Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 278

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 4: The Return to the Hometown, 15-23


(15)  Because the Unification Church has come to know God, its strategy is to be struck first and then to reclaim what was lost. But now that the right of the eldest son has been restored, it is time to reverse that rule. You can enter any house you come upon and say, "Do you know the history of True Parents? Listen." You have stories that will make the couple you are visiting kneel down and sob with tears. I have told you: return to your hometown so you can fulfill your tribal messiah responsibility to register it as a base of the kingdom of heaven.

(16)  Adam and Eve should not have fallen. They should have formed a relationship of love with God at a place that had nothing to do with Satan. But they were unable to do so. This failure, however, finally has been reversed, at least conditionally. With that as the standard, the expansion of that condition will be monumental. Having set this condition, I am telling you to return to your hometown. Since True Parents now have sovereignty, you need to restore Canaan. You need to return from the realm of Egypt to your hometown, establish a happy family that will live well for eternity, organize a new tribe, and engraft it to the nation. For this purpose, you need to return to your hometown. In the history of religion, the instruction was for people to leave their hometown, that is, leave their homes and renounce the world. There has never been anything like this, the call to return to your hometown.

(17)  The work of saving the fallen world, that is, creating religion and carrying out the providence of salvation, is for the purpose of returning to the origin. The history of the providence of salvation is the history of restoration. The history of restoration is the history of re-creation. God's creation of humankind essentially began when He invested love in the world. By carrying out the same work in silence, you can become the queen of love or the king of love in a household. I am saying that, for the sake of your extended family members, you should become their ancestors. In the world of religion, scriptures have urged that one should leave one's country and one's hometown, that one should quit one's home, but never have they instructed one to return to one's hometown. Nonetheless, I am telling you to return to your hometown, shoulder all difficulties that come to you, and build a new society. Heaven and earth will support you at that place. You will not go to ruin.

(18)  Blessed are the words, "Return to your hometown." Even the blessed land of Canaan to which the Israelites returned was not their hometown. A world-level territory, for which they would need to fight, still remained for the future. But now, you return to your hometown after our passage over the global level. If you are standing in a position that unites South and North Korea, no one ever will be able to expel you. Instead the nations will serve you and the people will revere you. If you do not seize this amazing position from which you can serve God, what will become of you? You will go to ruin. This is why you should engrave what I have taught you deep in your very bones and consider the results that will come from the actions you take. From now on, rather than acting horizontally, act vertically. Be those who orient at a ninety-degree angle, who adopt a vertical starting point. Then, when you are to stand somewhere, you can be the image of God on the horizontal line. Otherwise, you cannot dwell in the heavenly nation.

(19)  When the people who were unable to return to their hometown are given permission to do so and are told that the day to do so has arrived, how great will be their joy! If you were to say, "I have purchased a twenty-story building in Myeongdong and for that reason I don't want to go to my hometown or anywhere other than here," you would bequeath bitter sorrow to your descendants for tens of thousands of years to come. It would be as if a villain drove a stake into their heart. Has any member of the human race on this earth not borne a grudge against Adam and Eve for their wrongdoing? So would you trade your hometown simply to possess a building? Only the son of a rebel would do so; he would have bitter sorrow embedded in his bosom for tens of millennia. He would never be able to go where he longed to go, and would never win sympathy from the person he loved; he would never be allowed to set foot anywhere.

(20)  When the Israelites went in to take over Canaan, they looked like a vast assemblage of beggars. Since they had wandered in the wilderness for forty years, famished every day, eating only manna and quail, they must have looked terrible. Observing their appearance, you would have thought they were on the verge of death. That is why when they saw the affluent households among the seven tribes of Canaan, they said, "I wish I could marry such people. I want to eat good food like they do." They basically sold themselves out. When the Canaanites opposed them, the Israelites gave up their values in order to treat themselves well. When you set out for your hometown, do not sell yourself out. Instead, dominate your environment and transform it into one in which you can bring the seven tribes of Canaan to voluntary submission, unite them as one and play the role of the owner, as their messiah.

(21)  Before I instruct you to do something, I first have you make a vow. Once you have made the vow, you need to practice it. I have done more than I have instructed you to do. I am now fulfilling the responsibility of not only a tribal messiah but also a national messiah and world Messiah. Since I am the world Messiah, if you promise to be national messiahs, there is hope. So don't even dream of saying you are not going to be a tribal messiah.

(22)  The secret to returning to the hometown is, first, true love that is totally united with God; second, the life that is absolutely united with that love; and third, the lineage that is absolutely united with that life. When you go back as the tribal messiah, you need to carry love with you. The blessed families of the Unification Church stand in the position of Eve. You need to unite your sons and daughters and go with them to your hometown to save your tribe. Adam's family fell and his tribe multiplied wrongly, and you as the tribal messiah have the responsibility to save them. Unless you can bring your sons and daughters to stand at the front while you follow from behind, there can be no path for you as their parents. They cannot inherit the seed of new life that is on the threshold of the heavenly kingdom. The foundation for the love of the family, the life of the family, and the lineage of the family has been laid, but the love, life, and lineage of God on the tribal level are yet to be attained. They need to be woven together. When that is done, because I am standing at the center, I can engraft them.

(23)  In returning to your hometown, where are you to go? You are not returning to your country; you are returning to your hometown, specifically, to your home. You are going back to your original home. When you consider the history of humankind in returning to the hometown, where is the original home? The hometown is not based on the standard of the fallen Adam and Eve. When we say we are returning to our hometown, we are referring to the hometown of the unfallen, original, perfected Adam and Eve. That is where God is.

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