Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 257

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training

Chapter 4: The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents' Course
Section 4: A Life of Inheritance, 14-18


(14)  Sons and daughters of Heaven are ostracized by the world. You all live in enemy territory; you are people who have appeared as leaders in order to destroy Satan's expansion. Therefore, you will receive persecution on the family level when you approach your family, and you will receive persecution from society if you go out into society. Jesus, God, and all those who died for Heaven were treated this way. Thus, a historical hurdle of sorrow lies before you as well. After overcoming these obstacles, you are ready to attend Jesus. Therefore, Jesus comes and finds those people who are in the same position as he was and befriends them.

(15)  I cannot ask you followers of the Unification Church to walk forward slowly. You need to move quickly and boldly. How glorious this is! With such an attitude you can receive what Heaven sends you and establish a secure foundation for victory. You must create a region and a world that God will remember forever. You need to create a world where not only you but also your descendants can say to the Father, "May You receive glory for all eternity." The hand that does this work is not only your hand but represents millions of others. You should feel that your hand represents all humanity. You need to realize and believe that your hand will be commemorated by your descendants and that your ancestors can proudly declare it to be the hand of God.

(16)  Do you think that just because God gave me one hundred commands, He only expects me to accomplish that much? Would He compliment me after I finished my assignments, saying, "Yes, yes, good." When you do even more than expected, your value grows. When God gives you a direction, can even one of you offer your life to fulfill it? Doing your best means that when God entrusts you with one hundred commands you accomplish even more than that. When you do this, it is a truly glorious thing and God can be proud of you. If you accomplish only 100 percent of what was asked of you, well, anyone can do that.

(17)  We have nothing to be proud of. After a battle, you can be proud of yourself only if you were victorious. If you are proud of yourself without achieving victories, Satan will accuse you. You need to fight in place of the invisible God, inheriting the unfinished work of the substantial True Parents, and say, "Father, may all glory be unto You."

(18)  You should keep God’s original garden of Eden in your heart, and sing of Heavens life, love, and glory as you go about your daily life. Furthermore, you should inspire others to live this way. In other words, you should represent God, the Creator, and take up His work of recreation. In addition, you need to be loyal to God and offer your time on earth representing all creation. You need to be able to honor the original ideal and to love not only in a favorable environment but also in a challenging one. By doing this, you will become sons and daughters who embody the ideal of creation, and you will live with God forever, in both joy and sorrow, within His realm of eternal love and glory.


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