Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 275

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 3: The Role of the Tribal Messiah,17-28


(17)  The time has come for you to understand clearly who True Parents are. Unless you know True Parents clearly, you will remain ignorant of the tradition and will be unable to own it. The Heavenly Parent and True Parents have set indemnity conditions throughout history. I have walked this path in order to stand in the position of the ancestor of the world. Thus, you, as well, have to walk this path in order to inherit the tradition and become the ancestor of your tribe. Because you have to set up a tradition for your tribe, I counsel you to know and own the tradition.

(18)  When you return to your hometown, what should you do? Inspire the people to unite with you. The method to achieve this is simple. Sons should become teachers who can demonstrate through example the heavenly tradition. Thereby you will be teaching, "The kingdom of heaven will be realized when you do such and such a thing." Furthermore, mothers and fathers should show other mothers and fathers in the neighborhood that "by doing this, the village will become heavenly." The family of love, in which the husband loves the wife and the wife loves the husband, the parents love the children and the children love the parents, is what you hand down to them.

(19)  You need to return to your hometown, shed tears, and offer conditions of devotion. Truthfully, we have lived away from home up to the present. Just as the Israelites had to work in Egypt for four hundred years, we have been doing this work for forty-three years, far from home. Now is the time for us to return to our hometown and become the root of love. You have to love God, your parents, and your brothers and sisters. By doing so, you cut off the source of false accusation the world-level Satan raises against you. The Israelites did not establish the ideal kingdom of heaven in the promised land of Canaan; they proved incapable of building it. Learning from them, do not expect any support from Satan's world. Even if we have to keep traveling with our belongings bundled on our backs, we are the best people in God's eyes. Even if at night people curse us and dogs in the village bark at us, we are the best.

(20)  You stand in the position of true children in front of True Parents, so I can bequeath the right of inheritance and of equal standing. Please believe completely in these special privileges that Heaven has bestowed upon you, and invest everything within the sphere of love. Just as God invested Himself totally, you ought to invest yourselves completely. This is the way you will resurrect your clan and, by extension, your nation. There is no path other than returning to your hometown.

(21)  All of you who have returned to your hometown stand in the position of the Israelites who entered the promised land of Canaan. You should never envy those in your hometown who are richer or more powerful than you. You must not let secular or materialistic aspirations influence you. Instead, educate others properly. The best tradition is the one by which we love God, our descendants, and our people—the realm of Israel. Especially those of you who carry your children to the church, do not let yourselves be swayed by rich and powerful people. Bear in mind that you are returning to your hometown, and that this is the first time this has happened in a thousand or ten thousand years. Feel the excitement of returning to your homeland; flood your hometown with tears that shake every cell of your body and bone marrow. Let your hometown be recognized as a holy land infused with Heaven's tears and the blood that you have shed. That is where the kingdom of heaven begins.

(22)  When you love people, start with the most pitiful little children and move on to middle-aged people. There are many conscientious people among those who live in difficult circumstances. Unification Church families should love those who are in the worst circumstances. Even though people who are enduring hard times are stuck in the world of the devil, you will see that in the future, from among those people will emerge some who are able to inherit the fortune of God.

Building the original homeland and the nation

(23)  Which path will you follow? To welcome the historic day of the liberation and independence of the homeland, you have to follow the path that leads to the lost original homeland. To receive this day is the hope of all people, of all eras and countries throughout history, the ultimate purpose of every culture, and the greatest wish of all humanity. Therefore, this day of liberation absolutely has to come. If it does not, all the effort people have made will have been in vain. Wealth, even ethics and morals, will all have been in vain.

(24)  Up to the present day, humanity has been without its original homeland and all people have been without the original nation. Hence, God, who has carried out the providence of restoration among us to this day, will surely send the Lord of the Second Advent in the Last Days. When He does, it is to recover the original homeland. Then what will He do once He finds the original homeland? He will recover the group of original brothers and sisters and then do the work of engrafting them to the tribe and the people. He will expand this foundation to the nation and the world and thereby restore the original homeland.

(25)  We are the group that advances the liberation of the homeland. When the Messiah returns to the earth, he will bring judgment. Through whom will that judgment take place? It will take place through those who are standing in the position of a sacrificial offering. Without fail, this is the process by which it will be done. Hence, I call the Unification Church members to stand in that position in relation to the Korean peninsula, the thirty million people of this nation. Do not be swallowed up by any hardship. Have as your mindset, "No evil shall conquer the truth and heart that I possess. No hardship will stain my integrity." This is how you ought to seek your original homeland. If we are the ones who are seeking the original homeland—and who will get there—we need to assemble as a people and create the original nation. We need to find our original hometown and recover the homeland.

(26)  We do not yet have the original nation. The country where you are living is not it. The nation where you live was founded by fallen ancestors. It is not the nation God wants. Thus, you are bound to say goodbye to it and forget about it. We have to purify the fallen nations at the levels of individual, family, tribe and people, beginning with hell on earth and in the spirit world all the way up to paradise. Unless this takes place, God’s original homeland, the original hometown, cannot emerge. In the Last Days, all people of faith need to unite, transcending denominational, religious, and national boundaries. Furthermore, they have to unite as a new humanity and know God’s final Will to liberate the homeland. Recovering the one unified nation, we will attend God as its Parent, as its Teacher, and as its King.

(27)  What is the cause of bitter sorrow for humanity on earth? It is not a lack of money or national sovereignty, or a shortage of people or land. It is that the world is not a place where we can find joy and happiness in our hearts and minds. This world is not one that brings joy to our hearts. This land and this society do not bring joy to our hearts. If we as human beings could find joy and happiness in our hearts within this land and this society, we would have no such feeling of bitter sorrow.

(28)  Is there anyone who wants to attain wealth in order to end up in ruin? Is there anyone who practices patriotism in order to destroy his nation? Although we may not recognize the connection, when our actions are not in accord with the Principle by which the universe operates and are not accessing its source of energy, things go to ruin. But when they are in accord with the Principle, things develop. That is why, even though people have had only vague and abstract concepts of God since ancient times, they have in fact been upholding Him. What is it that humanity seeks in the present day? We know that the world in which we live is not our original homeland. It is not the world of freedom, where we sing of equality, peace, and happiness. It is not the open and eternal world where mind and body can fly the flag of freedom. If God were strong in the realm of the conscience, the world would not be this way. But why is it this way? It is because of the Fall, which prevents human beings from reaching perfection. Human beings fell before reaching perfection. This is why the world is broken.

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