Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 247

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 3: Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents
Section 3: Our Course of Rebirth through True Parents, 14
Section 4: Our Path of Growth by Following True Parents, 10


(14)  We must have everyone participate in the Blessing, not excluding even one person. One needs to have the rebirth ceremony when in the womb, the resurrection ceremony after kindergarten, and then the Blessing ceremony, which is the eternal life ceremony. Having set the goal of eradicating sin from the bloodline, our responsibility is to go forward representing God, True Parents and Jesus. We have established the messiah on the levels of the tribe, the nation and the world, and the kingship on the levels of the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. If you cannot accomplish these things in your family, you need to unite with the world family. If you were unfilial in your family, even if you were a traitor to your family, by going forward as a loyal citizen of the world, you are freed from all this. We need to sweep away such contradictions in our environment, step by step, and create a higher level foundation to progress toward the future. This is the responsibility of the True Parents and the Heavenly Parent.

Section 4.  Our Path of Growth by Following True Parents

(1)  The ceremony to change the lineage is the ritual that brings together the lives of the Mother and the Father. By going through this process, you are separated from Satan's world. You must be born again through True Parents; otherwise, it is impossible for you to receive the marriage Blessing from True Parents. You cannot be given the marriage Blessing unless you are reborn and affirm your rebirth by standing before God as a mature man or woman who has inherited His realm of heart and received the right of inheritance.

Let us follow and emulate True Parents

(2)  We do not walk this path for our own sake, but because Heavenly Father went this way. We must follow His path and strive to be like Him. He has been laying the vertical foundation in history, upon which to set the standard of history horizontally. We should do the same. We have to recover the Will so that God will be able to govern the world centering on the family. Hence, with a heart of concern, a heart to take responsibility and to act, we have to indemnify in our time the mistakes our ancestors made and bring the day of victory. We must return everything to the Father and the True Parents and proclaim that it is theirs. After we return everything to the Father and True Parents, the day will come when True Parents can say to us, "This is yours," and give everything back to us. Only then will we complete the entire providence. That will be the final day of glorious victory in heaven and on earth. With this clear understanding you must go forward, with a feeling of concern and sense of responsibility, and fight in God's stead until you fulfill His Will.

(3)  God is the perfect subject partner. He created human beings to be His object partners of absolute value, and we are to become His perfect object partners. The way to do this is by emulating True Parents, who already stand in that position. Then we can become the owners of love in true ideal families. Thereupon God, in His absolute position, can secure us as His absolute partners and be liberated. This is our responsibility.

(4)  God is our Father, whose vertical love, life, and lineage center on true love. Simply speaking, He is the Father of true love. He is the vertical Father. If human beings had not fallen, we would have been the partners of love to our vertical Parent. Our horizontal true love, true life, and true lineage would have been united totally with God at a ninety-degree angle. Then we would have reached the position of parents in total union with God. Thus, from the vertical and horizontal harmony between God's life, love, and lineage, and Adam and Eve's love, life, and lineage, we would have been born in the midst of utmost joy and happiness. If that had happened, our minds would be eternally in the vertical position, like God, and our bodies would be aligned, like those of Adam and Eve, in accordance with their tradition, True Parents' standard, in a ninety-degree relationship. We would be resonating with God.

(5)  What is the conscience? It is the internal self, which originated from the God of vertical true love and resembles Him. That is why we say the conscience is upright. It is vertical. It dwells in the inner place where we inherit God's love, life, and lineage. On the other hand, the body is our external self, which we inherited from the bodies of our horizontal true parents. Within us is the internal and external harmony of original love, original life, and original lineage.

(6)  The human body resembles Adam and Eve, the parents of humankind, and is of their lineage. The human mind resembles the vertical Parent, and is of His lineage. Yet, the two of them light. Why do they fight? It is because something went wrong with their roots  In order for the mind and body to be in harmony, we need absolute faith in God. Before you pray, declare to Heaven, "God is my vertical Father." Live or die, you have to arrive at the perpendicular position that is centered on God's love. When you have secured that position, there are no shadows. There is no need for you to pursue the way of spiritual discipline. The reason we need to cultivate our spirituality is because we have shadows within us.

(7)  We must resemble God. We must be God-like. Once we are in that state, since God and we are alike, the plus and the minus will unite automatically and explode in all directions. Suppose you had been born from the unified love of the vertical Parent and the horizontal parents. Your mind would have completely inherited God’s love and life, and your flesh and blood would also have been infused with that love. Also, you would have inherited the love, life, and lineage of True Parents, who are the perfect, ideal partners of God. The internal God and the external God would have been united as one within you. True love unites God’s mind and body. Likewise, had we been born at the standard of oneness between the internal, vertical True Parent and the external, horizontal true parents of true love, our mind and body would have become one. They would have become one because we would have been in the realm of absolute true love.

(8)  The True Parents are the Messiah. As their true children, we are to resemble the Messiah. As tribal messiahs, you should lead your life centering on me, True Father. If you do not, it will be a big problem for you. In the spirit world, I will be the standard by which God will render His judgment  If I score 100, you must also score 100. It is a principle that parents want their children to be better than them, so you should do at least this much.

(9)  I am not to be the only True Parent; you must become true parents as well. You all must do this. If I am a big tree, you must be like the cells of that tree. To resemble Father, who is a big tree, you must become the seeds. You have to resemble the root.

(10)  Each of us, as an individual, has to resemble God. Thus, we have to recreate ourselves. This requires that we walk a path amid a sea of suffering. We need to go through the war zones of history, where the mind and body have no time to rest. It is the path our ancestors had to take and which our descendants, who are linked to the future, will have to take. We may have thought we knew this way of resentment, born of bitter suffering, but we never really knew it. Nonetheless, now that we have come to know it, we must go this way. Human beings lost our authority as the lords of creation, by which we were to have governed the archangel. The one who comes to recover our authority and our original position is the Savior, Messiah, and True Parent. The True Parents gather all families and all nations throughout the world and pave the way for us to reach that same position by conducting the Blessing ceremony, through which we all become blessed families.


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