Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 255

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training

Chapter 4: The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents' Course
Section 3: A Life of Caring for Others, 04

Section 4: A Life of Inheritance, 01


(4)  In my life, I have worked without rest. It has been like a dream. The situation of this tangible world, the world of history, and today's political society all prove my words correct. The Unification Church movement is a profound social phenomenon. We can be thankful to be standing here holding up the banner as we accomplish incredible things. You should feel honored and proud of that. You must have no regrets, even if you die a thousand times, over having been part of these achievements. In the name of God, as a soldier of righteousness and love, you should feel a burning passion welling up inside of you, knowing that, even if your body is destroyed in the process of opening the gates of heaven, it was all worth it.

(5)  You know God because I taught you about Him. If I had not taught you, you would never have known Him. It is the Principle that an upright teacher must teach what he knows. The parents must teach the path of love, and the teacher must teach about social institutions. The families that learn these concepts then need to be accepted by other families in society. I also have to teach you how to be accepted by the families of the world.

(6)  The providence of salvation was a history that unfolded through God's Word. Therefore, humanity has struggled to find the words of truth. After finding the truth, you must pass through the stage of becoming a substantial being. People have long resented that they have been unable to come into their full being. Therefore, our hope is that a central figure of substance will come to the earth. This is the idea of the Lord of the Second Advent. What will you do after receiving the grace of being able to substantiate truth? You can become God's heir only by first presenting yourself to Him in the position of a bride, then entering a relationship of husband and wife, and finally passing through the door of God's heart. Possessing the Word and having a body are not enough to make you an heir. In order to become God's sons and daughters you need to become substantial beings who have embodied the Word, penetrated God's heart, and received certificates of acceptance from God, the great ruler of heaven and the entire world.

(7)  Adam fell because he did not unite with God's Word. Therefore, he could not become the perfected substantial being, which is the purpose of God's Word. He could not attain the standard of character and integrity required by God. Consequently, there was no one of perfected character who could connect to God's perfect love. God's Word exists for the purpose of creating a substantial being, but love cannot appear if the substantial being cannot reach perfection. We can find no path of harmony until we become perfected, substantial beings.

(8)  The returning Lord of the Second Advent substantially embodies God's Word. Thus, up to the present, I have been laying the groundwork at the world level for the sake of God's Word. However, people's hearts must unite with the substantial being, otherwise they cannot stand before God. Christian history has been progressing according to this formula, up to the level of perfection. The person in the subject-partner position must embody the truth as taught by Christianity, being united in substance and heart. The Unification movement is based on that truth.

The life of a mother

(9)  There are times when a mother has to go out, leaving her beloved children at home. From time to time she thinks of them, sensing that something has happened to one of them. A mother knows this, but since she cannot return right away, her child must overcome that difficulty alone. Children must surmount these obstacles by themselves. Once they overcome them, they will not stumble again. They must prevail over each obstacle one by one, as a growing bamboo tree forms each joint, one by one. If they cannot do this they will fall down again. Therefore, God absolutely does not make a relationship—nor does He interfere—with a child while he or she moves from the individual-level victory to the family-level victory. The child must fight and overcome these things alone until the family level is reached.

(10)  A parents love stretches far beyond national boundaries. Say a mother's son has gone to America, while she lives in Korea. The love of this mother is not restricted by her nations borders. Even though her body is in Korea, she sheds tears for her son in America. Her sweat and hard work is all for the sake of her son. This would be impossible without love. Can a mother be forced to do this? Only a heart of love can compel her.

(11)  When a son calls out, "Mother," his mother's heart melts. She is so overwhelmed that her very bones feel soft and warm. When mother and son grasp each others hands, they exchange a power greater than anything in the world. Unity occurs through parents' noble sacrifice. Their love is not a humanistic love. To enable heavenly law and to ease the bitter pain of Heaven resulting from unfulfilled desire, human beings must voluntarily go the way of the cross and embrace all humankind with the love of a parent. The solution to the problem of unification lies on that path.

(12)  All men come to surrender before their mothers. No matter how powerful a world leader may be, even if he is as fierce as a tiger, when he experiences his mother's love, he has to surrender. Everything surrenders before love. That is why a mother who raises many children naturally has a heart of goodness.

(13)  A mother's loving heart knows no boundaries. A mother's heart of love is not rigid, but round and limitless. Her heart is connected to an infinite peace. That peacefulness and roundness are even more beautiful than the mother's face. To a son or daughter, the mothers face is more beautiful than any other. You need to connect to your mother's love every day, even if you do not like your mother, even if it means you will never go to the most beautiful woman in the neighborhood, or to your aunt's place, or even to your grandmother's home where three generations reside.

The life of parents

(14)  The father must be strict, while the mother must embrace with love. If the father's love can be described as a vertical love, then the mother's love is a horizontal love. The children who are born within the harmony of the vertical and horizontal love will come to say, "I am so happy. I wouldn't trade my father for anyone, not even for the president, not even for God." This is because they have come to know both the subjective, vertical, fatherly love and the horizontal, motherly love. In this case, absolutely no one would ever want to change their vertical father and their horizontal mother.

(15)  Who can harvest true love? The couple can. True love needs to be harvested and placed in Heaven's storehouse. You are all hauling your sons and daughters with true love, as if you were a freight train. You can transport your children if the mothers become like the tracks and the fathers like the boxcars.  Mothers and fathers also need to become like instruction manuals and textbooks on the path toward a world of true love.

(16)  I was born because my father gave me bones and my mother gave me flesh. There is no concept of "I" in such giving. There is only love, life, and lineage. Within me is my parents' love, my parents' life and my parents' lineage. Therefore, even if your parents want to cut you off, you cannot be severed from them.

Section 4.  A Life of Inheritance

(1)  You cannot become sons and daughters of God, the great ruler and owner Of heaven and earth, or receive His inheritance simply by attending Him. You too will become a ruler and owner of heaven and earth when you receive the Blessing and inherit the lineage of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who truly attend God. Then, you will flourish and grow through being fruitful and multiplying. By fulfilling the positions of true owner and true parents who can rule heaven and earth, you make an internal connection with those who have attained the position of the True Parents. However, you cannot become an owner until you first become a child who fulfills the moral duties of developing the heavenly parental heart and inheriting the heavenly lineage.


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