Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 252

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training

Chapter 4: The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents' Course
Section 1: Our Life Mission, 23
Section 2: A Life of Accomplishment, 02


(23)  God's resolute work of salvation throughout history has been to build one world of heart throughout the vast universe. You need to consider to what extent you can be useful in the process and work of salvation. For the purpose of salvation, God needs to employ all creation as His material, including all humanity, and even the billions of believers in the spirit world. Yet, the question is you. When you act, how will the creation respond to you? How many people out of all humanity will respond to you? How many people among the billions of believers in the spirit world will respond? When you cry out here on earth, how far into the universe do the vibrations of your heart resonate? Your value will be determined by the measure of its response. Jesus' death resounded in heaven and throughout the entire universe. That response proved that Jesus is the Savior. He is the Savior because of his heart.

(24)  It should not be your focus every day to satisfy your personal desires. Rather, you need to lead a life of faith, serving others and sacrificing yourself for a higher purpose. Thereby, you should come close to the standard of Jesus' heart. He toiled so hard, concerned only for God's Will and for humankind. From there, you have to progress to become God's true child and comfort Him, who has been working unceasingly up to the present with a broken heart. You should feel indignant when you witness unrighteousness. With the heart of God, who wants to give more and more, you need to be willing to go to the ends of the earth to pursue His kingdom, establish it, and secure His righteousness. You should also be able to comfort the heart of God, who has been toiling to save humanity in the midst of such sorrow.

(25)  God has been striving endlessly to save humankind through His providence. Even though we human beings are fallen, He does not abandon us. Although we fell prey to sin and evil, who is it that rescues us, lives for us, and endeavors to guide us to the land of blessing? It is not our own parents, it is not our spouse or our children, even though they love us. It is not our nation, nor is it any of the saints and sages. It is none other than God.

(26)  We absolutely have to recover the original garden that has nothing to do with the Fall. Because we are fallen human beings, we need to find the original state that existed before the Fall. We lost God; therefore, we must find Him. We lost the original True Parents of humankind; therefore, we must find the new True Parents. We must find and occupy the garden of peace where we can live as sons and daughters with God, centered on the ideal of True Parents. Since we have to accomplish these tasks, the term "providence of salvation" presents a fresh challenge to us.

(27)  God is carrying out His providence to save humankind. He cannot save the world while standing back as an idle spectator, simply observing all the pain on earth. Therefore, He engages the fallen world as if all the pain that humanity experiences is His own. He deals with humanity directly in the realm of their pain, taking responsibility for it. Without God's direct involvement, humanity cannot receive salvation. Therefore, He has been fighting alongside people on the path of their sad and tragic history.

(28)  We lost God, our Parent. Although we were born from our natural parents, we were born unable to receive all of the Parent's love, which is truly genuine, profound, elevated and precious. We have not been able to live with Him as our Parent. Likewise, God, in the position of the Parent, lost His children. Therefore, His expectations for us were never fulfilled. He has been dealing with this situation ever since, working in the background of human affairs throughout the long span of history to help us, His children, fulfill our purpose. This is God's providence of salvation.

(29)  We need to be saved. We need to heal the wounds accumulated through our historical struggles. Only then can we find everlasting life and be embraced in the bosom of God’s love. Even though our families, the society, the nation and the world are opposing us, we have to overcome and move forward as heavenly soldiers. We have to assume Jesus' position, holding on only to God's Will, and advance to save all people, both from the past and in the present, who dwell in the realm of death.

(30)  In this world, nothing can be accomplished without unwavering determination. We go to battle to fight for righteousness. Satan's natural disposition is to want to be exalted, but we, on the contrary, must humble ourselves in order to fight him, both with our bodies and our love. We should be focused on a single target. If we shoot out like a cannonball but our eyes, ears, and hands are looking and flailing about in different directions, we are bound to miss our target. If we want to win the battle, we cannot hold back. God is prepared to make any sacrifice, under any circumstances, to save humankind. This is Heaven's strategy. You need to vindicate God by protecting the sacrificial altars stained with the blood of your ancestors.

Section 2.  A Life of Accomplishment

(1)  God has been searching for His sons and daughters and for the lost creation, struggling to recover the world of creation's original nature. God yearns to feel eternal joy by bequeathing this great, eternal and sacred achievement to the owner of the ideal world. You need to know that, despite His sorrow, God longs to bless us all the more. Therefore, you should be able to say to Him, "We are new sons and daughters in front of the Will. Please let us stand as true families and become Your glorious incarnations who, as true husbands and wives with true children, can govern all creation." You have to fulfill the mission of serving the True Parents by becoming true children with the right to eternal glory given by God. You need to let the True Parents rest, and then, together with the True Parents, all of us should let God rest. When this happens, the absolute, good God can finally reign over us as our Father, and over the whole world, as King. The kingdom of heaven will be realized on earth.

Revealing providential secrets

(2)  Rebekah, standing in Eve's position, made it possible for her two sons, Esau and Jacob, to unite, and, therefore, to resurrect her family's position on God's side. Jacob restored the right of the eldest son, and also restored the family that was lost in the garden of Eden. When Jacob and Esau fought in Rebekah's womb, Rebekah prayed to God and asked, "Why are these two fighting?" God answered clearly, "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples born of you shall be divided; the one shall be stronger than the other, the elder shall serve the younger" (Gen.  25:23).  This meant that the eldest son would descend and the second son would rise. At that point in history, however, the reclamation of the right of the eldest son still remained conceptual. Tamar faced a similar situation. When she was pregnant, her twins, Perez and Zerah, were fighting in her womb just before their birth. "While she was in labor, one put out a hand; and the midwife took and bound on his hand a crimson thread, saying, 'This came out first.' But just then, he drew back his hand, and out came his brother; and she said, 'What a breach you have made for yourself!' Therefore, he was named Perez" (Gen.  38:28-29), In this case, Perez, still in the womb, reversed the original birth order by which he was the second son, thereby reclaiming the lost position of the eldest son and gaining the right to become an ancestor of King David. God's response to Rebekah's prayer is related to the process of restoration. For more than four thousand years until the present day, this process has been a mystery. Only God and Satan knew the answer. Satan is the false parent. God's hope is the True Parents. The True Parents are the original, true owners of the family desired by God in the garden of Eden. Today, the True Parents have unraveled the restoration mystery. God works through the second son in order to fulfill the history of restoration, and He even goes inside the womb to do so. God’s lineage cannot be established in any other way.


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