Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 261

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 2: The Purpose of Home Church, 06-14


(6)  You should take your 360 homes as the arena of indemnity representing the world. Why is it 360 homes? All the principled numbers are included in 360. The period of one year is included, the number twelve is included, and 120 is included three times over; they are all included in the number 360. The numbers three, four and twelve, which signify significant time periods in the course of history, are included as well. In addition, 360 degrees encompasses the three-dimensional world. Three hundred sixty is a number that combines the four seasons and the twelve months. Three hundred sixty families also represent the 120 countries of the world times three. It describes the three ages: the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. The number 360 contains all this. Therefore, you need to make a life and death commitment to your 360 homes. I have worked hard throughout my life to establish a world-level foundation; as for you, you must now unify your 360 homes.

(7)  If you fulfill your Home Church activities focusing on 360 homes, you can solve any problem. Three hundred sixty homes represent, from the perspective of nations, 120 formation-stage nations, 120 growth-stage nations and 120 completion-stage nations. Because of this, it is the number of families that can represent the entirety of Satan's world. Therefore, if you establish a foundation of 360 families who welcome you wholeheartedly, you can travel freely anywhere in the spirit world without being accused by Satan's world. You will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven in a flash, through any of its gates, north, south, east or west, and travel in an instant through the entire range of 360 degrees. When your entire tribe of 360 families centers on you as their mother and father, you will be able to bring them, either through the north gate, the south gate, the east gate or the west gate, into the kingdom in the spirit world.

(8)  The Unification Church should do Home Church activities to unify the Cain tribe. If we do not unify the Cain tribe and then establish the domain of the Abel tribe, there will be no tribal-level foundation for us to attend the Parents. There will be no tribal-level heavenly kingdom. Once we make this tribal-level foundation, we can connect it to the people-level foundation. After we establish the people-level foundation, we can move toward the national-level foundation.

Home Church is the foundation to bring the world together

(9)  The path of restoration through indemnity I have been walking is not for my own sake as an individual, but is the path representing all the men of the world. It is also the path of the husband, representing their wives, and all the families of the world. Additionally, it is the path representing all the parents of the world. Thus, it represents the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and spirit world. I will continue on this path, fixed on love, until I have planted the flag of God’s liberation. People who join the Unification Church in the future should not have to walk the same agonizing course I had to go. Based on my victories, they will only have to go through a condensation of my course and will not have to suffer as I did. That is God’s desire. I have gone through my suffering course, thinking, "Wouldn't it be good if through the suffering I had as my heartbreaking destiny, I could minimize the suffering of all humankind, helping them prevail through a reduced image of my course, all at once, in one place, representing the world?" This is God's desire, my desire and also your desire. That standard of hope is the destination of the providence and our lifelong goal. This is the origin of Home Church.

(10)  In your Home Church area, you need to teach by example. I am telling you that when you become a good example, you demonstrate everything by your example. Home Church activities establish God's sovereignty and create His citizens and His territory. Hence, you should become a person who can bring results based on love. You ought to win over others by teaching, demonstrating and loving. If you do not have the ability to teach, it will not work. Moreover, you need to take action. Yet, to become a person who can really bring results, you need to do everything with love. Then you can become a person under God's care.

(11)  Christian churches need to put up the Home Church sign. The Presbyterian Church will call itself the Presbyterian Home Church, and Barrytown will be the Barrytown Home Church. I am not telling churches to change their denomination, only to add the words "Home Church." They can call themselves Jesus' Home Church, the Christian Home Church, the Presbyterian Home Church, the Methodist Home Church or the Holiness Home Church. If they do so, then one by one, whether they are from the Methodist Church or any other, people will naturally cease paying attention to their denominational background. Whether they are from the Christian Church, the Church of Christ, the Catholic Church or the Presbyterian Church, we will bring them into oneness.

(12)  I have established the tradition of the unified realm of the Adam nation, the Eve nation, the Abel nation, and the Cain nation. You too should have the standard of establishing this kind of tradition in your family; otherwise, there will be no way for you to connect to my teachings and build the heavenly kingdom throughout the world. I have been opposed by the world, yet from that position, I entered the Cain realm of Satan's world, a nation that was historically an enemy nation, and I loved that country more than its own patriots. By doing this, I created oneness with its people and established an indemnity condition by which I went beyond the world's standard of love demonstrated in history. I did not do it by ordering people around. I did it with love. Because I established this foundation by connecting to the people with love, I could climb over the summit of Danbury prison. Now the time has come for nations throughout the world to welcome me. You also need to reach the same realm of heart, since I reached it on the world level. Otherwise, you will not be able to inherit the Parents' indemnity course from the family level to the tribal, people, national, and world levels. The road for you to go to the kingdom of heaven will be blocked. I created Home Church to open that road.

(13)  A person in the position of God's son cannot possibly live a comfortable life, even for one day. To hit the target, you cannot use a bent arrow. Don't you agree? Are you going the way of the Will while feeling something different from one season to the next through the four seasons? I have been walking this path thinking and feeling something new and fresh each day for 365 days a year. I have been speaking about the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification for several years. If you had done your Home Church activities, we would not have needed to go through the course of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Everything would have been finished already. However, because you did not fulfill that, you need to focus on your relatives once again. Home Church is the way to set up your family-level foundation.

(14)  We are specially chosen soldiers who have been mobilized to build the ideal homeland, the kingdom of heaven. Your spouse and your sons and daughters shouldn't forget they are specially selected troops representing God. God's homeland cannot be recovered by individuals. Our ideal homeland cannot be recovered by men alone. It can only be recovered by families. It is a homeland that cannot be recovered unless we fight as families. We must fight as families. If we don't, it is impossible to recover our original homeland. That is why I make my family members go through hardships wherever they go. My family is like a gypsy family driven from one country to another around the world, wandering back and forth. Hence, the chief goal of your families has to be to find the homeland where you can settle.

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