Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 254

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training

Chapter 4: The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents' Course
Section 2: A Life of Accomplishment, 15
Section 3: A Life of Caring for Others, 03


(15)  Through the Fall of Adam and Eve, humanity lost True Parents and God. Also, because Cain killed Abel, the love between brothers was lost. Therefore, fallen humanity was not able to face God and now needs to find God, the parents, and Abel. People need to find the type of Abel whom Cain would not beat to death, the type of Abel who would win his fight with Satan. If you find such an Abel, you can become sons and daughters with the authority to judge between good and evil on God's behalf.

(16)  When God created human beings, He created Adam first. Therefore, when God raises up the True Parents, He raises up Adam first. God has worked throughout history to find one Adam as a seed. He has been raising this seed to reach perfection. God has carried out His providence throughout history, through Cain and Abel in Adam's family, through Noah's sons, through Abraham and through Jacob and Esau. God's providence has developed from the individual level to the family, tribe and national level, and finally culminates at the time of the Second Advent.

(17)  True Parents can be raised up only on the foundation of Cain and Abel's unity. When this principle is successfully applied on the individual level, Cain submits to Abel. Hence, Abel becomes positioned as the elder brother, and Cain, standing in the position of the younger brother, attends and obeys Abel even more than Abel would have attended and obeyed the original, unfallen elder brother, Cain. Only then is redemption possible.

Living to become True Parents

(18)  The returning Lord's mission is to qualify to be the bridegroom, but more than anything, he has to meet the criteria to become a True Parent. To do so, he and his bride have to be acknowledged as the True Parents before heaven and earth and receive God's recognition as a true, filial son and a true, devoted daughter. The feast celebrating the emergence of the devoted son and daughter is called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

(19)  All the past pioneers who have sought the truth will bestow on us the seal of victors when we digest the sorrow and agony of the ages. Then, before God and the True Parents, we have to stand up as true husband and wife, true children, true siblings, true people, and the true nation in the true heaven and earth. Be aware that when you embrace this agonized heart and do not allow it to falter, you will remain as that nation's loyal citizens and virtuous people, and you will assume the position of devoted sons and daughters.

(20)  God, rather than Satan, should have become the owner of this world. In that case, Adam and Eve, as humanity's unfallen ancestors, as the True Parents, would have become the owners as well. Then their family, in which true sons and daughters would have dwelled, would have become the owner. The original ideal was that subsequently their tribe, their nation, and their world would have become the owners.

(21)  The term True Parents was unfamiliar to you. The distance between all of you and the True Parents is very great. There are many walls dividing individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and the cosmos. The True Parents triumphed by surmounting these walls. Thus, in order for you to inherit the name of true parents, you must also surmount these walls. You can do so by first building a family bridge over the wall between individuals. Then you erect a tribal bridge over the wall between families, and go on to build bridges over the walls between tribes, peoples, and nations and finally, at the world level.  After you have finished building these bridges, you will be able to cross over all these walls at once and go straight to the top. These bridges will be stronger than stone and iron.

(22)  Adams family could not enter heaven. Therefore, True Parents must come and gather all the families of the world. They have to open heavens gates and enter with all people by perfecting Adams family, Adam's tribe, people, nation, world, and heaven and earth, according to the standard of the kingdom of heaven on earth, and in heaven. A path must be opened so the world's people can transcend their nations and move in the same direction. The only viable path is where all families follow the True Parents. That is how each family can be resurrected. Entering heaven will then be possible through resurrection. Adam's kinsmen will be prepared exactly as if Adam had returned and received the Blessing. Adam, who became the false parent, will come again as the True Parent. When that happens, the cosmos will be organized with Adam and Eve as the True Parents at the center of the true tribe, people, nation, and world. We cannot enter heaven before this is achieved, before the True Parents have entered first, followed by the children. Therefore, we have to be engrafted as blood relatives of the True Parents, connected in a parent-child relationship to the True Parents. We need to become true children of the True Parents. That is what the blessed family is about. The present world is the way it is because the Fall occurred in Adam's family. So the result of turning it upside down is the blessed family.

(23)  What will happen in the families that become one with the True Parents and receive the Blessing? What will happen when they enter the realm of ideal oneness in a subject-object relationship with the True Parents? By following and inheriting True Parents' entire life course, the blessed family that becomes their object partner will be able to make the transition without paying indemnity. You will be able to stand as a true object partner in the realm of the True Parents, qualified to inherit their heart on the level of the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, and the world.

(24)  If I had not appeared as your teacher, it would have been impossible for all of you to unite. Unity cannot come about without the True Parents. The words True Parents should not be pronounced lightly, just to hear the sound. The world needs to learn the inside story of how far I have run and how high I have climbed to become the True Parent. True Parents are proclaimed now because all the conditions for them to become the True Parents have been fulfilled based on their recognition by God and all the pioneers and prophets in the spirit world.

Section 3.  A Life of Caring for Others

(1)  If I am the first generation, all of you who have received the Blessing are the second generation, with the responsibility to nurture your sons and daughters. They are the third generation, whom you have the responsibility in God's place to raise as His substantial object partners, who can witness to the ideal of creation God had in mind when He created Adam and Eve. The True Parents are the substantial essence of the invisible God. You as their children are in the position of Adam and Eve. Through your blessed families, the family-level foundation will be created to reveal the children, siblings, couples, and parents representing the heavenly nation in the perfected garden of Eden. Please understand that we have a responsibility to become this type of family and move toward Heaven.

The life of a father

(2)  I could have taken revenge on many people, but I have been patient and have restrained myself all this time because I know God. Even facing the worst kind of enemy, the kind one can never forgive, I bowed my head and walked in silence in order to uphold the authority of heavenly principles. I bowed my head, even though I was treated contemptuously. I had no other choice but to go on in stony silence. Because in the beginning there was no church, I had to find each person one by one. That is why in the 1950s I hardly ate, barely slept, and worked tirelessly. I started out by embracing each person with tears. On the personal level, I sought to alleviate each person's pain, and on the family level, I sought to resolve our people's deep sorrow.

(3  No matter how much fallen people might dance and enjoy themselves, they cannot silence the sounds of anguish deep within their conscience because they have lost touch with their original, infinite value. We inevitably walk a thorny path because of this situation. This kind of anguish exists within all people, men and women alike, and can be resolved only through the cooperation of all people. When I make this connection and go before God, everything turns out well. The whole universe belongs to me.


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