Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 248

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 3: Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents
Section 4: Our Path of Growth by Following True Parents, 11
Section 5: Our Way to Perfection through True Parents, 04


Representatives of True Parents

(11)  We are the representatives of True Parents. Every man is Father's second self and every woman is Mother's second self. In other words, since God exists as the harmonious subject partner with the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity, men are born representing the masculinity of God and women are born representing the femininity of God. Reflecting the original duality, as individuals, we are branches of True Parents' body from the moment of our birth. Jesus said, "I am the vine, you are the branches," (John.  15:5) meaning that men are branches of Father's body and women are branches of Mother's body. Therefore, as a couple, if you can become Father's second self and Mother's second self from God's viewpoint, then no matter how far apart you may be, you will be one in God's love. A person who lives understanding God's circumstances and following God's Will is naturally connected to God's heart.

(12)  If you take responsibility on behalf of God, who is the Creator, Father, and True Owner, then, wherever you go, heaven and earth will help you. Hence, you should carry your burden on behalf of the Absolute Being, Father, and Owner. If you go forward taking such responsibility, you will never be forsaken. Today, people are looking for those who can take responsibility for their own actions, their lives, and their hearts. A society with such responsible people would be an ideal society. Hence, if you take responsibility and go forward at the risk of your life, many companions will come to you. Again, I am telling you, when you go out to your mission area, you should be willing to shoulder three responsibilities: that of the Creator, who gave us life, that of the Parent, and that of the Owner. If you do not, you can never become a representative of the Absolute Being, True Parent, and True Owner. You will be an outcast, dwelling apart from the world. So, if you cannot take that responsibility, you should at least serve and attend God with absolute faith.

(13)  We have no time to rest. You have to understand how the structure of restoration will expand centered on me and on my family. You must follow that formula and go through resurrection on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, and so on, up to the world level. This will encompass the world to the summit of restoration. You have to follow this formula just as I have. If you do so, not only will you be my representative, that of True Parents and God, you will also be a representative ideal couple in the ideal world.

(14)  The Unification Church calls its members "family members" and says they are sons and daughters who attend True Parents. But as soon as they are brought together as husbands and wives, I separate them and send them out into the world. Right after they are married, they are separated and dispatched to the four corners of the earth—east, west, north, and south. If they love God more than their own spouse through all of this, they will end up heroes and heroines of true love in heart. Suppose you could not see your beloved one again on earth, then you would be able to find your beloved in the spirit world. How amazing this is! There, your spouse will attend you. Your parents as well as your sons and daughters will attend you, giving you even greater love than you would have experienced while living on earth. If you are such a person, you will become the subject partner of true love. You will become God’s perfect representative, embodying His very ideal.

(15)  To appear as True Parents' representative, you have to become True Father's second self or True Mother's second self, and become someone who can substantiate the Heavenly Father's situation and heart. You have come as the substance of Heavenly Fathers hope, circumstances and heart, the heart that He has carried for six thousand years. Hence, you have to make His hope your hope, His circumstances your circumstances, and His heart your heart. In relation to heaven, you need to walk the path to become a sacrificial offering on earth in front of your Father. You must take responsibility for this.

(16)  What is the hope of human beings? It is to become true parents who can raise children who are free from the persecution of Satan's world and able to go directly to the kingdom of heaven. However, that has not been fulfilled. Hence, our hope is to become True Parents' representatives and then give birth to true sons and daughters who can go directly to the kingdom of heaven. You all would like to give birth to good children, right? You probably want to give birth to the best children in the world. So far, you have been unable to realize that. The question is, how to make that happen. Another problem is that the archangel failed to raise Adam and Eve in a way befitting God's son and daughter. Hence, the question is how we can educate God's sons and daughters as people who are needed by God. Furthermore, all of you want to work hard and become a president who can represent your country, or at least his representative, or the head of a government administration office, or the CEO of a company. That is, you want to become a true owner. This is also one of the three great hopes. The first of these is to be a true parent; the next is to be a true teacher, and then, a true owner. You want to be successful and become a state governor or even the president of the United States. However, you first have to become the owner of your own home. You have to stand in the position of an owner who can pass on the tradition to your family, and thus, represent your ancestors and even God.

Section 5.  Our Way to Perfection through True Parents

(1)  God, True Parents, and each of us are absolutely necessary to the completion of restoration. The first human ancestors should have become True Parents centered on God, but they fell. Now, in order to overcome the motivation behind the Fall, the three must find a meeting point. God’s Will, True Parents' will, and our will, must concur. The purpose of humankind is fulfilled when the Lord of the Second Advent comes as the Parent of humankind, reaches the standard of a perfected human being, and unites humankind with God's purpose of creation. Then, through the unity of the parents and the children, the original garden of God's Will is established. When the parents and children forge an eternal, unbreakable family bond in that place, they will accomplish God's Will for the first time.

(2)  If Adam and Eve had reached perfection through true love, they would have fulfilled God's desire to have a substantial body. If they had perfected themselves as a true couple, they would have completed God's absolute ideal of love. Furthermore, If Adam and Eve had had good children and thus, become True Parents, God would have substantially settled as the eternal Parent of humankind. Moreover, the emergence of generations of descendants through that lineage would have fulfilled God's desire to have an infinite number of citizens of the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world.

Building relationships of heart

(3)  God has advanced history in two ways, one positive and the other negative, but now they have to merge. The alpha and the omega have to merge and reach a conclusion. History was meant to begin with True Parents, but humanity, as the children of false parents, lost the foundation upon which True Parents could emerge. Therefore, we have to return to God by laying the groundwork for the True Parents to appear. When this happens, the garden of peace will begin. Unless we establish a relationship of heart with God, we cannot become His sons and daughters.

(4)  Let us consider our value and the significance of having been able to attend the True Parents, who represent God's six thousand years of hope and longing. How precious it is to go forward as children of True Parents. Even a single hair on your head, or one of your fingers, is something historic; they belong both to the current age and to the future. As the ancestors of a new age, you stand in a solemn position.


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