Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 253

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training

Chapter 4: The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents' Course
Section 2: A Life of Accomplishment, 03-14


(3)  Jesus came as the Messiah, and with the name of the True Parent, but he was killed; therefore, he must come again. He has now come for the second time to work toward reclaiming ownership. I came in accordance with the providential age and resolved all the essential mysteries of nature, the mysteries of God, the secret crimes hidden by Satan, and all the mysteries of history and the philosophers. All who know of this cannot deny it is true. Anyone with an education knows that no matter what your social status, if you graduated from elementary school, you are an elementary school graduate, and if you graduated from middle or high school, you are a middle or high school graduate. This is a positive heavenly principle. Even if heavenly sons and daughters are born with the foundation of liberation to enter heaven, they still have to go through Heavens Ph. D. course. Therefore, the Unification Church needs to show people how to become Heaven's sons and daughters, and even high-ranking ministers in Heaven's realm. This is why everyone needs to walk this path.

(4)  True Parents' words are more precious than the American Constitution. There is only one set of True Parents, and their time only comes once. It did not occur in the past, and it will not occur in the future. True Parents will have existed in substantial form only during this age. For all eternity, there will be just this one time. Therefore, True Parents are openly revealing Heaven's mysteries, these previously hidden truths. Furthermore, I have already implemented these concepts to create a new reality. Until now, Satan has controlled everything, but since I have revealed the truth, all is now clear, and Satan cannot be in charge anymore. God acknowledges this fact. If we follow this teaching, our perfection is not a problem.

(5)  Invisible love has the power to penetrate infinitely, and its value lies in unseen things. God's infinite love—love for the sake of others—is the love that is characterized by investing your life in another and then forgetting what you have invested. When you become an object to life itself, suddenly you are stimulated and resurrected in an explosive way. That's why Jesus said, "For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it" (Matt.  16:25). You need to remain at the zero point, unattached. Act as if you are at the point of death. Throughout my life, I have been revealing the secrets of heavenly truth and applying them. So even though the world may shout, "Kill him!" I keep going forward no matter how loud they shout. No matter how difficult, receiving persecution is God's secondary strategy to take back ownership from the oppressors. This is why I never grew tired even though I was persecuted throughout my life. I may look like an insignificant person, but I am the son whom God, the owner of heaven and earth and the truth, loves more than anyone else. Receiving persecution can be used as a tactic to take back ownership from one's enemies.

(6)  All people need to perfect themselves by passing through the realm of the Principle into the realm of God's direct dominion. The Fall occurred during this process. Humankind fell without knowing God's love. Only God and Satan knew about this. Adam and Eve did not know. The human ancestors fell due to their ignorance. Therefore, all human beings cannot help but face this hidden obstacle. Even the teachings of all the sacred scriptures have not been able to fully reveal this truth. The True Parents, who become the parents of humanity, are destined to reveal it. In order to reveal the reason and logic of heaven and earth, you must clearly know how to fundamentally turn history upside down.

(7)  Why does the omniscient and omnipotent God seemingly do nothing about this miserable world? The answer is that God cannot act arbitrarily. Even though He has the power to exterminate fallen humankind at a single stroke, He does not punish or restrain them. The various world religions have not grasped that the existence of a fallen lineage caused the fallen world. Now, finally, in the name of the True Parents, all the facts regarding the spirit world have been laid out in detail. The Unification Principle has revealed the motivation behind the Fall, including both God’s mysteries and Satan's secret crimes. With this knowledge, in order to harmonize the spirit world and physical world, which historically have been divided and in conflict, we seek to resolve and reconcile the fundamental issues of the spirit world, the physical world, and human life.

Ending the long struggle between Cain and Abel

(8)  God wanted to use Cain and Abel to clean up the mess created by the Fall of Adam and Eve. Instead, God had to bear witness to yet another failure. He had to suffer the horrible event of Cain killing Abel. Although blood was not shed during the Fall, it led to blood being spilled subsequently in human history. Human beings should have learned from this history of bloodshed and reconciled with each other. However, they were unable to do so. Moreover, they did not unite with Heaven. Therefore, for example, God was forced to strike humanity and wash everything clean with the Flood during Noah's time.

(9)  Cain and Abel clashed in Adam's family. Due to their division, ages of conflict ensued. Cain and Abel's enmity exacerbated the conflict between mind and body, between spouses, between father and son, between mother and daughter, and between siblings. These conflicts are all connected and have expanded to tribes, peoples, and nations. They, in turn, have caused countless divisions and a history of war.

(10)  Although Cain had the right of the firstborn son, God put his younger brother, Abel, in that position. Since then, the tragedy of Abel's spilled blood has expanded to the entire history of humanity, which has been a history of war. People in the position of the elder brother, people of influence, have been blocking people in the position of the younger brother, who sought to follow their parents' way and become true people. This historical Cain and Abel relationship, and the problem of their lineage, still need to be resolved. The mother and the sons and daughters also lost their right of ownership, as well as their hometown and their nation. These must be regained as well, and because these incidents occurred first in the family, they must be rectified first in the family.

(11)  A fight among siblings cannot be settled amicably without the parents' involvement. Parents must stand up to this task. Heavenly fortune cannot manifest until the first son is liberated and the two sons are reconciled. Likewise, your mind and body must become one in order for you to be blessed. This is the Cain and Abel principle. In the relationship between men and women, the husband is plus and the wife is minus. These two represent Cain and Abel; they need to become one and should not fight. Originally, the principle was that they become one. However, since they became separated, they must unite again.

(12)  In the same way that Cain and Abel became enemies in Adam's family, Catholics and Protestants have become enemies on a global scale. To unite completely, they need to enter the realm of unfallen Adam. Jesus lost his body; therefore, he was able to become only the spiritual parent, not the substantial parent. Therefore, we need the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The new Lord must come, perfect the realm of True Parents, and then conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

(13)  You know the story of Cain and Abel in Adam's family. If Cain had fulfilled his providential role, Abel could have started on his path. Knowing this, if you look at Jesus' life in the context of history, the age before Jesus belongs to Cain's world, and the age after him belongs to Abel's world. Jesus, God's second son, became the owner of Abel's worldwide realm. He was, in fact, the first leader to begin to construct Abel's world. Before him, Cain's world had prevailed. It was a world centered on the self. That world must be cleaned up and brought to surrender, and then for the first time the two brothers should be able to stand as children, united to welcome the True Parents.

(14)  The True Parents need to come to this world and resolve Cain and Abel's resentment, caused by Adam and Eve. In this process, the brothers need to embrace one another, be there for each other, and open their hearts to the point where they would lay down their lives for one another. Then, True Parents, with the heart to save all people, can bind all humanity together. That way a new foundation for a heavenly life on earth can be built.


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