Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 272

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 2: The Responsibility of the Tribal Messiah, 06-14


(6)  Unification Church members become Abel when they understand the providence and receive God's love. When they establish this standard, they can form the position of Abel centering on their own good spirit world. People stand in the position of Abel depending on their age group: those in their twenties stand in the Abel position to those who are in their twenties; those who are in their thirties stand in the Abel position to those in their thirties; and those who are in their forties stand in the Abel position to those in their forties. If you witness to someone from a particular age group, the standard of Cain and Abel will be restored on the basis of that age group. Since young people also need to be restored, however, you need to do so through your children. Therefore, to achieve complete restoration, you need to establish the tradition in which three of your spiritual children devotedly attend your physical children from their birth until their marriage. I have to follow this path if I wish to establish a worldwide foundation of victory, and you also have to follow this path. I am one level ahead of you. If my mission is on the world level, your mission goes up to the national level. Accordingly, when I realize a victorious foundation at the world level, you each need to achieve a victorious foundation at the national level.

(7)  On what basis did the love we know in this world begin? It began from the archangel, Satan. Therefore, restoration entails recovering the children whom Satan took, raising them as your spiritual children and loving them. After doing that you can return to your original self. By following the example of True Parents, you can return to your original self. In the realm of fallen love, we have to recover the love that began with Satan. Since Satan stole love away, the mission of your three spiritual children entails restoring the stolen love in Satan's realm by standing in the position of an absolutely obedient and victorious archangel. You need to stand in the position of having saved your spiritual children and loving them in the same way God would. Since the Fall took place due to an issue that arose from love and led to its loss, the love we give them has to surpass that which Satan's world gives them. So how much should we love our spiritual children? We must love them more than parents in the secular world love their children. If we do not love our spiritual children to that extent, we will not be able to restore them.

(8)  Unless we love others to a degree greater than physical parents in the secular world love their children, people will not be attracted to our path. It is only through love that we can restore people who were lost because of love. We need to do this to the extent of bringing three spiritual children to the Principle. Thereby we establish a victorious foundation of love that will permit us to love our physical children. This is a formula, and I have been living according to it. If we do not apply this formula, we cannot have a foundation for perfection. Therefore, even if you have children, completely restore spiritual children before you live with them. God sent His beloved Son Jesus to the earth to restore humankind through indemnity, and He endured his plight as he walked the way of the cross. Similarly, we have to love our spiritual children the way God loves humanity. Therefore, if you do not make a foundation upon which your spiritual children sacrifice for your children, the path to love your children will not open up.

(9)  We each need at least three spiritual children. We are to have two types of children: spiritual children, of which you need three, and our natural children. If you look at todays world, you will see sons and daughters who are in the position of God's direct children, and fallen human beings who are in the position of adopted children. Salvation doesn't exist for the sake of the individual. Salvation cannot exist outside the structure of the family. Therefore, each of us is to have three spiritual children and is to lead them to become one with our natural children. This is the formula.

(10)  Who originally was meant to guide Adam and Eve? It was the archangel. It was not God but the angels who were meant to protect and nurture Adam and Eve until they reached maturity. Likewise, it is spiritual children who are meant to support the spiritual parent's path to heaven. When, with the support of your spiritual children, you receive the Blessing of heaven, they will follow you into heaven on the merit of their support for you as their spiritual parent. This is how the three angels in the angelic world are restored, how the three children of Adam are restored and how the three sons of Noah are restored. This is how the condition of having gone through three stages as Heaven's representative is achieved. What does becoming totally one mean? It means the oneness the three angels in the garden of Eden should have had, focusing on unfallen Adam. When the three angels become one, they are elevated into the realm of God's Blessing.

(11)  Before the Fall, the three archangels looked forward to the day Adam and Eve would marry after receiving their complete support. Likewise your spiritual children will yearn ardently to see you receive the Blessing. The mistake of one archangel affected the others. Hence, when your spiritual children support you substantially, they are setting indemnity conditions required by heaven and earth. For that reason, spiritual parents need to maintain a standard of heart toward their spiritual children that is higher than that of parents in the fallen world. You cannot stand on Heaven's side or ascend to the realm to receive Heaven's blessing if your standard of parental heart is lower than that of the fallen world. When you reach that level you can receive the Blessing, give birth to children, and love them completely. Then Satan's world will not be able to accuse you or require you to pay indemnity.

(12)  Because I overcame on the national level, you can be free from persecution. We stand at the level where the Republic of Korea is able to uphold the Unification Church. Therefore, what remains is simply for you to choose your relatives and appoint them to represent you. We have entered the stage at which they can do so as your spiritual children. Now, what should such spiritual children do? They have to be ready to sacrifice their life for your sake and your children's. How will you inspire them to come to this point? Will you succeed in this task? You can inspire them to come to this point through the Principle. This will become our tradition.

Forming a tribe through witnessing and through the Blessing

(13)  Your family will live for the sake of the nation only if you keep Heaven in your heart and live for the sake of Heaven's family. You can acquire the nation only when you follow that family alone. Since Heaven's family stands in the central position and lives for the sake of the world, the way for you to reach the world is through this family. Thus, you need to follow and attend this family as the center of the world. This is the path of the Principle. If you wish to follow the Principle and represent me, you first need to have three spiritual children, then twelve apostle-like sons and daughters, seventy disciples, and 120 people you bring to the Blessing. Only then will you be able to pass freely, night and day, through the twelve pearly gates of heaven. The guards at the gates will not ask, "Who are you?" but will say, "Welcome!" and guide you in. If you have only three spiritual children, you will be able to enter and exit only through one gate. You will not be able to go through the other gates.

(14)  The most pressing matter is for you to accomplish your tribal messiah mission. In order to do this, you need to return to your extended family, find twelve disciples and bring them to the Blessing. Then you need to find seventy followers and then increase that to 120 followers. This means you need to assemble 120 people as soon as possible. I have paid all the indemnity for the central families, the 36 couples, and 72 couples. I also paid all at once the indemnity for 120 couples. The totality of what you need to do is to bring 120 people together. If you do this, you will be able to fulfill the vertical and horizontal indemnity conditions. Therefore, every Unification Church family is responsible to gather 120 people from among their family and relatives.

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