Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 249

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 3: Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents
Section 5: Our Way to Perfection through True Parents, 05-14


(5)  You have to become completely one with God's love and True Parents' love. At that stage, your mind and body are one through true love, and you and your spouse are united. You couples must become one with True Parents and then become one with God. This is how the realm of three generations can be realized. Three generations of couples, with the heart of true love, embody God’s love and True Parents' love and love each other faithfully. Real love can take root for the first time in human history only when that is accomplished. We have to progress through these stages: we unite our mind and body, we love our husband or wife completely, and we become one with the perfect love of God and True Parents.

(6)  You have to find your original homeland and nation, and seek the eternal kingdom of heaven on earth. Through your love, you have to recover everything that Adam lost. Therefore, you need to shed tears with a heart even greater than God's when He created the universe. Meet your relatives and shed tears for them. Embrace the mountains and streams of your hometown and weep for them. Hope that as a consequence of your original heart, the buds of love will sprout, flowers will blossom in the garden of love, and the fruits of love will be borne.

(7)  The Fall resulted in the loss of true love, true life, and true lineage. Who lost them? Adam and Eve, who should have perfected them, lost all three. What does it mean to perfect them? It means Adam and Eve should have become completely one with God's love, God's life, and God's lineage. There is no father-son bond without a blood relationship. God's family does not come into being.

(8)  True love cannot be dissolved. It endures through all time. It remains constant eternally. Every human being seeks and desires true love. Even in hell, parents think about their sons and daughters. Even if parents in hell find out that their sons and daughters are in hell, they shed tears not because of their own suffering, but to pray for their children.

(9)  The relationship of cause and effect, subject and object, is the eternal, unchangeable, absolute principle at the center of the cosmos. Observing this principle in human society, we find that the core relationships are those of parent and child, and husband and wife. The first is a vertical relationship between subject and object partners, the second is a horizontal relationship. If two people unite vertically as subject and object partners, together they become a subject partner in a relationship at a higher level. Two who unite horizontally can become an object partner in a new relationship. Through harmonious give and take, all four become one and enter a three-dimensional realm. They enter a powerful state of being through this harmonious, spherical motion, with love at its center. This is the model for the ideal family, the basic unit of human society. Through this, it is clear that love has the greatest value.

(10)  In order to continue our existence on earth while attending the central ancestor of humanity, what do we need first? The parent-child relationship. Whether you are born a man or a woman, your first relationship is that of parent and child. Why is this so? It is because that is the way the universe is arranged. The parent-child relationship descends vertically; without it, there would be no vertical connection at all. The vertical connection of the parent and child leads to life. The life of the father and the mother and their lineage is tied together. Parent-child relationships do not just happen; they must be linked by lineage.

(11)  The word for cosmos, cheonju (天宙), is composed of two characters. The first is cheon (天), which is a combination of two (二) and people (人). Then, there is ju (宙)which signifies house, and this appears also in the word for universe, wooju. Thus, cheonju, the cosmos, means a family with heaven at its center, a family sustained by heavenly fortune. The Creator, who is the vertical True Parent, connects with the family that is sustained by heavenly fortune. The vertical Creator and the horizontal family connect at a ninety-degree angle, to form a central point of resonance. The vertical True Parent and the horizontal true parents are interwoven. The relationship is of the Creator and created children, of Parent and child. As in the family, this relationship is not manifested only vertically. The horizontal and vertical relationships merge.

Accomplishing the purpose of creation

(12)  What could be God’s wish? God’s wish is to find true human beings, a true man and a true woman. God cannot help but wish to find them. What is the greatest wish of a person of faith? In Unification Church terms, such a person's greatest wish is to become perfect. A perfected person is a true person. The purpose behind God's providence of salvation has been to encourage the emergence of a perfected person, a true person. Unfortunately, God has been unable to meet a true man and a true woman, due to the Fall. Therefore, the course of restoration is necessary. According to the Principle of Creation, the man was created first. God, therefore, must first find a true man. His intention in commencing the providence of salvation was to fulfill His original Will and hope after finding a true man.

(13)  People of faith have been unaware of God's Will to fulfill the ideal of creation based on His love. The accomplishment of God's Will, the ideal of creation, entails establishing the four-position foundation. What happens when the four-position foundation is accomplished? Heaven and earth finally settle into their proper positions  Heaven is like an upper axis and the earth is like a lower axis. With God's love at the center, they form one realm. At the point of intersection, children are born with a connection to both dimensions, which develop in harmony as they grow, progressing toward a central axis. The four-position foundation revolves around the center and forms the ideal sphere of love.

(14)  Those who lead spiritual lives often find their object partners in the world of ideas, which provide them comfort. Despite being fallen, every human being has an inner connection to his or her original, eternal nature. Every person possesses elements of the ideal of creation within his or her heart. Therefore, human beings have the capacity to overcome their sin, become perfect, achieve union with God, and live infinitely happy lives. The goal of our prayers is to awaken that inner nature and make it the core of our thinking. By doing this, and remaining faithful to God in all that you see, hear, and feel, you will be able to bow to God, offer Him glory, and sing His praises. Nonetheless, although people today want to enter this state of mind, no one is making serious efforts to attain it. No one truly wants to find and cultivate his or her original nature.


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