Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 274

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 3: The Role of the Tribal Messiah, 07-16


(7)  After you achieve victory as an individual and form a family, your family should overcome the levels of tribe, people, nation and world. Therefore, your wish as an individual should be to mold your family into one that stands on the side of Heaven. After establishing such a family, however, your attitude may become, "I have gone through hell and beyond for the matter of the Blessing and have overcome all the obstacles. I have reached my goal now that I am married." You then may try to take a nap and enjoy your life. If you do, Satan will lay siege through the world, the nation, the people and the tribe to engulf you. The individual needs a family in order to settle. Thus, we have been struggling to establish families. But, by the same token, a family without a tribe cannot settle. Your tribe should serve as a hedge that protects you and your family from blasts of wind and other adversities. Without creating such a realm that can serve this purpose, you cannot live as a peaceful family. The way to do that is to become the tribal leader for your relatives. That is the objective of the tribal messiah mission.

(8)  The family is the textbook of tribal messiahship. Your grandfather and grandmother stand in the position of ancestors, your father and mother stand in a position representing the present and you represent the future. These three generations encapsulate the tribal messiahs textbook of love. Based on the heart that unites these as one, you have the capacity to live wherever you go in the world—north, south, east or west. The world consists of people who are like your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother or siblings. So, if you are able to relate to them all with warm feelings, you will become a person possessing Heavens love and have no problem entering the kingdom of heaven. If you create the environment in which you can engage with strangers as if they were your parents and siblings, you will link to the spirit world immediately. This is how you should live at your home. In order to create such an environment, you need to return to your hometown as a tribal messiah. This is your mission, so please overcome any hardships that prevent you from doing it, no matter how hard it may be.

(9)  Jesus could not become a tribal messiah on earth. You, however, are living in the age of completion, and if you succeed in this mission you will have the qualification to become a daughter or son of the True Parents. On the Home Church altar, we can restore every mistake our forebears made. We can combine everything in history, everything in the Old and New Testaments, as the formation and growth stages, and offer it like a burnt sacrifice. If you become victorious and complete this, you will receive a pass allowing you to come and go wherever you wish in this world and the spirit world.

(10)  Blessed families are formed on the basis of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Thus, they possess Heaven's right of ownership and are able to embrace all Heaven's nations and the world. I went to the heavenly realm and restored the lineage with the heart of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. I fulfilled the change of absolute lineage, the change of the realm of absolute ownership, and the change of the realm of absolute heart. I recovered them all. When tribal messiahs fulfill the change of absolute lineage, the change of the realm of absolute ownership and the change of the realm of absolute heart in numerous tribes, the nation will automatically be saved. That is the end of everything, and everything will be made clean and clear. All these results hinge on your confidence in carrying out tribal messiahship. You have to work with the confidence that success will come through your activities carried out with energy. Please realize that you are the sons and daughters of the True Parents who can gather up the entire world of their victory and claim, on their behalf, ownership over all that for which they have paid the price. This is the national restoration that tribal messiahs need to fulfill, and once you gather the entire world you will offer it to True Parents.

Our mission in our hometown

(11)  You become a family member of the heavenly kingdom just by hanging True Parents' picture and raising the flag of the Unification Church. I will make you a family member of the heavenly kingdom. A number of people suffered tragedies because they cursed the Unification flag. There was a mysterious incident in which someone pointed his finger at me and his hand became diseased. He had to repent and pray for several nights to recover. Why do such incidents occur? The individual's fortune cannot affect the advance of heavenly fortune. The path of heavenly fortune is a destiny that cannot be changed. Just as the Israelites survived if they looked at the bronze serpent that Moses held up, you will live if you bow each time you see the Unification Church flag or a photograph of True Parents.

(12)  When you put up the Unification Church flag, it is a signal to members passing by that they can enter your house and rest if they are tired or have lunch if they are hungry before they go on. Therefore, you should always be prepared to receive guests. You should make such preparations on behalf of True Parents. You could keep one room for this purpose. You are saved by attending the Parents. However, since the Parents do not come in person, you should attend your guests as if they were the Parents. This practice represents the ideal of equalization of the highest heavenly standard. For this reason, attend your guests as if they were God or True Parents. Both you and they will surely be blessed.

(13)  You should hold family revival services. Family revival services, while held focusing on your extended family, represent all tribes. You should think of each revival service as representing not only Korean tribes, but also the tribes of blessed families around the world. Then the people of the world will participate in such revival services. The Unification Church members in Korea today can hold revival services representing the world, focusing on the tribal foundation, with Korea as the base. You do not know what a great blessing this is.

(14)  If you host revival services for your tribe once you have returned to your hometown, those services will go down in history. Your revival services will be more astonishing than the March First Mansei Movement, the independence movement through which Koreans tried to take back their nation. They will create a welcoming environment within which Heaven's law can work. You should be able to mobilize your tribe within this environment. It took me forty years to reach this level. It is how the path of indemnity works. On the global level, we have to separate from everything Satan can accuse. After making a full circle, we can protect ourselves on the national level and then establish the realm of tribal messiah. This is to connect the world that extends north, south, east, and west.

(15)  You should now return to your hometown and set up a lighthouse. Lighthouses shine brightly in the dark night. What would be the purpose of your lighthouse? It would be to shine for North-South unification and East-West unification. We need to keep the light on at the holy ground and ensure that it never goes out. Make it like the flame used at the Olympic Games and burn it so that it can become the lighthouse of unity between the north, south, east, and west. If you burn a flame at the main holy ground, it will be like a lighthouse in the night. Every time you light it, it will bring to your mind that this is the flame of life that liberates the miserable souls coming from the north, south, east, and west. For this, you should unceasingly offer prayers and conditions of devotion, with the determination that you will be the wick and the fuel that sustains this flame. You have to guard our church until this light is no longer needed.

(16)  You have to plant true heart in the original homeland. The inability to do this led to the Fall. Since the time now has come for you to return to the original homeland, you need to plant your true heart quickly. You need to devote yourself completely to doing this. This is the point of my saying you should become the lead family in your clan. For this, you need to return to your hometown, make sincere offerings, sow seeds of true love and move toward the dawning of the homeland of hope.
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