Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 266

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 4. Hoondokhae and Home Church Activities, 09-20


(9)  You should create a hoondok church, focusing on your own tribe. This is to build a global human family. Because national barriers will disappear, no matter where people go in this world, those who attend a hoondok church can call that place home. Your culture and your religion will recede into the background, and the time when you talk about those things will come to an end.

(10)  Be crazy about the Word, and work so hard you even forget about eating. Then all your physical ailments will flee. When I was young, I had a lung disease, and everyone said I would die. But I thought, "If I am meant to die, I shall die. But if I find something so interesting that I keep myself busier than the activity of the disease in my lungs, then even the germs causing my disease will flee." We have to go now into the midst of the democratic world and the communist world and fulfill our responsibility to revolutionize them and harmonize them. We must fulfill that responsibility of the Mother and Father. When you hold hoondokhae throughout the nation, a place where Mother and Father can stand will appear.

(11)  Hoondokhae will connect you with another dimension. When you hold hoondokhae, heaven and earth become one, and the entire spirit world descends and cooperates with you. Unless you do so, your life path will not open up and you will be unable to fulfill your goals. This is the reason you need a hoondok church, which is a family church. No families have been able to enter the heavenly kingdom. Even God did not have a family. Since no families have been able to go to heaven, I am saying there are no citizens of the kingdom of heaven. We must reorganize all this.

Home Church activities and community breakthrough

(12)  Restoration is to return. To where should we return? Regardless of my position, no matter how high I, Rev. Moon, reach under the sun, I need to return to the base of the cycle, and that base is the family. This is why I am talking about tong ban gyeokpa, meaning "community breakthrough." Community breakthrough activities can reverse everything related to origin, lineage, culture, and lifestyle that have invaded the families in Satan's world. That is how the word "breakthrough" came to be used.

(13)  As part of your community breakthrough activities, you should hold revival meetings. They will enable you to set up a vertical foundation. In every family, when the children can shout out to the heavens that their mothers and fathers are true mothers and true fathers, and when their parents can do the same, saying their sons and daughters are true sons and true daughters, then Satan's realm in this earthly world will come to an end. The problem started in the family, and the problem must be resolved in the family. Community breakthrough activities will turn around Satan's families in the world. They will recover the families from his lineage and enable them to reverse their entire way of thinking.

(14)  We must make a breakthrough in our community. We need to do that because it fulfills the desire of God throughout history. What went wrong starting from the family must be reversed beginning with the family. The heavenly kingdom emerges with a nation. However, to make this happen, we have to start from a true man and a true woman. First there should be a family that opposes Satan's world. This is why so many terms in the Unification Church are the opposite of something. Even the term "True Parents" is the opposite of something. What about all the parents who have existed up to the present? Since they are the opposite of True Parents, we can say the parents who gave birth to you are false parents. From God's perspective, this is correct. It is also correct from Satan's perspective. Therefore, if we emphasize True Parents, then Satan retreats. Because God regards them as important, Satan retreats. That is how Satan can be turned upside down.

(15)  Why do we have to breakthrough in our local communities? To where is the history of restoration returning us? It has to return us from the fallen world through the gate of the True Parents. Everything that was propagated from what came through the gate of the Fall must turn around, pass through the gate of the True Parents and ascend to the starting point in the garden of Eden. You Unification Church members are the mainstream people who turned around and are now rising. When you do so, you do not need baggage with any old, tattered things from your past life. You have to thoroughly cleanse each and every thing that Satan polluted and purify it to be as clear as crystal. You should have a mind and body of true love, as pure as distilled water. And you should be people who can say with confidence that you have become the princes and princesses of the heavenly kingdom that is appearing on this earth; and that you are its heirs by virtue of true love.

(16)  The task now is to breakthrough in your communities. Two thousand years ago, Jesus could not establish the domain of his own family and tribe. But today, because the families of the Unification Church are completing their tribal-level domain, the liberation of the tribal-level domain worldwide is taking place in all four directions. I see this as a condition that can spread the realm of liberation to communities throughout the world. It is for this reason I am giving you instructions today and asking for your pledge.

(17)  Today, the most important thing is where we plant our roots. The place our roots should take hold is not the province  Provinces are made up of counties (gun), and under the counties are districts (tong) and villages (li). However, all these became places Satan took over and occupied. For this reason, we must plant our roots in local communities (tong) and neighborhoods (ban). You should know this from the viewpoint of the Principle. That is why the Unification Church must be single-minded in its goal to breakthrough in the community. We have only one goal, and that is restoration. All of us, whether in the past, present, or future, and whether at the formation, growth, or completion stage, have only one purpose. It is the same path for all: we must build a rock-solid foundation centering on the local community.

(18)  Even though you cannot reach the level where I am fighting at the front line of the battle, still, with tears, you must go over the peak of your community and neighborhood and then settle down there. You must help your neighbors overcome their sorrowful fate, the fate brought on by the Fall. If you don't do this, Heaven will not cooperate with you. Heaven will not move. Heaven will leave you. It doesn't matter how much I invested; it doesn't matter how well you follow me; if Heaven doesn't work with us, it is no good. Heaven must work with us.

(19)  While conducting activities in your community, you should work so hard you wear out several pairs of shoes. When you visit the leading people of your community or neighborhood, do not take your car. You must walk. Go about your work on foot, even though you may go through several pairs of shoes. See what happens if, looking all sweaty, you knock on their doors three or four times a day. Most of you will have visited only once, right? Go to your community or neighborhood and give lectures there. Lecture several times a day and with such passion that you are soaked with sweat and have to take a shower or bath afterward. Try it and see if Heaven doesn't help you. See whether or not people are fired up.

(20)  From now on, you must make breakthroughs in your community. You should not miss even one home. We are in such a time. That is why I coined the phrase tong ban gyeokpa, "community breakthrough." No matter how tired you are, you need to walk day and night to reach even one more home. You must cross your neighborhood from east to west, and south to north, and then walk its perimeter. I am saying you should visit each house at least three times. When you meet someone, what should you do? Give them the most precious gift. What is that? It is to help them become the sons and daughters of True Parents. This is because their lineage must be changed.


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