Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 273

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 2: The Responsibility of the Tribal Messiah, 15
Section 3: The Role of the Tribal Messiah, 06

(15)  You need to form a new Israel through your spiritual children. I found and blessed twelve couples and on that foundation blessed the 36 couples, the 72 couples and the 120 couples. I ask you to follow my example. I began this work for a reason. Jesus walked the tragic path of death to resolve this issue, and God suffered through six thousand providential years to resolve it. The path I am walking differs from yours only in scale and scope. My path is at the national and world levels, but in essence it is the same as yours. There is no difference in terms of what you and I should do in our lives. Because Christianity persecuted me, I could not follow the tribal messiah course as you can. Still I had to recover that foundation. To do so I loved all of you—people whom I met like passersby on the street—more than I loved my parents, my wife, and my own children. In order to raise spiritual children who are willing to sacrifice their lives for you, you must invest yourselves, as I did, three times more than it takes to raise your own children.

(16)  You need to bring 120 people to the Principle. You have to bring them to the Principle and even see to their marriage. I mean that you should give them the Blessing. If you fulfill this you will become the representative of the world, the representative of the nation, and the representative of the family on earth and in heaven, and your clan in Heaven's realm naturally will exist wherever you go. Can you lift up your head when you have not brought even three people to the Principle? If you are in such a position, you are as good as dead, because it is as if, for you, heaven and earth are separated. Without these three people, you have not established a four-position foundation and cannot build on that standard. Hence, you need to witness. No one can do it for you; you need to do it. It is not for the sake of the Unification Church or me that you witness. You witness for your own sake.

(17)  God's work has been the work of re-creation. In your daily life, you need to stand in the position that represents God's work of re-creation. So how shall we restore 120 families? This is an important issue. These will include twelve disciples, seventy apostles, and more. Following Jesus' resurrection, the Holy Spirit descended upon 120 disciples. They received the Gospel and conveyed it throughout the world. Likewise, you need to bring down this spirit on the family level, restore the family and bind its members together as one. This is how you can accomplish your mission as a tribal messiah. Once you accomplish this, you need to bless them. You need to preside over the wedding ceremony on my behalf. Why is that? It is because you will become your family's ancestor. Henceforth, there is nothing else you need to do. The nation is already united with me and the entire world is following me. When each of you completes your tribal messiah mission, the formation of the nation and the world will follow in short order.

Section 3: The Role of the Tribal Messiah

(1)  You need to become a tribal messiah and return to your hometown. As a tribal messiah, you have to recover your hometown and your ancestors and serve God. What is first? It is the earth, the homeland. Second are the ancestors and third is the true realm of God's heart, where we can live together with God. The land where you were born and grew up is not part of Heaven's realm, nor are your father and mother the ancestors from Heaven. That is why we cannot dwell with God. The land of the unfallen, original Adam and Eve is both their land and God's land, and they are the ancestors of humanity and the ancestors of God. With God dwelling there, that would be the kingdom of heaven on earth. As of now, we have not realized this original homeland. It will not come unless you fulfill tribal messiahship. You have been following me, but when you return to your country you need to do so as a tribe, just as did the Israelites. You are meant to enter heaven only with your family; this is true whether it is the kingdom of heaven on earth or in heaven. The kingdom of heaven is the place you enter with your family and relatives, as did the Israelites. Without them, we cannot recover our nation.

The tribal messiah mission

(2)  Returning to one's homeland requires three conditions: life, love,and lineage. Fulfilling them requires that you put your life on the line. I often had to risk my life as I overcame countless obstacles. If you put your life on the line for an endeavor, the sun's morning rays at the daybreak of the new nation will shine brightly upon your efforts. It is God's love that shines as sun rays falling upon the nation. That sunshine will be cast brilliantly upon the tradition that will continue from generation to generation for eternity. You can attend God eternally and receive His sun rays only if you inherit the eternally unchanging lineage from Him. The sun represents God, the origin of human life and the Parent. You need to inherit the tradition of the Parent, Heaven's tradition, and transform your life for the providence of restoration. Once you feel confident that you have reached that level as a subject, and that no worldly threat can endanger the new self you have inherited through that transformation, you will begin a new day.

(3)  In order for you to begin a new personal existence, a new family and a new nation, you need to become a tribal messiah. You need to achieve this objective by investing yourself completely. I am freely bequeathing to you the path of faith I pioneered, as well as all the fruits of God's labor for the past hundreds of millions of years since the creation. Please inherit this completely. This means that you will envy nothing of this world, but rather will honor the power of one great family that unites heaven and earth. There can be nothing more virtuous and nothing of greater value. If you go forth toward the world of peace and attain this value, a way to return to your hometown will open to you, as well as a way toward the unification of the new nation.

(4)  One task of a tribal messiah is to help one's father and mother achieve the position of Adam and Eve prior to the Fall. Next is to restore kingship by recovering and establishing the hometown. When that happens, isn't everything finished? First, by restoring the hometown and the kingship, you as the tribal messiah will stand in a position equal to your parents. Then your hometown will be in the heavenly kingdom. You must have your parents in the heavenly kingdom in order to have your hometown in that kingdom. The mission of the tribal messiah is to bring your parents to belong to the heavenly kingdom.

(5)  Just as you shed sweat for Heaven, you need to shed blood for it. You should seek the bloody hills of tribulation in history with a joyful heart. You have not yet understood that you have to invest this much for your liberation. You might have thought that others would do everything and it had nothing to do with you, but this is not the case. You have to return to the origin. You are responsible to dismantle your current base in order to return to the homeland. You must clearly understand this and straighten out your root. Due to the Fall, the father and mother took a wrong turn, and the first son went the wrong way as well. Therefore, centered on True Parents and True Children, you need to turn around and adjust to the opposite direction, going toward the original right of parents and the original right of the eldest son. You will never make this connection the way you are; you can do it only after you turn yourself around 180 degrees.

(6)  Up to this day I have taken responsibility for everything, but henceforth, you have to take responsibility for your extended family. If you align yourself with this mission and attune your heart to God's at a ninety-degree angle, you can bring oneness on the levels of the individual, family, and tribe. Nothing in your life—whether it is eating, sleeping, getting up or anything else—should revolve around your personal desires. Your life should be for your extended family, your clan. If you are part of the Kim clan, give your life trying to resolve the issues of the Kim clan. The Unification Church needs to prepare for this. This is the way to give life to the people and to give life to the nation as well. Please advance relentlessly in your tribal messiah mission.

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