Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 264

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 3: 
The Completion of Home Church, 14-22


(14)  You ought to understand what I mean when I say, "I worked to find you." Then you need to go to the people of your Home Church and do the same for them as I did for you. Only when you do so will God endorse you as a filial child and bring you to the kingdom of heaven. However, all of you just want to follow me. You think, "I don't like Home Church. I'll only go wherever True Father goes." You should not do this. Even if your father is the president of a nation, you cannot inherit his position unless you do something to acquire it. To become a president of your country, you need to lay a foundation that will enable you to become one. Even if you were born as the nation's crown prince, to become its king, you must learn all the protocols and etiquette that are required of a king. This is what you need to do. In the final course of history, if you obey these words of True Parents and make your own foundation, then God will give you His seal of approval and say, "You are my filial child," and send you to the heavenly kingdom. How amazing is the love of God! The foundation for this is Home Church. You also want to go the heavenly kingdom as filial sons and daughters, don't you? However, there is no way to receive the seal of a filial son or daughter without going through Home Church. Heaven is where filial children enter. Even though you are a son, if you are a troublemaker you cannot enter. You can go to heaven only when you are recognized as a filial child, and Home Church exists for you to receive that seal.

(15)  We cannot avoid the path of Home Church if we are to restore the foundation for tribal messiahship that was lost in Jesus' day and the national-level foundation that was lost by Christianity. To describe it in Unification Church terms, the Unification Church is in the position of Abel and Christianity is in that of Cain. It is necessary that we do Home Church on behalf of Cain's family, in order to connect the Cain church to the Abel church. Home Church is where we will accomplish what Jesus was unable to fulfill and what Christianity failed to do. Through Home Church, we can accomplish it and achieve unity. The Unification Church has to unite with the True Parents by doing Home Church. Only then can we enter the kingdom of heaven, the one unified world.

(16)  Taking into account all my own agonizing history, I have set up the greatest single condition that people can fulfill before God and Satan. It is Home Church. Home Church is the place that can help you recover when you collapse, comfort you when you have difficulties, and provide you with the natural environment to help you accomplish the course of your portion of responsibility. You may be persecuted from time to time, but overall we have passed beyond the age of persecution. We began this work at the transition to the age when we can be welcomed. Thus, if you are victorious, you can establish a foundation for all the ideals I want to realize and that God has desired to realize over the past six thousand years. You are now being engrafted onto me. Once you are engrafted, you should grow automatically. But where will you get the fertilizer you need to grow? You'll get it from all the places in your Home Church that oppose you. That fertilizer will help you grow into a big tree. You need fertilizer, but where can you get it? It comes from persecution. The persecution you receive decomposes and becomes fertilizer.

(17)  We have to do Home Church activity.  Yet, it will be a problem if you do not clearly understand its purpose. It is needed because a course of restoration through indemnity still remains. The people of Israel had to follow Jacob's course, the nation of Israel had to follow Moses' course, and Christians have had to follow Jesus' course. In the same way, since I am the Unification Church leader, the members of the Unification Church need to follow my course. However, following it is not easy, because we have been walking a forty-year course of re-indemnification. If Christianity and the United States had accepted the Unification Church at the time of Korea's independence, we would not now need to do Home Church activity. A world-level nation would have been immediately organized at that time. However, because things did not go that way, we had to walk a forty-year course of re-indemnification. Since this is the path True Parents followed, the children had to go this way as well. Therefore, for the past forty years we have walked a course of restoration through indemnity for the individual level, a course of restoration through indemnity for the family level, and courses of restoration through indemnity for the tribe, the people, and the nation. In order to restore through indemnity the individual level and each subsequent level, it was necessary to fight Satan and be victorious.

(18)  It is no good if white people say, "I will visit only the white families, not the black families." You have to do the opposite. You have to do that for America to live, and for the world to live. When Jesus was on earth, he died unable to inherit the kingship right of the first son. Therefore, it has been God's desire to bring that to the world level and recover it in the Last Days. Now this foundation will be laid based on Home Church. Then, even if I am not here, this right will be automatically established.

(19)  What is Home Church? On account of the history of persecution of the Unification Church, I acquired the right of inheritance as the champion in walking the course of indemnity. Once I prevailed on every level of indemnity in history, setting the world-record of indemnity as an individual, the world-record of indemnity on the level of family and people, the world-record of indemnity on the national level, and the world-record of indemnity on the cosmic level, thereupon I was given the signature of approval that I had brought total victory, and I was authorized to establish Home Church. Only in Home Church can we finally be free of all levels of indemnity conditions and settle down.

(20)  In the Unification Church, Home Church is the means to pay world-level indemnity on a smaller, more condensed scale. You should develop your Home Church into a tribal church. In Korea, there are many different family names. If in your Home Church activity you connect people with the various family names, you can create your tribe, your people, and even your nation. Because Home Church began with the Unification Church, this will lead to the appearance of the tribal-level church, the people-level church and the national-level church. Why should we do this Home Church activity? It is because we need to liberate Jesus from his bitter sorrow. Without liberating Jesus, I cannot bring you to the position to be married. To achieve Jesus' liberation, given the choice between Cain families and your Abel family, we must first save the Cain families, and given the choice between Cain tribes and your Abel tribe, we must first save the Cain tribes.

Offerings to establish a global foundation

(21)  Why do I say you should become tribal messiahs? It is because you need to dissolve the bitter sorrow of Jesus. You also need to dissolve my bitter sorrow. Further, you need to dissolve the bitter sorrow of Adam. What is Adam's bitter sorrow? It is that he couldn't have an ideal family. What is Jesus' bitter sorrow? It is that he couldn't have an ideal nation. And my bitter sorrow is that I cannot have an ideal world. Home Church is necessary to make indemnity conditions that fulfill the hope of Adam, the hope of Jesus, and my hope. Home Church sets the conditions to perfect the family, the nation, and the world. What I say is based on this principle.

(22)  The time for me to lead the Unification Church has passed. Now is the time for horizontal expansion. Hence, when each of you expands the family ideal to encompass your tribe, the world will naturally be restored by that much. The way to expand to the tribe is Home Church. This is my final decision; it is made and settled. From now on, you blessed families must become one while attending Mother and Father. When you have children, then the True Parents have to grant you, as parents, based on God's love, a decree for the right of ownership over material possessions. You need to receive it as individuals, you need to receive it as couples, and your children need to receive it as well. Just as in the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, conditions had to be set for you to receive God's love from True Parents as their representatives. According to the Principle, you can go to the kingdom of heaven only after True Parents grant you the right of ownership. Unless you inherit this right, there is no way for you to go to the kingdom of heaven.


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