Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 268

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 1: The Declaration of Tribal Messiahship, 04-10

(4)  Unification Church members constitute a tribe. My blood is flowing within each of them. Thus, all tribal members should be able to cry when I cry and rejoice with me when I rejoice. We are kin, bound by blood. We are a unified people. We go over the barriers of color separating the five races and the differing cultural backgrounds separating various national standards, to create and build the new heavenly kingdom. The heavenly kingdom will manifest when we as a people become divine. The world will open up when we live as a people of the divine nation. The cosmic kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will come down upon that world. Just talking about it will not make it happen. The individual has to make the final decision and then proclaim it in heaven and on earth. It must be proclaimed again centering on the family and again centering on the tribe.

(5)  Now is the time to make the final proclamation centered on the tribe. In order to lead such a work, I have to set absolute conditions of victory, taking a single direction, the same in heaven and on earth, representing all peoples and all nations. Without doing so, I cannot enter the nation, gather all the tribes, and make the proclamation for the final liberation in accordance with the laws of public righteousness. Based on this condition, if you command, "Satan, be gone," your ancestors can come into, and serve as the head of, your family.  Changes will come. Pray like this: "Our family loves Heaven. Thus, we are willing to sacrifice conjugal love, our love for our children and all our possessions. Representing our tribe, we are willing to make our entire family a sacrificial offering. As Heaven's family we are raising our tribe in order to accomplish the liberation of our people. So please accept our offering!" Such a prayer will be received. For the sake of the liberation of this people, the Unification family needs to determine to be the sacrificial offering to Heaven on the family level.

(6)  You are tribal messiahs. When you recover your Cain tribe, you will automatically recover your Abel tribe. This is why you need to do tribal messiah activity. Only if you do this can your ancestors and good people in the spirit world come to the earth and set indemnity conditions to benefit themselves. This is not possible without the foundation of your Home Church. Without that foundation, even if one of your ancestors were to help you, your family would remain on the family level. You would not connect to the tribe, people, or nation, even though I made all that possible for you. Based on this, while I was in Danbury prison, I opened the gates in the heavenly world and in hell and paved a highway from hell to the throne in the heavenly world. I established a highway so that any good spirit within a realm that receives God’s benefit could come to the earth, witness to people, and elevate them step by step. Many walls appeared because things went wrong due to the first parents. The True Parents had to break down these walls and open the gates. I have opened all of them and thereby demonstrated how it is done. Home Church is a base with which to connect the earthly realm with the heavenly kingdom. A rocket flies to its destination based on the flight parameters that are set at the launching pad. Home Church functions like that launching pad.

(7)  Now is the time to set the standard of the ideal family that Jesus could not establish. For that reason, I am dispatching family messiahs. Where will you be sent as family messiahs? To your blood kin, your relatives. I have walked the path of indemnity for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world in order to connect them to Heaven. It is not necessary for you to walk the same path of indemnity I have walked. I am sending you as tribal messiahs, in the same position as Jesus. Through the Blessing, you are in the position of having married. You have that foundation. The Blessing connects the individual, family, and tribe and makes them one. I have walked the path of indemnity to connect everything to Heaven. You have not traveled that course, but even so, I have given you the Blessing. The fact that you received the Blessing signifies that your position is better than that of Jesus. Satan cannot accuse those who have received the Blessing, because you are connected to the True Parents through lineage. Satan cannot accuse you on any level—individual, family, tribe, people, nation, or world. That is how God sees it. Satan absolutely cannot accuse you. You are in a state of total freedom. For these reasons, I have proclaimed tribal messiahship at this time.

(8)  The fact is that I have declared that you are tribal messiahs. This means that when you fulfill your responsibilities on behalf of me, the spirit world will support you. In the past, when I was pioneering and in difficulties, the spirit world assisted me. The spirit world is certainly working now as well. despite persecution, I developed the Unification Church to enter the age of tribal-level restoration; so now, with no persecution, how much more can we develop! It was to restore the eldest sons position, in the era for the restoration of the right of the eldest son, that the Unification Church members went the way of the cross and were persecuted up to this day. During the era to restore the eldest sons position, you suffered so much. This being so, in the era to restore the mother and father's position, should we suffer more or less than we suffered in the era to restore the eldest sons position? We should suffer more. By doing this, the tribal messiahs will liberate Jesus from his bitter sorrow and me from mine.

(9)  You have to proclaim to your clan that you are their tribal messiah. Whether they listen to you or not, you have to proclaim it. If you do not fulfill the responsibility with which you have been entrusted, who will be struck? Heaven will be vulnerable on behalf of you. That day is coming. That is why I have proclaimed tribal messiahship. I proclaimed tribal messiahship in order to go over that time. Hence, now is the time to begin your tribal messiah activities. You have to return to your hometown. If you are not able to go to your hometown, you have to work to save the nation. If you are unable to go back to your hometown, you have to live for the sake of North and South Korea. If you cannot fulfill your responsibility as a tribal messiah, you have to take the responsibility of a people-level messiah who can save North Korea. If you make that effort, you can go beyond the realm of tribal messiah.

(10)  Jesus was a tribal messiah. At the same time, he represented his people and nation. However, he died because he could not obtain the parents' right in his own family. Hence, now that the Unification Church has liberated the older brother's right, we have to liberate the parents' right. I have designated you tribal messiahs. Today, by establishing tribal messiahship, I am proclaiming with the divine authority of the heavenly kingdom that after you resurrect the situation created by your parents' opposition to the Unification Church, and the failure of the fallen Adam and Eve, you will be a restored family. This is the purpose of the tribal messiah proclamation. Why is this necessary? If you cannot establish the position of unfallen Adam and Eve based on the standard of True Parents, there is no way to establish the hometown where you were born as a hometown of the heavenly kingdom. If you had been born in the original, unfallen hometown, you would have been born of the original Parents. However, due to the Fall, the order is reversed and you should engraft your parents instead. That hometown also has to establish the standard of the unfallen Adam, who should have been born as the original Parent representing the right of the kingship, and who should have reigned over the world.


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