Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 251

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training

Chapter 4: The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents' Course
Section 1: Our Life Mission, 12-22


(12)  As leaders whom God has called for the sake of His Will, you must fulfill the responsibilities you are asked to shoulder. The Korean people have to fulfill their calling as Koreans, to become messiahs for the sake of the world. The Korean word so-myeong, contains the Chinese character so (召), which means to call, and myeong (命), which means to receive an order. This "call to receive an order" resembles a marching order in the army. You need to fulfill the mission you are called to with that same unhesitating spirit.

Mission consciousness

(13)  You cannot imagine how difficult it was for me to climb over each hill in the course of the providence. If anyone says even one word about this, I could weep for a hundred or a thousand years, even after going to the spirit world. So many painful and sorrowful situations have pierced my heart. God wept over Adam and Eve. Yet, when I go before God and say, "Here am I, Sun Myung Moon," I would wish to see God shedding tears of joy over the return of His son. God's heart has been filled with unfathomable pain and suffering. Therefore, I cannot die until I hear God's own voice say, "Welcome!" as He runs down a stairway of a hundred thousand steps, as if He is flying, wraps His arms around me, then climbs back up the forever-long stairway to return to His throne, carrying me in His arms and announcing, "My Will has been accomplished! Aju!" Therefore, I can only continue fulfilling the Will on the path of the ironclad Principle that True Parents are destined to walk. In your own path of life as well, you need to establish such a memorable standard as you prepare, during your lifetime on earth, the gift that you will offer to God. Only then can you come close to the Heavenly Parent, because you will be able to claim the right of inheritance enabling you to live with Him and be happy together. Moreover, then you can be given authority in the kingdom of heaven. Please understand this clearly, and walk the path of accepting responsibility throughout your life.

(14)  You need to have a consciousness, that is, an awareness, of yourself, your environment, your nation, and the world. Based on a new worldview, and with your new awareness, you can clear up and overcome everything and establish Abel's position. Once you have done that, you have to win over Cain, and together, you need to attend God. By doing so, you can enter the kingdom of heaven, and you become one who is building Heaven's family, nation, and world, that is, the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, your awareness is the starting point of restoration.

(15)  Each of us has to recognize that we are the fruit of historical sins. The same applies to our tribe, and we can view the nations of today's world as extensions of tribes. All ethnic peoples stem from tribes that have persisted for thousands of generations. Looking at a nation's lines of descent, we find that they are the extensions of tribes. Each of us is a sinful descendant of our people and our nation. Therefore, we have to take responsibility for our nations sins. We need to be willing to pay the price of sin that our nation—our people—is supposed to pay. Each of us ought to determine that we will pay the price for the sins of the world and for the sins of the present time. This is how Jesus felt when he came as the Messiah. Therefore, each of us has to be extremely serious and reach the level of resolve such that we feel that "if I live, the world will live, and if I die, the world will die."

(16)  None of you has truly been aware of your real self. Only after you came to know the Will did you begin consciously knocking on the door of your personality. Each of you needs to know clearly that you sprang from past ages and that you are called to build the future. You may think you became aware of this on your own. However, God guided you to realize this. Also, countless saints and sages shed their blood to bring you where you are today, and they are working even now behind the scenes, hoping you will increasingly develop this consciousness. Therefore, you need to feel as if you personally have negatively impacted history, as well as the present, and that you might do the same in the future as well. You should carry on your shoulders the bitter, historical sorrow of Adam and Eve that is embedded in our past. With that awareness, please understand that you must take responsibility for the present and for the future.

(17)  Why has the Unification Church appeared in this world? It is to show the way of repentance. We need to show people how to repent for their sins. To do that, what do we need to know? The teaching that one can be saved through faith already exists. But people must understand that they represent the world. Men and women must have this awareness. Please understand that you are to become historical sacrificial offerings and victorious leaders of this age. Since Jesus, the Messiah, was nailed to the cross, you must have the determination to throw your life into your mission and offer indemnity for his death. He will then sympathize with you, thereby allowing you to participate in the glory of resurrection. That is the Principle. Otherwise, no one would be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

(18)  The Fall started when Adam and Eve began to think centered on themselves. In order to reverse this through indemnity, we must not be self-centered, but must put God’s family first. From that family emerges a new, ideal world. The obstacle to accomplishing this is our bloodline. Humanity has not known about this until I thoroughly explained it, for the first time in history. This knowledge cannot be found in the realm of self-centered existence. You must turn things upside down within yourself by creating an inner revolution, so that a new kind of family can emerge, focusing on the new True Parents. That family will differ from the families that stem from the Fall, from which developed the perspective of putting oneself first. When we act based on this new family's public mindset, we do not experience a struggle between mind and body.

A life for the salvation of humanity
(19)  What is religion's final objective? Of course we know that religious believers seek personal salvation, but we go one step further and seek the salvation of the family. In order to liberate human beings living under evil sovereignty amid sin and injustice, we must first recover the family. We must find the family that, in the true sense, can represent everyone in history, in the present age, and in the future. That family has to set up the standard that all families can follow. It will be the foundation upon which all humankind can rejoice together. Without this family there can be no world peace. Even families that look good on the outside can be in shambles internally.
(20)  No matter how hard typhoons may blow, no matter how many mountains of trials and tribulations loom before you, if you ride on a steed of love, no one can stop you. No one will be able to block you on your path. No force can obstruct parents' love for their children. No means or methods can stop them. Nothing can stop a wife from loving her husband or a husband from loving his wife. That is what makes love supreme. No power can stop a patriot's march of love for his country. His love cannot be bought or sold. The path of a holy son or daughter who clears the way for the heavenly law to save humanity, out of love, cannot be blocked.
(21)  God established the Unification Church in order to halt the decay of this world. Therefore, the Unification Church needs to be equipped with all the necessary tools. In this secular world people are in despair, wandering about without a purpose, facing a dreadful and dismal environment. We need to confront this reality by going the opposite way from the downward path along which humankind is hurtling. Otherwise, God’s entire providence of salvation may be impeded.

(22)  I am working to give life to the world, to heaven and earth. While I take responsibility for heaven and earth, all of you should save your own families and clans. I urge you to save your brothers and sisters and your own mother and father. In addition, you are responsible to subjugate the archangel. Then five generations, from your grandparents to your grandchildren, must unite and follow the True Parents, taking responsibility to recover the heavenly kingdom. Together, you all are to bring the nation and everything back to God.

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