Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 260

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 1: The Providential Significance of Home Church, 16
Section 2: The Purpose of Home Church, 05


(16)  The most important thing is the relationship between God and human beings. The next is the Cain-Abel relationship. Why is Home Church necessary? It is because through it, the first and second sons can be restored. Change of lineage naturally occurs when you receive the Blessing. I have done all this for you, who are on the Cain side. You can inherit it because the child's relationship with the Parent is established. The place where you inherit is your Home Church. You should pray constantly. If you keep a prayerful heart twenty-four hours a day, with a desire to realize the Will for everyone, and then you strive to actualize that desire, you'll reach God, because your life itself will have become a prayer. If that happens, you can live together with me and with God. God will then directly intervene, since you will enter the realm of direct dominion. This is the way the Principle is. Thus, if you do Home Church activity, you can meet God. After doing so, knowing that God is a living God, you must have experience of actualizing His Will.

(17)  I have gone through the indemnity course for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world, and now I am connecting it to Korea. I unified them with the bond of love, and now, through love, I am bequeathing them to you. They are for you to inherit, because love is one. In a relationship of love, both participants have the same value. Even a woman from the countryside, if she marries the president of a nation, will from that day on be the first lady. Right away she will rise to a rank equal to that of the president. Therefore, you of the Unification Church must become completely one with True Parents. Your heart of love must be in the forefront. Because I am the True Parent, I must now connect you with the standard that is higher than the completion level of the growth stage, the standard of direct dominion, the place you were originally unable to go. The foundation you need to make, as the condition for me to connect you with that standard, is Home Church.

(18)  Your family must complete its responsibility. By doing your five percent, you will complete the responsibility of one hundred percent. By fulfilling the five percent human portion of responsibility, you will fulfill all the responsibility that God requires. By doing Home Church, you will be reckoned as having completed what I have been doing my whole life. That is your responsibility. You must be grateful for the fact that I indemnified the portions of responsibility for the nation, the world and even the cosmos, and then gave you the blessing to be able to inherit and stand on that indemnity by paying indemnity on the family level. To repeat, I, myself, mobilized the nation, world, and even the spirit world in order to finish all the restoration through indemnity. Thus, if you just do restoration through indemnity at the family level, I will bequeath all that to you. Only the five percent family responsibility remains.

(19)  Where is the kingdom of heaven? We can conclude, "It is in my heart and in me." Yet, after having heaven in your heart, you need to have heaven in the body.  Only after having heaven in the body can you actualize heaven in your family, which is your own Home Church. In that heaven, Satan cannot accuse you; he cannot even live there. It is a place where Satan's activities are not permitted. Hence, unless you can become a person who can say heaven is in your heart and body, you cannot establish a heavenly environment. Your Home Church refers to a heaven that includes the environment. What kind of base does your Home Church make? Your Home Church provides a base for you to receive the approval of Heaven. Once you set up that environment in your Home Church, it connects you to the nation and the world.

Section 2.  The Purpose of Home Church

(1)  Until now, each individual has sought his or her own salvation through religion. This means that the main focus of religion has been the salvation of individuals. However, we are not seeking individual salvation by itself. Each of us is striving to save our entire tribe all at once. Thanks to you, your whole tribe can receive salvation. Nothing like this has ever occurred in the history of religions or in the history of humankind. What we are beginning to do is unprecedented. The age has arrived when we and our whole tribe can thrive together and when all can receive the foundation of salvation.

(2)  After Jesus died and ascended into heaven, he gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven. However, I am giving you the keys to the kingdom of heaven while I am still alive. I am not giving them to you so you can be saved as an individual. I am giving them to you so you can save your entire tribe. You are to become the messiah of your Home Church. I am not speaking empty words. Whatever you sow on earth, you will reap in the spirit world. Who among you will unearth the greatest number of diamonds from the diamond mine of the universe? It depends on how much effort you make. We Unification Church members are mining the diamond mine of the universe. We are doing it through Home Church.

The basic condition is to restore 360 families

(3)  If you want to receive the Blessing, you have to restore all things and then restore children. Then, in that world that you restored, you have to restore your spouse. This is because everything was lost due to the Fall. We lost siblings and parents. To recover the parents, you need to build a foundation at some point in time to stand in the position of a parent. As you recover the parents, you must also recover the angelic world and Satan's world, and you must seek out and find God. Here at your 360 homes is where all this is decided. They constitute your family-level heavenly kingdom. If every one of those 360 homes is able to attend you as a messiah, and you establish the foundation that those families attend you as true parents, and then you offer them in front of God, it signifies you will have inherited the position that is victorious over all Satan's bases and his opposition throughout the whole world.

(4)  Wherever you go in the world, you need to pursue activities in a Home Church area of 360 homes. The people there will become your own clan. If you do not liberate a clan, you will not have your own clan foundation. From now on, you can establish the domain of heavenly nations wherever you go in the world. Regardless of national boundaries, if wherever you go you just pursue Home Church activity, you will establish in that place the foundation for the kingdom of heaven on earth. Then, that place will turn into a world that does not need the Second Advent. It will be transformed into a land where the Messiah isn't needed. That clan will be saved when attending you as its head and parent. The leader of that Home Church connects three generations. The first Adam in his day failed to connect the three generations of God, Adam, and Adam's children. However, the age has come when you, in your generation, can connect your mother, your father, and your sons and daughters to God through the tribal messiah, the substantial representative of God in the age of equalization.

(5)  The day I allotted 360 homes to each of you was a day of hope in history; it signifies the final destination of religion and the final goal of God's providence. It is the starting point for the complete destruction of the base that Satan has established in this world. If I had not been able to declare Home Church, the world would be destined to a dismal fate. Thus, the fact that you can work for Home Church is a limitless blessing. In the course of history there have been numerous kings, fabulously rich people, scholars and celebrities. Yet, their renown is of little significance. You must think, "Although I am lowly and unknown, what an amazing blessing I have received! This is all because True Father gave me a chance to pursue Home Church during my lifetime." Thus, you ought to love your Home Church more than you love your education and your school. You ought to love it more than fame, more than the people you love, more than your own sons and daughters. This has to be an inescapable, fundamental rule if we are to erase the history of Cain's world. If we cannot restore Cain, we cannot enter the heavenly kingdom. 


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