Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 276

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 3: The Role of the Tribal Messiah, 29
Section 4: The Return to the Hometown, 05


(29)  What have we Unification Church members done? We have overcome persecution and oppression from society. However, we should not overcome persecution just as individuals, but with our family, our tribe, our people and all thirty million citizens of this nation of Korea. This is the Unification Church faith. This is why we are trying to move these thirty million people from the state of saying, "No," to saying, "Yes, let's do it!" We follow them into their hiding place and guide them, as their leaders. Everything we do should be the opposite of what they do. We say, "You might enjoy wining and dining, but we enjoy fasting. You may enjoy flying in airplanes, but we are happy even if we have to walk to our destination." This is how we have advanced. As we advance, we cannot afford to collapse, because we have to persevere until the day this nation is restored, until everything is resolved. What is true and what is strong will remain standing. That is heavenly law. Further, God allows whatever is on His side to last to the end. Hence, we have to register ourselves with God's side. While we walk this path, if our families oppose us, we have to sail over our families. If society opposes us, we have to sail over our society. We absolutely have to arrive at our destination, the original homeland.

(30)  We need True Parents. Thus, we need a religion that will introduce us to them, a movement to seek the Will and the original True Parents, one that will guide the billions that make up humanity to the original homeland. Humanity did not descend from True Parents; it descended from false parents. Humanity, therefore, has to establish a relationship with True Parents, whom God supports. Confucian, Buddhist, and Zen teachings include a concept similar to the parents of heaven and earth. We all have to build a relationship with True Parents and go through the gate to the path they have established. In this way all people will become true siblings to one another. To become true siblings, we have to inherit the lineage of True Parents and unite completely with them in heart, circumstances, and hope. For those of us who hold this philosophy of sibling love, no matter how close we have been to our blood relatives up to now and no matter how happy, once we are connected with True Parents' flesh and blood, everything is changed at once. That encounter with True Parents, once made, cannot be compared with your connection to your natural parents. Even your natural parents must find the True Parents. If they do not, they will be lost.

(31)  Your conscience knows the way to life. You like pleasant aromas, don't you? Why do you like them? It is because your sense of smell is designed to appreciate good fragrances. It is the same with your heart and mind. Your heart senses good just as your nose senses fragrance. This is why you can be spontaneously happy. No one needs to advertise what is inherently good. This is why you are happy when you are on the way here, and why you miss me when you do not see me. This is why in the modern world people groan in their heart, "I wish I could go to the original homeland!" This desire swells within. Even though we do not know why or what it is exactly, our heart seeks the path leading to our original homeland. Why do our mind and heart want to go to that original homeland? It is because our father and mother, our brothers and sisters, our relatives and our nation are there. It is our promised land and our place of Sabbath rest. That is why our heart yearns for that original homeland.

(32)  God is the One for whom everyone yearns. His dwelling place is where all people want to visit and live. What is it like in that place of happiness, the ideal original homeland? Simply speaking, it is a place to which we long to go. In that place, our beloved parents and siblings live. This is why we want to visit this original homeland and live there together in joy and happiness for all eternity, without ever leaving. We human beings lost this original homeland. Hence, we must find that place and go there without fail.

Section 4.  The Return to the Hometown

(1)  We need to return to our hometown, that is, to our true hometown—but where is it? It is the place where love is. It is the place where the blood in our arteries flows together with history. This is so because we grew to adulthood absorbing the elements of that place. So that place throbs together with our cells, together with our blood and together with the beating of our heart. Our hometown is the place where our profound feelings of love are deeply embedded. As you head toward your hometown, whom are you seeking to meet? You are yearning for the embrace of your parents. That is why you are returning to your hometown.

The true hometown and the role of ancestors

(2)  Religion has contributed greatly toward human beings' pursuit of the hometown. We say we should go to the kingdom of heaven or to the ideal world or to nirvana and that those places are not like this in which we presently live. They are the original homeland wherein we can live eternally. In this respect, religion has contributed to the quest for our original homeland. Then what is that place like? It is a place that meets all conditions. It is a perfect and flawless place, where the mind and body lack for nothing, not one thing. Such is the place humanity is pursuing right now. But consider this: even if you return to your hometown, if there is no one there to welcome you, it will feel so empty.

(3)  On this planet Earth, the true hometown is not yet born. This is consistent with the perspective of religion. In a true hometown, there must be true parents. They are the owners of the home in the true hometown. The words "true parents" refer to a couple, a true man, and true woman, whose bond is the pillar of true love. They have to be parents who bond to the pillar of love and who cannot but live their entire lifetime holding on to it, with no desire to do otherwise. We need only such true parents. Only when there are true parents who can generate true love can true sons and daughters come forth.

(4)  Due to the Fall, Heaven's side came to stand in a lamentable position, that of the second son. Hence, God called people to carry out tasks for their own sake through which to restore the right of the firstborn son. However, He could not do so arbitrarily. Only when a tribe can restore, in this world, the right of the first son on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world, will a family that is free from the realm of Satan's accusation form in the original garden of Eden, where there is no trace of the Fall. In light of this, we are not only displaced people; we are ignorant of how hard it is for us, as displaced people, to find our way back to our hometown.

(5)  In the course of restoration through indemnity, what is it that the Messiah needs to accomplish when he comes? God's providence can be started only when history reaches the standard of indemnity on the world level. This is a place higher than the realm of the fallen Adam. God's providence cannot begin from a place below where Adam fell. To this day, because of the Fall of Adam, the path by which we can return to our hometown has been blocked. Therefore, in order for us to return to our hometown, Adam's representative needs to come and, at the very least, set the condition of indemnity from the level of the individual to the levels of family, tribe, people, nation, and world; otherwise, we cannot go back.

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