Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 270

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 1: The Declaration of Tribal Messiahship, 22-31

(22)  You are on a path to establish a base that connects the realm of heart of the individual to the realm of heart of the family, tribe, nation, world, and cosmos. I hope you can understand the importance of the level of tribal messiah. If we look at the family as the formation stage, then the tribe is the growth stage and the nation is completion. Beginning with the nation, the nation is formation, the world is growth and the cosmos is completion. Beginning from the world, the world is formation, heaven and earth are growth, and God is completion. Love is what connects everything. When we look at the principle of development through three stages, the tribal messiah level is crucial to recover the nation.

(23)  If you belong to the Kim family, you have to fulfill the mission of messiah to the Kim family. You need to think that you are the messiah who represents your clan in order to establish the heavenly kingdom—if you are a Kim, then in the Kim family, and if you are a Park, then in the Park family. You need to think that you are the savior who can save your clan. In order to do so, you have to fulfill your responsibility as the high priest representing your clan.

(24)  Selfish individualism is ruining the free world today. How can we save the free world from selfish individualism? The answer is simple. It is by living for the sake of others. We can save the world by doing just one thing, which is to live for the sake of others. Can the Unification Church unite all religions? By living for them, we will unite them. We need to live for the sake of others. What is the final destination? What is the solution? In order to break down the barriers and benefIt everyone, what should you do? You should become a tribal messiah. Only by doing this throughout the world will we eliminate the conditions upon which people accuse us on every level—individual, family, clan, people, nation, and world.

(25)  Do you know how fearsome the term "tribal messiah" is? If messiahs cannot fulfill their responsibility, they should be willing to die. Unless you are so willing, you should not come back. With this heart you need to fulfill the messianic mission. You must not reject the authority of messiahship. I am saying that even if you lose your life or your household, do not abandon the authority of messiahship. Your mother and father cannot kill you, can they? They cannot nail you on the cross, can they? That is your blessing. Had Jesus had such a blessing, how much better it would have been.

(26)  Who, by fighting the world and making indemnity conditions, established the tradition of the return to the hometown? I opened and prepared the way for you to establish the tribal realm and even go to the family. Have you walked the course of indemnity for the sake of world-level issues? You have to become a servant of servants and then, like Abel, a son or daughter. Then, connecting Eves realm and Adam's realm, you need to return to God. You have to return to God, the Lord of all creation. Such a time is coming. The one, unified vertical realm of heart has been recovered. On that foundation, you need to find the realm of heart and enlarge your heart to embrace the individual, family, clan, people, nation, and entire world. Do not forget the amazing blessing you have received through my overcoming history's thousands of years of bitter pain and sorrow and establishing the realm of tribal messiahship for restoration through indemnity.

(27)  I am dispatching the blessed families as tribal messiahs because you represent the families of the world. Hence, please be aware that you men and women are setting the pace for all couples in the world. The sons and daughters who are born from such responsible men and women become the ancestors of a different lineage, different from the people who have lived on earth up to this time. Thus, you need to become individuals who can enter the kingdom of heaven directly, as God's sons and daughters. You have to believe in God absolutely, believe in True Parents absolutely and love humanity absolutely, with both horizontal and vertical love. When you love with that kind of love, you will settle in the center and secure that place as your own. If you are unable to, you will be unhappy. That is why I exhort you to focus on fulfilling your mission and responsibility on the family level, building an exemplary family, one that really stands out.

The position of a tribal messiah

(28)  Tribal messiahship, simply speaking, is the work to elevate the Father and Mother to the position of King and Queen. Then, based on the initiating love of Parents, we can return to the original hometown in which we were born, the original hometown of the kingdom of heaven. Without doing this, we cannot have the hometown. If we do not fulfill it, there will be no hometown for us. Without that hometown, we will not have the Parents. And only when we establish this hometown will the hometowns of all people who have lived in Korea connect with the hometown of the heavenly kingdom. Wherever a person was born, it was the place where his or her parents lived. All birthplaces eventually have to belong to the heavenly kingdom. Thus, those parents can inherit the position of parents who have nothing to do with the Fall.

(29)  As tribal messiah, you are the leader who guides a tribe to its hometown within your lifetime. You are the leader, just as Moses was during the Exodus.  You should not do this blindly. Your destination is your hometown. However, by the Principle you cannot enter your hometown without recovering Cain  Since your older brother's tribe remains in Satan's world, you have to save your older brother and have his tribe join yours. Otherwise, they will stay with Satan and be separate from your tribe. When you save your older brother, he will protect you like a hedge. Then, when you go to your hometown, you can save your extended family. If this achievement is not in place, even if you witness to your father and mother, Satan will capture them again. They will be taken again. Although you witness to your father and mother, to your relatives, even to the people of your hometown, Satan will drag them away again. Because of this danger, God has no choice but to lead this kind of providence.

(30)  On behalf of God, I dispatched tribal messiahs to the world. Even if I die now, tribal messiahs are engrafted to the vertical world and are bound to expand to the worldwide domain. That is why I am now calling tribal messiahs to become the ancestors of Abel-type families. These ancestors have the seed of life. Messiahs are the parents and they have the seed of life. Your family and relatives, including your father and mother, were born from the seed of Satan's world. Hence, if you bring the seed of life and engage actively with people wherever you go, you will be victorious.

(31)  The fact that I gave you the right of tribal messiahship means you inherit the righteousness and results of the religions that have existed throughout history to this day. Although you know nothing of its value, it means that I have given you the ages of history that have been brought into the position of liberation, as if Adam did not fall, Noah did not fail, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not fail, Moses did not fail, Jesus did not fail, I did not fail, and there were no cross of suffering and no historical ordeals. In the midst of those names, countless martyrs cry out in the hope that the blood they shed may serve as a foundation for their resurrection as good spirits. Those spirits were persecuted and sacrificed while seeking the Way. Through the blood they shed, they serve as a base for Heaven on the horizontal plane. Their passion to build the kingdom of heaven on earth is in their spilled blood, which is interwoven with the hope of humanity. Tribal messiahship is the culmination of all blessings. Using the Unification Church and the authority of my victories to condense the mistakes of Judaism and Christianity that have passed down vertically, I am bequeathing all the blessings that believers in other religions, including Buddhism and Confucianism, want to receive. This is what tribal messiahship is about.  

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