Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 250

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 4: The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents' Course
Section 1: Our Life Mission, 01-11


CHAPTER 4  The Believer's Path in Relation to True Parents’ Course

Section 1.  Our Life Mission

(1)  God is calling us to a hopeful future. Those who receive that call follow the path of destiny and not the path of fortune. The path of fortune can change, but the path of destiny cannot. Can you change who your father is or who your siblings are? No, you cannot. They are part of your destiny. God desires to reach and settle in the place that heavenly fortune has determined. History has been developing centered on the path to that place. The starting point of this secure settlement is the True Parents  God has already determined our destiny, which is to become true children with the True Parents at the center. That destiny cannot be changed.

God's call

(2)  People hope with all their heart, mind, and body that they might finally enter God’s direct dominion. Today, God has given us not only the mission to work toward realizing this hope and purpose, He is calling us to complete it. To do so, we must restore God's rightful dominion as Lord over us and the creation. We should also praise and thank God for blessing us with His governance. The responsibility to restore God's rightful dominion does not rest with the creation or with the angels in heaven; it is we who must now fulfill that.

(3)  God seeks after each and every one of us. Through us, He desires to recover the family, the society, and to expand His domain over the world. However, the path to this goal is still obstructed. Throughout the course of providential history, Heaven came down to earth to find each one of us. Now, we as individuals must return to Heaven, but our way is blocked. People have sought to realize goodness, denying worldly things and cutting themselves off from the world. They have striven to find what is original, to recover what has been lost, and to bring it back to God. Yet, they had to confront their own limitations and have faced an impassable threshold. You should feel God's anguish over this history; you should empathize with Jesus' sorrowful heart. You need to feel God's heart to your very core. During the Last six thousand years, He has been going through all manner of suffering and grief to personally find you.

(4)  Even though your field of work may be limited, most important is who is directing your labor. You must work with the conviction that God Himself has called you for the sake of the nation or the world. Although your environment may restrict you, you should believe that you work for the sake of the nation or the world. Even though you are only one person, you ought to work with that conviction. When you receive a work order, the results will vary depending on for whom you are working.

(5)  The path of faith is not easy. Anyone can be called by God, but it is extremely difficult to follow His call. God does not walk behind us; He is always ahead of us. You cannot imagine how fast He moves. He surges so far ahead we can hardly keep pace. Therefore, it is hard to come up with a long-term strategy or plan in accord with the providence of restoration. God’s providence moves by leaps and bounds. On the basis of our investment of indemnity, it advances from the individual to the family, to the tribe, and so on. It leaps ahead from stage to stage, rather than advancing through a steady numerical progression. Therefore, if you try to fit your work for God’s providence into an annual plan, or a plan based on any other particular time period, you will find yourself frustrated and will fall behind. Considering this, you need to advance on the path of the Will with an earnest heart. You need to constantly adjust your relationship with God, remaining a minus to His plus. You have to find your proper position in the providence and, as you move along, you must adjust to the providential time. However, knowing the proper timing, and when to take a particular action, is exceedingly difficult.

(6)  You are called for the sake of God and the world. Therefore, you should consecrate yourself, and apply the knowledge you gained through your education. All of you are commissioned to speak on God’s behalf in your own communities, to convey God's love and hope to your neighbors, and to help people work for God and humanity. Utilize your education in your endeavors to awaken the congregations in churches and temples and mobilize them to build a world of peace and freedom with God at the center.

(7)  God called me to save America. When I actually arrived there, you can imagine how earnest and anxious I was. Likewise, when those of you who are here in Korea receive a direction from me, unless you are as earnest as I was when I left Seoul to save America, you can never become my partners in heart. My heart is governed by the principle of self-denial; it does not follow the principle of self-centeredness.

(8)  I have progressed this far despite severe opposition. Such is the path of restoration; such is the history of restoration in the Unification Church to this day. Therefore, do not lose your original spirit of loyalty, but follow me all the way, from the individual level all the way to the world level. When you fulfill all your responsibilities before God, He will give you His seal of approval. God will bless you only when He recognizes you as having accomplished your responsibility. You have to remain faithful until you are notified about that blessing. Only then will you advance and share the same realm with me. If you move forward focusing on me, determined to risk even your life on the individual level, the family level, and eventually the world level, you will benefit by resembling me and standing in the same position as me.

(9)  When God summons us, we have no right to choose the responsibility we are to assume. Being summoned means that if we are going east and He calls us to go west, we turn around and go west. Simply because we live in the east does not mean we should take directions from those living in the east. We need to take our directions from God, the center of all beings, who represents the standard that is everyone's hope. The person whom God calls must take on the role of His partner and the partner of all things. If God does not call us, we can fulfill our personal responsibility by going in just one direction. However, once He calls us, He will give us missions to go in many directions, even encompassing the whole world. God called me, your teacher, to represent every individual and to connect everybody to Him, the central figure of the world. I will be able to accomplish my mission only when I am qualified to deal with every aspect of life and every direction—east, west, north, and south, plus vertical and horizontal.

(10)  God needs people for various stages: individual, family, tribe, people, and nation. So there must be a "chosen people," but what does that mean? It means a people called by God. They are to build the chosen nation, which means a nation called by God. When that chosen nation fulfills God's Will, God's chosen world will come about. Once His Will is accomplished, everyone and everything will return to God and become one. Thus, God is called the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

(11)  God is the True Parent of all parents. He is our True Parent, our Heavenly Parent, the King of true families, true nations, and the true world. We need to usher in the era of everlasting peace and prosperity in which all people serve and attend Him. There is that Korean song that begins, "Moon, moon, oh bright moon, the moon with which the poet Lee Tae-baek used to play." As the words of the song suggest, our hope is that all humankind will attend the True Parents here on earth for thousands of years. Please understand that each individual's mission and purpose in the Unification Church is to fulfill this hope.

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