Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 258

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 9: Home Church and the Tribal Messiah

Chapter 1: Home Church
Section 1: The Providential Significance of Home Church, 01-09


CHAPTER 1  Home Church

Section 1.  The Providential Significance of Home Church

(1)  Home Church symbolizes Adam's family in the original garden of Eden, a family that did not fall but became one in total love, with God as the center. When Home Church starts this way and develops into a tribal-level Home Church and then a national-level Home Church, it can lead to one unified world having the ideal form of a global family. I teach this based on the Principle viewpoint. You ought to understand the importance of what the Unification Church has done in presenting Home Church and establishing it before God, humanity, and the entire cosmos. It is the very path that Adam and Eve would have taken had they not fallen at the outset, but had instead centered on God throughout their lives, lived on earth in the midst of His love, given birth to sons and daughters, and then entered the spirit world. It is also the path their children and their children's children would have followed. Adam and Eve and their entire lineage with all their descendants would have naturally entered the kingdom of heaven.

What is Home Church?

(2)  Until now, you may have thought that Home Church is just an institution of the Unification Church, but that is not so. Home Church in the Unification Church is your personal heavenly kingdom. It is your kingdom, not anyone else's, but yours. After Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven, where did he go? He went the way of the cross. The keys to the kingdom of heaven are the Home Church movement. In other words we must establish tribes, and it is our mission through Home Church to present a model of the tribal system. Jesus said, "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven" (Matt. 18:18). If we don't bind Home Church—if we don't make it happen—we cannot go to the kingdom of heaven.

(3)  I am giving Unification Church members the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Am I going to the cross to die? No. I am going to a higher place, with hope. Jesus left the earth and did not return for two thousand years. After I die, I shall be able to come and go any time as freely as I want. When I return, I will not go to the Unification Church but to your Home Church. Home Church is the place where God can reside, where your parents can reside, where your sons and daughters can reside and where your relatives can reside. The institutional church is merely like an office that serves the families in society.

(4)  As a result of the Fall in the garden of Eden, there was struggle between Cain, who was born the older brother, and Abel, the younger brother. The resentment between them became bitter. We must resolve it; otherwise there is no way for us to find the Parents. For this purpose, God has walked a winding path with ups and downs throughout history. Amid this providence, what the Unification Church offers is Home Church. What is the garden of Eden? It is a Home Church where there is no struggle between Cain and Abel, between the older brother and the younger brother. This makes for oneness with their parents and oneness between God and the archangel. Thereby everything is unified. It is to make this kind of environment that I, the Teacher of the Unification Church, came forth. I am trying to eliminate the boundary line between the angelic world and Heaven, and between the human world and the angelic world, and to tear down the wall the enemy placed between Cain and Abel. All this is to straighten out what went wrong. Based on this providence in this historical age, when national borders and social systems are being removed, once all become one through Home Church, everything will be restored.

(5)  If there is one day God will remember, it will be the day we are born anew to live eternally as His friends and His sons and daughters, and are able to receive His love. This will be the day we can participate in the ideal world of love, and it is the day God will remember as His best day. The Unification Church places importance on the matter of love, because human beings have to create the gateway of love through which they can go to the spirit world after living on earth with a physical body. We place great importance on the family. We need that kind of family. We should seek the ideal family, and that ideal is the fulfillment of God’s Will. It is a human beings greatest purpose. Therefore, we must go forward on this path. God has desired to see the coming of this age. He has been leading the providence through religion in order to bind together all men and women as His sons and daughters in the same place and at the same time. Home Church was established in order to combine all the previous works of God’s providence and erect the foundation for ideal families.

(6)  The purpose of the Home Church movement is to have you emerge as true men and women. It is to elevate you to a position victorious over the fallen realm. This is an unprecedented one-time event. It has never occurred in any religion or at any previous period in history, and it will not be repeated in the future. Therefore, you must overcome any and all obstacles in your Home Church area, to the point that those who had opposed you give you their blessing and endorse you with signed certificates, stating, "This person is a good person, truly a person of God." Once you erect that victorious foundation, then, when you embark upon your journey to the next world, you will be able to pass easily through all the gates to the kingdom of heaven and come before God. Wherever your Home Church is, there is the kingdom of heaven. The Unification Church is carrying this historical responsibility to prepare this path for your victory. Think about the fact that such a path has appeared amid the present-day world, which is like a barren desert or hell. Without a doubt this path is the path to life, the path to the bright light, and the path of hope. On this path we can meet God, on this path we can meet the Messiah, and on this path we can meet the True Parents. Moreover, on this path, Cain and Abel can meet and become one, and on this path, all the enemies who were lost, all tribes that were lost, and all humanity that was lost, can be recovered.

(7)  With the arrival of this age, you can do the work in place of the Parents. When you are working in my place, what you need to do is copy what I have done. I did things on the world stage, but you do not need to travel around the entire world. Instead, the place you should do the work is like an altar that contains in condensed form all the things I have connected while traveling the world. All the people of the world are condensed there; it is the world on a smaller scale. Because you need an indemnity condition to model my worldwide activities, Home Church was instituted.

(8)  Home Church enables us to move from the position of the second son to inherit the right of the first son and return to our hometown. It is the foundation by which we can find and compensate for the failures that took place around Jesus. You need to become the people who can accomplish what Jesus came to do. By establishing these conditions, you will become Jesus' sons and daughters, and by this, you will become sons and daughters of God.

(9)  When God comes to visit your village, your home should be a place where He can freely teach and instruct about anything in the presence of your father and mother. This is how you should be serving and attending God with your utmost sincerity. You are not simply attending the king or the ruler of your nation; you are attending the One, the Lord who governs heaven and earth. Attending Him should be everyone's ultimate wish. There is no one greater whom we could ever desire to attend, even in our dreams. Then, with gratitude for the fact that you are living in the era when you can actually receive Him and attend Him face to face, you should be able to suggest to your neighbors that they decorate and prepare their houses with cries of "Lets attend God!" The mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, relatives, and all their neighbors should be willing to overcome their tendency to distrust, surmount all the waves of death, and say, "Lets make our neighborhood a place where we can live with God eternally!" We need such a movement, and, therefore, the endeavor called Home Church has emerged in the Unification Church at this time. Up to this point, religions have focused on the goal of individual salvation, but the goal of the Unification Church is to save the tribes we establish in our communities. We're striving to save all tribes at the same time. The Home Church movement does not advocate the idea that, "I will go to heaven when I die," but rather, "We will receive a communal ticket so our tribe can all go to heaven while we are still alive."


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