Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 265

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 3: 
The Completion of Home Church, 23
Section 4. Hoondokhae and Home Church Activities, 08


(23)  All of you have parents, children, and belongings. Home Church is the place where all of them appear on a larger scale. Because Adam fell, he lost them all. We must recover them and offer them to God. We should recover what was lost and offer them all at one time to God through True Parents. We have to do this. Then, once God owns all this and gives it to True Parents, since they are our Parents, we ought to inherit it from them. Only if you do this will you be entitled to possess your own house and claim your own world. The basis for this is Home Church. It is the place of offering. It is an altar on which you are to make the three offerings.

(24)  For the sake of proclaiming Home Church, I must make a movement to spiritually awaken the nation. We must be one step ahead of others. We should proceed from the national church to the world church to the cosmic church. What is a church? It is an institution for separating the people of God from Satan. There are different levels of this institution—the individual, the tribe, the people, the nation, and the world. People are separated from Satan based on the level of the church. Even though you are not settled down, you are still here due to the merit of the age. I keep a rope attached to you, stimulating you and pulling you along. If it were not for this, Satan would have dragged all of you away. Home Church is where you can expand your foundation to the tribal level. It is where you as a tribal messiah expand your horizontal foundation by leading your tribe. From the bottom, I have prepared the tribal-level foundation, the people-level foundation, the national-level foundation and the world-level foundation.

Section 4.  Hoondokhae and Home Church Activities

(1)  The words I speak are not my own. They are the words Heaven speaks through me. Hence, wherever or whenever you hear these words, your heart is stirred. That is what is different about them. I am not alone, because I speak at the point where the vertical and the horizontal meet, where the mind and body resonate with each other. When my body vibrates, my mind vibrates as well in order to unite with my body. When my heart is inspired, a corresponding change takes place in my body. Each exerts a force on the other. Hence, it is not my own words that I speak. The Korean word hoondokhae contains a Chinese character that means, "to sell words." Thus, if you keep them to yourself, you will find yourself in trouble. You need to give them out to people. If you store up goods and let them spoil, you will be punished. So, if, rather than selling them, you give the words freely to others, the outcome will be even better than if you sell things for money. Therefore, I am telling you to share these words with others. This is the original meaning of hoondokhae.

Hoondok family church and the focus of our activity

(2)  The Chinese character hoon (訓) in hoondok is made up of eon (言), meaning "words," and cheon (川), meaning "stream." Water is an element of all living things. Water creates green zones across the earth and clouds wandering in the sky. Flowing deep or moving high, it brings balance to the earth. Water equalizes everything. The character dok (讀) is made up of eon (言), meaning "words," and mae (賣), meaning "sell." It means to sell—specifically, to spread—the Word. If you do not "sell" it, or give it out, you need to gather it and use it. The word hoondok has such meanings. Its power is like that of water that flows and becomes a great river, then makes a sea and gives life to this universe.

(3)  A hoondok family is created through hoondokhae. Again, you can go to the kingdom of heaven when you experience rebirth, resurrection, and eternal life through hoondok church. Your family is the base for going to the heavenly kingdom. You go to the heavenly kingdom from your family; you cannot go to heaven from anywhere else. Your family must be a place where the kingdom of heaven of peace is created. It must happen on earth.

(4)  After people restore the things of creation, they are to experience love. The Old Testament Age was the age when the things of the creation were sacrificed as offerings. The New Testament Age was the age when the children sacrificed themselves as offerings, and the Completed Testament Age has been the age when the Parents sacrifice themselves as offerings. In order to attend God here on the earth, the Parents have gone the way of the cross, leading their family along with them. When believers on earth pursue activities for Home Church and offer conditions of devotion on its altar, spirits from all fields and levels of the spirit world can return and cooperate with them. Now that Home Church has been changed to "hoondok church," the age is coming when your tribe will join. In the coming age, it will not be just individuals who join but all the members of your tribe. If your family name is Kim, all the Kims will join; if your family name is Park, all the Parks will join. After that happens, the age will arrive for registration in the nation. It will happen soon. From now on, things will happen quickly. Things will move extremely quickly.

(5)  The family is the starting point of the kingdom of heaven. When you understand it's significance, you will know how crucial it is that you make a hoondok church. If there is a church, it should be a family church. As a family is a church connected by heart, that family church should be developed into a hoondok church. If you sow many seeds and gather a fruitful harvest, the heavenly world and all people on earth will be able to eat. That is how you can make a new start and greet the spring. Families who do hoondokhae will have a foundation that can endure the winter and greet the spring on a new level. Thus, they will prosper, and prosper even more.

(6)  When you sow seeds in the family and they bear fruit, the fruit can go beyond the nation and the world, all the way to the kingdom of heaven. Since that realm is the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, people’s most important endeavor is how much harvest they can collect and offer when they go there. The place where you will live eternally in the heavenly world is determined based on the result you bring here and now. You should give and forget. Go to the lowest place and give, and then forget what you have given. If you forget what you have given, without fail, it will return to you. Because human beings are individual embodiments of truth, when they receive something genuine, it will not simply be forgotten. When people receive a gift prepared with a heart of devotion, they want to return more than they have received. As individual embodiments of truth, they want to create an environment with conditions that foster more and ever greater giving and receiving in a circular motion. Hoondok churches are the foundation, the base, for this.

(7)  You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven simply because you were given recognition by the Unification Church. You have to go through proper protocols that equip you to live as a citizen of that kingdom. This even includes taxes. The Unification Church will disappear, religions will disappear and politics will cease. Even nation-states will disappear. The world will become a huge, unified family nation, a single nation whose culture is the world of heart. It will be realized by means of a thorough education through hoondokhae about the life I lived, especially about the aspects of heart. Therefore, we have hoondok churches and hoondok families. We must find the church in the family.

(8)  You need to understand that doing hoondokhae is doing the work of Cheon II Guk, which goes beyond the standard of religion and the nation. Hoondokhae is attended by your ancestors and their descendants who were the most filial of filial children and the most loyal of loyal patriots in the heavenly realm. By reading the Word and learning together in the presence of heaven and earth united as one, we establish the foundation for the ideal family as individuals who are being substantially re-created and perfected. Then we can move into a new age of education, an age of universal education, to lay such a foundation in front of Heaven.


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