Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 263

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 3: 
The Completion of Home Church, 05-13


(5)  I pioneered the path of the Messiah on every level—the individual, family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. I have already laid all the foundations on the levels of the individual, family, tribe and nation. While I was pioneering this path, Satan ruthlessly opposed my work. My life was one of facing continuous persecution, which I had to fight and prevail over. After World War II, if England, the United States and France—the Eve nation, Abel nation and Cain nation respectively—had become one and united with me, I could have begun my work on the world level at that time. If I had gone beyond the national level and been able to focus on the world, nations would have automatically reorganized.  Suppose my work had started that way after World War II and I had been welcomed without persecution on the levels of the individual, family, people, nation, and world? Then, in the environment of a unified world, Home Church and tribal messiahship would have been established, and families would have been settled at that time revolving around God and True Parents. Suppose at that time a family had appeared, in which Cain and Abel were united around the Mother. Then a nation would have been established that would have joined together tribes and peoples, connecting them to the world.

(6)  When we cross over into the new world, religion will disappear. Only Home Church will remain. Families will have True Parents at the center. It will be a unified world, an ideal world that arises like a single tree. By means of the bonds of love centered on the tradition of True Parents, the world is connected like one tree. The spirit world is like the invisible world of nerve impulses, and the visible world is like the world of blood vessels. When the two worlds of nerves and blood vessels are united harmoniously into a single organism, our minds and bodies, which were in conflict, can be united. By the same token, the earthly world and the spirit world must also be completely united.

(7)  First of all, Home Church is the way for children to inherit the world-level indemnity course of True Parents, who paid the indemnity in order to resolve the failures of history. Second, Home Church is to indemnify the realm of the tribal messiah lost at the time of Jesus. Thereby, it opens the way to the realm where we can be tribal messiahs and then go on to the national and world levels. You cannot go forward without indemnifying these two levels. To do so, you need to do Home Church activity. Without it, you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven. You have to shed blood and sweat for your Home Church. You have to shed tears and you have to experience mistreatment. Through these experiences you must come to know about the efforts that the True Parents have made. My hope is that, in the future, the persecution will cease and people will want to learn the Principle of the Unification Church. It is my desire not to leave behind a path of suffering for the children who follow me.

(8)  The tribal-level messiahship at the time of Jesus was to make the indemnity conditions and lay the foundation to establish the authority of True Parents on the national, world, and cosmic levels. However, in this age, we are attending True Parents, standing on the foundation of their indemnity conditions. The purpose of Home Church is to indemnify the failures in Jesus' course. However, in order to fulfill your five-percent portion of responsibility, now it is necessary to indemnify many things that went wrong before. How do you pay indemnity? It is by doing your Home Church activities. That is where you can work to set indemnity conditions on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation.

(9)  Even if we suffer throughout our lives, we cannot hold up our heads in front of Heaven. Rather, we Unification Church members should be ever grateful for living in the same age as the True Parents; we should shed tears of gratitude for having met them in our lifetime. Even as you live a sanctified life to recover your original selves, and even as you maintain your loyalty in every way possible, you should not forget you are the descendants of sinners who do not deserve to lift your heads in front of the Parents. This is why you needed to cooperate with the Parents on their course. Now that the Parents have completed their work, it is your turn to fulfill your responsibility and work hard for Home Church activities.

(10)  Starting from Home Church leaders, if people continue witnessing from the first generation to the second and third generations, then one thousand, two thousand, many thousands of people will get involved in Home Church activities. As we do this we are entering the age of registration, and need to prepare a list. Yet we cannot draw it up any way we want. Those who did not do Home Church activities cannot be entered on the list. They cannot become part of the family tree of the heavenly kingdom. Even though they are blessed family members, they will be excluded from the list and their names will be removed from the registry. With this understanding, you must hurry to do everything Heaven mandates. If you go to the spirit world without having done Home Church activity, you will have to work at it in the spirit world for eternity. It will be a huge problem if you go to spirit world without having taken care of your Home Church on earth. Therefore, during this time, you do not have even a moment to think about what to eat, what to wear or where to sleep. Knowing what kind of miserable indemnity course will await you and what kind of path you will have to follow, you should indemnify everything during your lifetime.

(11)  Your Home Church activities will begin at Gethsemane, from whence Jesus was taken to his trial, and one step further, on the peak of Golgotha. When Jesus died on Golgotha, there was hardly anyone who had compassion for him. Yet, when you die, many people will have compassion for you. What a happy thing it will be to meet death with such a foundation and in such circumstances. You have the freedom in your current earthly circumstances to assemble a group of people who, when you face death, will not run away from you as Peter did, but who instead will say, "I will die in your place." I think it is worth paying indemnity to establish this kind of historical tradition.

(12)  You have entered the age when, through True Parents, you can be selected and installed as tribal messiahs. You are indemnifying the condition that Jesus tried to make to connect the families of Zechariah and Joseph based on Judaism. Jesus needed to set this indemnity condition, because only then could he have inaugurated the position of the Parent. Only then could he have gone beyond the nation and proceeded to the world. Although Jesus died without establishing this foundation, we can indemnify it by way of Home Church activity. Despite the opposition of Christianity, if you do Home Church you will make the condition to inherit its foundation right there in your tribe. Then, you can connect that path to the people, the nation, and the world.

(13)  You are family-level messiahs who attend the True Parents, unlike Christians, who have been waiting for the individual-level Messiah. For us, Home Church is the way to prepare our foundation to go out to the world. Through Home Church, we will create a unified world where we attend the True Parents as the national-level and world-level Messiah. In this way we march forward toward the ideal kingdom of heaven. When Christians recognize their past failures on the tribal level, they can enter the kingdom of heaven through the new Unification Church and come to attend the world-level True Parents.


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