Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 271

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 1: The Declaration of Tribal Messiahship, 32
Section 2:
 The Responsibility of the Tribal Messiah, 05

(32)  The word "messiah" means the ancestor of the hometown where the clans in the horizontal world dwell. God is the center that holds everything in place. Of primary importance is that God works to establish that place through True Parents. That is why, when I return to Korea from the United States, the center moves to Korea. When I am not here, you feel something is missing. And when I return, all the empty places are filled again and you surely feel hope in all directions. A tribal messiah is a tribal king. The tribal messiah's position is the position of the second parents, which is Jesus' position. The position of those who have received the Blessing from me is higher than that of Jesus. Thus, with pride you can say, "True Parents have dispatched me as a tribal messiah." And after you save your tribe, you can be elevated to the position of Adam.

(33)  Tribal messiahs are given the Blessing and thus, are the seeds of all things in the created world from far back in time, of the men and women of the human race, and of all families. They are the seeds. Many families have emerged, but they were not the families that heaven and earth needed or that God needed. They are not the seeds. When I tell you to go out as tribal messiahs, it means to go to your clans and plant new seeds. Because false, wild olive trees grow there, you have to engraft the true olive tree to them and make an orchard of true olive trees. This is the greatest fortune possible to come to your household and kin. It is more precious than gaining the nation, gaining the world, and gaining heaven and earth.

(34)  With the new experiences and training you have had in unfamiliar lands, and with a new mindset and attitude to work hard for the Will, you should bring change to your entire neighborhood. Do not be a follower. Invest yourself as God invested Himself in creating from nothing the realm of His object partners of love. So bring your neighbors to unite with you. The spirit world will cooperate as you attain the highest position among the people of your hometown.

(35)  Are you going to the place closest to God or the place far away from Him? You are saying you want to go to a place close to God. You've been studying for this purpose, to be close to God. How does studying allow you to do that? You study so you can absorb the elements that will enable you to become a seed, that is, a seed to transform a broad spectrum of your environment. In order to do this you must transform everything, not by force but naturally. Only then can people be attracted to you. This is why you should live for the sake of others. Live a life through which you can say, "I am totally empty. So come into me!" By doing that, don't you think you will connect to life, become a seed, and establish yourself as the one who will endure as Heaven's representative? With this understanding, go to your hometown as a person who can become a seed. Moreover, through planting more seeds, you will be able to leave behind an environment that Korea, heaven and earth, and God would like to visit. When you go to the spirit world after having fulfilled this, you will surely be loved as sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom. You need to set up such a course, beginning now.

(36)  Returning to your hometown is like sowing seeds. Since the seed of Adam and Eve turned bad, I am trying to sow a new seed and grow a new root through you. When planting new seeds, one needs to spread fertilizer. So you should go out and be ready when people hurl profanities at you. Prepare to be cursed for a good cause, to endure much suffering. Try it for about three years. Come to think of it, you will not need three years. It is possible to do this in six months.

Section 2.  The Responsibility of the Tribal Messiah

(1)  I have restored the right of the eldest son, and on that foundation the returning Lord comes to claim the right of the parent. For this, the returning Messiah represents the position of Abel at the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. He fulfills the responsibilities Christianity and America left undone. He also brings down communism and establishes an environment conducive to the unity of the world. On the foundation of fulfilling these conditions, the returning Lord sends forth tribal messiahs. Therefore, just as Heaven sent the returning Messiah, True Parents on behalf of God are sending you as tribal messiahs. They bequeath to you the foundation of the realm of mainstream religion that was prepared to receive the Messiah, which began with Israel four thousand years ago.

Home Church and spiritual children

(2)  Each tribal messiah is to embrace two clans, Cain’s and Abel's—that is, Cain's family and his or her own family. Jesus should have embraced Joseph's family and Zechariah's family. The disunity between these two families set the stage for Jesus' death. This is the background of the Home Church and tribal church of today. Jesus was to stand on the united foundation of Joseph's family and Zechariah's family. The Messiah, based on these families' attendance of the tribal messiah, was to lead to national restoration. In the same way, your Home Church is a Cain-type church foundation of your tribal messiahship, and your family and relatives are an Abel-type church foundation. You are to unite these two. After accomplishing this, you will complete your mission as a tribal messiah. Now there should be no problem to bring unity in your tribe. Furthermore, the time has come when nothing in the larger world will create problems for us. Nevertheless, my appointment of tribal messiahs does not mean that the Home Church will disappear. Even if all people were saved, the Home Church remains important. Just as the mind and body need to unite and the entire world needs to unite, the Home Church needs to unite people both inside and outside the tribes.

(3)  If you want to fulfill your responsibility as a tribal messiah, you need to restore your Cain-type tribe and your Abel-type tribe. When you offer devotional conditions and find 120 followers who are willing to work, giving their lives and assets, these followers will address your parents and say, "You toiled so hard to raise your son or daughter! Your son or daughter in turn has toiled so much to save us!" When these 120 people gather as your clan for a banquet and exchange these words of appreciation, everything will turn around in one night.

(4)  You need to return to your hometown and become tribal messiahs. But this does not mean the Home Church movement, which has been active these past years, should disappear. Your Home Church foundation is the Cain foundation, and your foundation with your extended family is the Abel foundation. If you shed tears, sweat, and blood to establish your Home Church foundation, your extended family will turn around automatically. If you return to your extended family after having saved one hundred people through your Home Church, they will welcome you as a hero or heroine. The entire neighborhood will be able to turn around in one evening. Your record will speak for itself.

(5)  Fallen Adam and Eve are restored through Abel. Blessed parents become perfect through their children, which is similar to fallen parents being restored through Abel. In this way, restoration takes place through indemnity. Therefore, if you do not have spiritual children, you should not conceive and give birth to children. You can give them birth, but you can't truly love them. This is the implication of the Principle. The Fall transpired by people going in a direction opposite that of the Principle. Thus, restoration transpires through blocking, adjusting, and correcting that opposite direction in a way that is airtight. Thus, you absolutely need spiritual children.

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