Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 267

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 4. Hoondokhae and Home Church Activities, 21
Chapter 2: The Tribal Messiah
Section 1: The Declaration of Tribal Messiahship, 03


(21)  I have loved you more than my own mother and father. My whole life is full of stories of shedding blood and tears for the Unification Church. I shed blood, sweat, and tears to reach out to the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. If I hadn't reached each of these levels, Satan would not have been separated from us. That is why I went to America and underwent all kinds of suffering and hardships. Now I am preparing to save the Soviet Union. Since I have completed my responsibilities on the world level, I am back in Korea to do community breakthrough activities.

(22)  It is based on the Principle that we must return to the land of our original hometown. That is why I am telling all the members in Korea to return to their hometowns. We need to build the national foundation based upon the foundation of accomplishing breakthrough activities in our communities. With the family as a starting point, we need to go through formation, growth and completion stages. The family is the formation stage, the community is the tribal-level growth stage, and the nation is the completion stage. To connect these three, we have to be connected in the family. Otherwise, we cannot connect to the tribe and we cannot connect to the nation; nor can we connect to the world. When you expand the foundation in this way, Satan will find no den in which to hide. In this way you can liquidate him. You can build such a foundation quickly; there is no longer any persecution. The foundation is prepared for you to be welcomed.

(23)  Community breakthrough is not about threatening or intimidating people; it is not about weapons. If you work day and night practicing love based on the Word, then even while elderly citizens sit around smoking and drinking or pursuing other vices, they will praise the Unification Church and say, "I have to let my son or daughter follow the example of that person." If they do that, the evil spirits attached to them, trying to influence them to carouse, will flee. Further, if those elderly citizens see a violent young man become good-natured after he joins the Unification Church, then they will think, "Our children also should become like Unification Church members." If this happens, the evil spirits within them will take flight. In every aspect, you need to become a model representing the Principle. You should set the standard as the ancestor in your family. You must become a guide for the ancestors in your family by becoming like a signboard displaying Heaven's principles and rules. The True Parents are the ancestor among all ancestors.

(24)  Once you complete community breakthrough activities, you should ensure that each family hoists the Unification Church flag. Thereafter, if you have three visitors to your home every day, including Unification Church members, who are happy with your family, through that condition alone, everyone in your family can be saved. That is why I am making people indebted to you. Through my practical accomplishments and teaching of the Word, I benefit people spiritually and materially. I have reached that stage. Therefore, I could declare the True Parents and be welcomed; I could step on this world that Satan has used as his stage, go over its summit and stand at the top. The time has come when I can return to Korea, connect the globe with the heavenly realm and then hold a declaration ceremony for the settlement of God’s kingship. I am pushing hard for this. Great things can be achieved when our mind and body are united. The time will come when Satan's world will not use the power of the fist; we can bring it into submission through our teachings.

CHAPTER 2  The Tribal Messiah

Section 1.  The Declaration of Tribal Messiahship

(1)  Why do we have the term "tribal messiah"? The messiah is in the position of parents. Now, unless one becomes a subject partner of true love, the term "parents" does not apply. The realm of parental heart, which is to love one's children and do whatever one can for them, is the only original reality that remains in the fallen world. It is diminished, but it is a heart whose true nature and essence in fact has remained, like a live coal, since the creation of the world.

The meaning of and standard for the proclamation of tribal messiahship

(2)  Where do we go to recover the family? In the providence of restoration, by making indemnity conditions in the tribal realm, we can move toward the restoration of the family. I have set indemnity conditions on the levels of a people, nation and world. This being so, what do you need to recover? Each of you needs to go to the realm of your tribe. You need to go to the realm where Jesus tried to work but was unable to. In your tribal-level realm, you pursue Home Church activities. Even if you are opposed and called names, you need to love the people with tears. Then you go to your family. The purpose of Home Church activity is to train you to love more. You need 360 homes to endorse you as a son or daughter of God. Then, when you return to your family, in order to restore your clan, you need to love your family members hundreds of times more than you loved your Home Church.

(3)  You need to unite with the victorious Messiah and sow the seeds of true life. After indemnifying the disunity of Eve, Cain, and Abel in the garden of Eden, you should plant such seeds. The family needs to create an environment for such seeds, and that is the mother and the brothers and sisters. This is where we can declare the starting point of the ideal love and ideal life of the original Adam and Eve who have nothing to do with the Fall. In order to create such a family, I declared tribal messiahship. Jesus came to recover the family. For this, the Cain household and the Abel household had to unite. In the case of Jesus, Joseph's clan and John the Baptist's clan should have united and formed one family. Jesus' family should have been formed in this way. Then Satan could not have invaded. Had this been done, Jesus would have embraced his clan as the tribal messiah. Then the original standard of the unfallen family, which the people of Israel were unable to establish, would have been restored. 


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