Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 259

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 1: The Providential Significance of Home Church, 10-15


(10)  You should miss your parents and shed tears for them until you die. You cried when you were born, so while you live you should shed tears as well. You should cry for them with a heart of missing them, and you should shed tears of joy whenever you see them. You have to live such a life before you leave this world; only then can you enter the kingdom of heaven after you die. This is the Principle. However, because you could not do so, the True Parents have come in the present time and established the Home Church movement. Through it, they are giving you a chance to make the proper conditions to enable you to enter the kingdom of heaven. Thus, Home Church is the starting point of the kingdom of heaven. The cosmos-centered way of thinking is the True Parents' way of thinking. To center on True Parents' thought means you need to bring your family and relatives to become part of the heavenly kingdom. That is what Home Church is for. You should stand as the center of your Home Church, then of your family, and then of your tribe—three stages. This is formation, growth, and completion. Without tribes, a nation cannot be established. This is why we started using the term "tribal messiah" when we inaugurated the Home Church movement. Thus, the Home Church movement is the beginning of the heavenly nation, namely, the kingdom of heaven. So when can you meet the Parents? Only when you go to your Home Church.

(11)  Cain and Abel must become one. John the Baptist, in the older brother's position, could not become one with Jesus in the younger brother's position. Because they could not become one, the foundation for the twelve tribes and the seventy disciples to go out to the world was lost. This must be indemnified. The twelve tribes represent the form of the family, and the seventy disciples, the form of the tribe. Therefore, without Home Church, there would be no foundation to restore these numbers and no conditional foundation to go back and forth throughout the world. Therefore, even if the Adam figure were to go out to the world, he would have to return. Home Church is the condition by which you can inherit and stand on the historical indemnity conditions I have established. Without it, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. I have worked by setting all the conditions up to the global level, and these are condensed into Home Church. It is an altar on which you can fulfill the reduced conditions and win my blessing. How much has God suffered? How much did I suffer and how much did Jesus suffer? Since the altar of victory that was formed as a result of all this effort and suffering will be transferred to you, you also will need to build an altar. Home Church is the vehicle for me to pass down my foundation to you and for you to receive it from me.

(12)  Looking at the world based on the Principle, there are nations, rulers, and peoples, which can be considered as three stages. You cannot have a relationship with me apart from these three stages. Thus, when I am working for the world, you should work for a nation, or at least for a people-level endeavor. You need to do revival work that will lead to a supra-denominational movement. For this, you have to make special conditions for 360 homes, which represent 360 tribes. They also represent 360 degrees, symbolizing a perfect sphere. By the lunar calendar, one year is approximately 360 days. Since the providence of restoration is accomplished on the earth, the lunar calendar must be used. The lunar calendar should be the central one. Even if you say, "Based on True Father's victory, I have inherited all the content of restoration through indemnity and the realm of completion for the portion of responsibility," did you really inherit this content? Can you do so simply because you know me? This can happen only after you meet all the required conditions to inherit everything I have accomplished, and declare, "I will inherit Father's foundation by doing this." And the "this" that you need to do is Home Church.

(13)  If you fulfill your Home Church mission, you will be liberated from all your burdens. Leading your tribe of 360 families, you will live your life in the kingdom of heaven on earth. This kind of phenomenon will happen. The Unification Church in the past used to focus on individual salvation. The fact that now we have come to live in a world where we are allowed to work for tribal-level salvation through Home Church is astonishing progress. No one, neither you nor me, can go to the kingdom of heaven without fulfilling this mission. It is a duty assigned to all of us in this fallen world. Now you know how God's kingdom can be established. We are living in an incredible age, one in which we can declare the completion era of the providence in which everything fits perfectly from the logical viewpoint of the Principle. This is why I am urging you all to go out to your own Home Church area with the qualification of messiah, with which I have commissioned you. There, at your Home Church, you must eat, sleep, live, and become victorious. If you are not victorious there, you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven.

The Inheritance of True Parents' realm of victory

(14)  If there is a treasure I am bequeathing to the Unification Church, it is Home Church. After going the way of sacrifice throughout my life, what I am leaving behind for you is the treasure of Home Church. Again, what is the treasure I am leaving behind for the members of the Unification Church? I am giving you the opportunity to proudly inherit the authority of the Unification Church from heaven and earth, from God and Satan; that is the treasure of Home Church. When Home Church is completed, the name "Unification Church" will disappear. God's providence may remain in the realm where Home Church is not yet completed. But in the realm where Home Church is fulfilled, there will be no need for religion or God's providence, for it is where the citizens of heaven will live. What are the 360 homes for? They are to bring all humanity equally to the ideal. In your Home Church area, you should gather people of twelve neighboring communities or at least of twelve nationalities.

(15)  Our church has not yet established a heavenly foundation on the world level. Therefore, I must organize Home Church to place my stamp of victory on the world. That is, at the end of forty years, I will have set all the conditions of restitution needed to completely establish the authority to determine ownership centering on the love of God. Thereupon, when Satan and God testify to my victory and publicly announce, "You are victorious," then the Parents can bequeath to you the right to determine your ownership of the victory of love. The reason you can inherit it is because we have the title of the True Parents; otherwise, you would not be able to inherit it. In order for you to inherit it from True Parents, you should not have any traces of Satan's world or any disposition of a wild olive tree.

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