin? Heavenly fortune will protect such individuals, and God Himself will protect them as well. So even if they go to a place where death awaits, they will not die, because all things will follow them. They may appear to perish and disappear, but I have discovered that they find a new way to progress and leap forward. It is because they are going the way of true love, and nothing can obstruct or block that path. Even Satan submits to it.

Cain and Abel from the viewpoint of the providence

(3)  When Cain and Abel made their offerings to God, God received Abel's offering but did not receive Cain's. It seems that God took a different stance toward Cain than toward Abel, but you should know that this was not the case. If Cain had had even a slight feeling in his heart that he should go through Abel, who represented Heaven's position, God would have accepted his sacrifice. This means that God intended to treat them on an equal footing at a later time. God wants you to go over the universal hill of lamentation and stand before Him as the one sacrificial offering that He can delight in and rejoice over. You should build an Abel-type altar for the restoration of all creation in the universe. There, as an Abel-type sacrificial offering, you should offer not a lamb that you slaughtered, but your actual life.

(4)  The mission Abel has to fulfill is more important than anything else in the course of restoration. The figure of Abel was set up within the Will as a consequence of the Fall. Had there been no Fall, there would have been no need to set up the position of Abel. Abel cannot be Abel by himself. There is no Abel without Cain. Furthermore, to be chosen as Abel, a person needs to go through a period of preparation. In other words, he or she needs to go through a period of time to determine that he or she stands on Heaven's side. The Unification Principle terms this the period to establish the foundation of faith. It is the period when the sacrifice is offered. Abel offers the sacrifice so that God and human beings, who have been separated, can again form a bond of heart. Then Abel can also form an external bond of heart.

(5)  What should Abel do? He should become one with God and love the archangel. Thereby he should win recognition from the archangel Satan and make him testify, "You are a child of God, and, therefore, you are certainly His heir." At this time, the person in the position of the archangel is Cain, and the person in the position of Adam is Abel. As a result of the Fall, false parents came into existence. The work of restoration is carried out by dividing the archangel and Adam into Cain and Abel. In short, the work of restoration is carried out by setting up Abel in place of Adam and Cain in place of the archangel. To become Abel, you first need to become one in heart with God. When you have become one in heart with God and He is well pleased with you, then He cannot help but love you. 


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