Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 269

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 1: The Declaration of Tribal Messiahship, 11-21

(11)  It is just like the time when I proclaimed tribal messiahship; a similar time is approaching. Hence, please return to your hometown without any hesitation or reservations. I also would like to go to my hometown now. I do not want to live here in Seoul. When your influence surpasses the influence of North Korea as a result of your hard work in your hometown, my hometown naturally will be elevated. Without fighting, it will just happen. Therefore, the mission of Unification Church families is to establish the land of Canaan, a hometown of the heart, by making more devotional offerings than North Korea does. That is why I am telling you to be tribal messiahs.

(12)  Do you know why I proclaimed tribal messiahship around the world, starting in Korea? It is because when I do it in Korea, all the countries of the world will unite under my leadership. Think how many people from the spirit world will be mobilized. They are eager to come down to the earth. They are thinking, "This is the time!" with their eyes gleaming, because the time has come when liberation can be accomplished. Thus, we can indemnify thousands and tens of thousands of years of history.

(13)  I placed blessed families as tribal messiahs and set the standard of perfection for three generations of ancestors: Jesus, blessed families, and Adam. Thus, we can enter the environment in which we can freely embrace the people of the earth. This is why I proclaimed tribal messiahship. This is good news in God’s providence. This is the Last Days of human history, when the day of liberation will come  The unification of North and South Korea will not occur just by itself. It is possible only when all of this is woven together. Once the family level and the tribal level are brought together, they will link to the national level. Then the Unification Church and the government should be one.

(14)  Because Jesus was unable to complete this mission, I appointed you as tribal messiahs and granted you the authority to bestow the Blessing upon your own parents who, like fallen Adam, married as they wished. Thanks to God’s grace, your parents could be raised to the position of unfallen parents. This is just amazing! It is like a dream! I proclaimed tribal messiahship to announce that I had made this possible. Jesus was sent alone to be the tribal and national messiah, but I have proclaimed that all blessed family members worldwide are tribal messiahs.

(15)  You are officially recognized by Heaven's side only when you are approved by True Parents. You can only receive the Blessing when True Parents see your sincere effort and loyalty, and can say out of compassion, "Fine!" after you are officially recognized by Cain, Abel, the Parents, and God. This is why you need God to make it possible. You cannot cross the bridge and receive the Blessing unless God makes it possible. This is the meaning of rebirth through True Parents. There is no way to gain rebirth without True Parents. Hence, if the tribal messiah misses the chance to build a bridge as the family messiah, the opportunity for rebirth will be blocked. I was aware of this, so I established and proclaimed tribal messiahship to liberate humanity. This is a revolutionary event on a global scale. It is a special grace and a privilege to receive. Please understand how miserable Heaven has been for thousands of years, due to Eve's fatal mistake of one day. How hard Heaven groped for the path of restoration, and at what cost Abel-side persons sacrificed throughout thousands of generations, to reach the time of True Parents! This has been the course to restore Adam and Eve in history.

The conditions for tribal messiahship

(16)  I now have given you the name of messiah. Each of you is a tribal messiah. What should you do as a tribal messiah? I have prepared everything that you may need in order to become a national messiah, world messiah, and cosmic messiah. I have prepared a mountain of treasures for you. You will inherit them once you become a messiah. They will pass down to you as water flows through a pipe. If you are unable to inherit these things, your descendants will accuse you.

(17)  God will not help you, nor will I, my children, or other church members.  Still, follow me. Walk the same path I walked in the past. Afterward, you will have freedom. Afterward, a new heaven and earth will unfold. Up to now there was only one male Messiah, but from now on we shall have the family messiah. Up to the present, the single Messiah was severely opposed. However, now, with the family messiah well secured, accusation will end and without fail you should return to your hometown, take responsibility as a tribal messiah and proudly proclaim, "I have returned as a tribal messiah!" This is for you and your descendants. It is like the time when the people of Israel were divided into the twelve tribes. We have entered the land of Canaan.

(18)  Do not think only of yourself. Take care of your grandfather and grandmother. Be the Last one to go to sleep. Shed blood, sweat, and tears and support not only your sons and daughters, your immediate family, but also your extended family. This is like the wilderness course. Among the six hundred thousand people who followed Moses, anyone who had food must have wanted to feed only his own family. But he or she had to offer that food to Moses.  It did not matter what tribe the person belonged to; his or her heart had to be such that he or she would willingly die together with the others. Even if a hundred days' worth of food would be gone in one day feeding all the others, Moses' twelve tribal leaders had to offer their food to Moses. Unless you live this way of life, you will not be able to bind people in relationships of heart, from the family to the tribe, people, nation, and world. Although I established the base to bind together the nations and the world by setting a standard of restoration through indemnity, I cannot set up the base for your tribe. This is your responsibility as the tribal messiah.

(19)  The Israelites adopted the culture and traditions of the seven tribes of Canaan, and this was a problem. It led the Israelites to ruin. This is a critical point. Nonetheless, it is different now. We are the center. There is no hope in the outside world, which is declining. The world is looking at you as their only hope. Starting now, unite and complete your responsibility as messiahs. Just as God said to Joshua and Caleb, I am telling you to be bold and strong. You now have the Parents, Heaven, and a foundation of all the things on earth necessary to restore the right of the eldest son. Hence, just move forward with all your strength. From behind, God will support you, and the power of True Parents and True Family will protect you, just as they do today. All you need to do is march ahead on one path. That is the way that will lead to victory.

(20)  Do not continue to live with the habits you inherited from your mother and father. From now on, be serious about teaching your sons and daughters. If you just leave them the way they are, the Blessing you were given will fall to ruin. This is why I cannot help but dispatch you, making you take responsibility as messiahs. Don't you know you are living in the greatest time in history? The spirit world and physical world, heaven and earth, are watching you. The entire universe is watching you. You are called to become the owners who can lead an era of such amazing love!

(21)  A tribal messiah stands as the center of the family, and thus, is very precious. I am the center of the world-level nation, but you do not have such a position. With you, the five-percent results are not there. Therefore, I am telling you to love yourself, your spouse, and your family in the way you love God, just as I have loved the world and the nation. Love your extended family the way you love your children and love your family members the way you love your spouse. I am already connecting the nation and the world, so if you do this, you will be connected to them naturally. 

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