Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 277

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 4: The Return to the Hometown, 06-14


(6)  To the present day, Satan has taken possession of your hometown and has kicked you out of it, acting as if he were the owner. But now you are going to return to your hometown and kick Satan out. That is only proper. When that takes place, the good spirits will come to your hometown and guard it. They will strike all the evil spirits. That is the view of the Principle as well as my view. What you do will have to be written down in history. I have walked my path looking forward to the time I could declare the return to the hometown in this world. When I think about my mother and father being in the spirit world, I feel anguish. However, I put that out of my mind and bless you, consoled by the liberation of innumerable relatives in your hometown in the place of my mother, father, and siblings.

(7)   Blessed families are like a staff for walking. They are like a bridge that crosses over the global world of death and a staff for walking on such a path. Blessed families are like that. You need to go out witnessing in your hometown. That is why I am telling you repeatedly to go back to your hometown. Your position is more blessed than mine. I cannot yet return to my hometown. Because my hometown is in North Korea, I cannot return to my hometown until the nation is unified. I cannot cross the bridge. I cannot return to my hometown. You, however, can return to your hometown. What I am saying is that you are in an environment in which you can hold on to your beloved parents, spouse, children, and siblings, shed tears, and weep endlessly. Filled with remorse over a people that is headed for eternal ruin, you can hold tight to your parents and siblings and shed tears of lamentation in a way that will touch their hearts.

(8)  Now is the age in which the Unification Church is being welcomed. In the old days your mother and father shouted at you, "You good-for-nothing! You are running away after ruining your family, your village, and your country!" They were speaking on behalf of Satan. You are now returning to your hometown in the name of God, brandishing the shield of victory. You are different from who you were in the old days. We have entered the age in which villages can welcome you, Korea can welcome you and the world can welcome you, so your local community should welcome you. Then what is the point around which you can come together as one? It is your own self, yearning for True Parents, loving True Parents, striving to liberate and accomplish the Will of True Parents, staking your future and devoting your tears, blood, and sweat to Heaven. Through this you can harmonize with the original standard and make the flower of God’s love bloom. Now, where can you make that flower bloom? That is the question.

(9)  You need to know God's heart and my heart. You need to enter your hometown and plant this realm of heart once again. This is not indemnity. The past has been indemnified and is over. Now you need to plant what is true. You should know the fact that you are receiving the benefit of returning to your hometown first, before True Parents can return to theirs. I need to go to my hometown on a level one step higher than you. I need to return to my hometown after unifying South and North Korea. Because you are in the position of the children, your position is one step lower. Your responsibility remains to be fulfilled. It is to shoulder the work on behalf of True Parents, who have shed boundless tears, blood, and sweat as they walked the course of indemnity for the historical ages on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, and nation. It is also to soak your hometown with tears, blood, and sweat for True Parents' sake, representing their heart, the heart with which they can enter the land of North Korea and offer victory and gratitude before Heaven.

(10)  Jesus said a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown.  Nonetheless, where is it that Rev. Moon of the Unification Church has told you to go? I have told you to go to your hometown and become its ancestors. Such a thing has never happened in history. It did not happen for any people written of in the Bible. What I am saying is that, although it was said that a prophet will not be honored in his hometown, the time has come in which you can be so honored. These are my words and at the same time are words to be recorded without fail in the administration of Heaven. This is why I am telling you to go to your hometown.

(11)  In the garden of Eden, God would have raised Adam and Eve tenderly and said to them when they reached maturity, "You are my eternal home. Your family will be as numerous as the grains of sand and will spread like stars in the sky across the hemisphere for thousands of years to come." They would have formed the basis on which He would have been able to dwell unhesitatingly with anyone, anywhere, among them through the lineage. But the Fall severed the basis of that hope. Hence, it needs to be reconnected. Once that happens, to where will we return? Adam and Eve fell and thus sowed bad seed, and the false root emerged. So the false ancestors were born. Therefore, I push forward in order to place you in the position of true ancestors, telling you to return to your hometown. The false root came to exist due to the Fall. It does not embody the original heart. Satan's root, which blocks the original heart, should be removed, pulled out, and left to rot. On top of the rotted weed we should plant the true seed, so that a new realm of heart can sprout in the land of the original hometown. So start anew the love of True Parents and the True God in your neighborhood and home, that is, in your clan—in the Kim clan if you are a Kim, or the Moon clan if you are a Moon. In light of all this, it will not do unless you return to your hometown.

(12)  You have to return to your hometown. Now you have to inherit the right of the first son from Satan's world. You have to inherit true love, return to your hometown, and plant the tradition of True Parents. By doing so, this can become the blessed land of Korea, where God can be with us, where His full right of inheritance can be a blessing to all people, and where blessings can permeate horizontally.

(13)  Once you have been planted, centered on the heart of the tribal messiah mission in accordance with the providential Will, no one can uproot you. This is because I have planted you firmly. Since I have planted the tribal messiahs firmly, no one can uproot them. That is why I am saying the blessed people of the Unification Church should return to their hometown. Representing me, leave everything behind and go to your hometown. Henceforth, you need to drink the water of your hometown, eat the rice produced in your hometown, and offer all the devotions you possibly can while living there. Since I have laid the foundation of victory on the world level, you should lay the foundation of victory on the tribal level. You should have nothing in your possession. It is the same as it was at the time of Moses. Even if you go to your clan with nothing but your bare hands, you still should be able to feed them. Please become their ancestors.

The profound significance of returning to your hometown

(14)  The world has lost its homeland.  How can the world's people, a global domain of the displaced, return to their homeland? God knows the answer to this question. His providence sends the Messiah to the earth, who is to lead the displaced people to their homeland. After they have returned home, religion and all its customs will be unnecessary. Tearfully embracing your mother and father is the best form of worship, the fulfillment of everything God desires. Even if heaven and earth experience upheaval ten million times, if the unity of three generations—grandparents, parents, and children—is as strong as an iron fortress and if they serve God as their core, then wherever they are, they will be the one seed through which the kingdom of heaven can be realized. They themselves will be that. This can be said to be the origin of the seed of God's love and the seed of God's life. We need to find our way to it. Otherwise, there will be no hope for the kingdom of heaven on earth, the heavenly kingdom of peace, or the world of happiness and freedom.

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