Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 246

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 3: Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents
Section 3: Our Course of Rebirth through True Parents, 02-13


(2)  As we do the mission of tribal messiah, we are reborn. The way to be born again opens to us. It is a return to the mother’s womb. On each level, from the family-messiah to the tribal, national, world, and cosmic-messiahs, we must go through the mother's womb, the place where God, the Father, and Mother are one in love, and come out dyed the color of love. After entering and going to the left, we have to turn around and come out, thus, emerging from the womb of the mother of the family. Since we began in a family, when we return to that original standard, settle all things, and emerge, we have no relationship whatsoever to Satan. We have to experience the labor pains of rebirth. In this way, the families that have received the Blessing become true parents. They achieve the position of God's direct descendants with no relationship to Satan, become true parents and make a new beginning. The family and relatives become a tribe of the same color as True Parents, and can go directly to heaven. Thus, the tribe and the people are formed, and when they connect with the nation, the nation and the world can go to heaven as well.

Training through the Word

(3)  What teaching is a true teaching? What will it contain? It will teach about the individual, the family, society, nation, and world. If heaven and earth exist, it will teach about heaven and earth; if God exists, it will teach about God. There has to be a way to teach about that one path, that direct path; to instruct people how to take that path and persevere on that path. If God exists, there has to be a way to reach God. If God's heart exists, there has to be a way to connect with His heart.

(4)  You are receiving training so you can defeat and judge the enemy. In order to do that, you need to study my teaching first. Where did this teaching come from? It came from God's heart at the time of creation and went through the course of restoration. Never forget that fact. Without this teaching you cannot manifest the substantial being; without the substantial being, you cannot express the deep heart. Therefore, when you hear this teaching, you have to listen with your body, with your mind and with your heart.

(5)  As you receive training based on my teaching, you should revive the earnest heart that you had long ago when you first followed Father, started on the way of the Will, and longed for the Will. Otherwise, you cannot open the door of the kingdom of heaven. You need the ability to see people with a compassionate heart, and you need to live for others. You should long to see members, and long to live with them. If you don't rekindle this heart you will lose the key that allows you to go to heaven.

(6)  You have to be able to reject the way of the world, and go the opposite way. Moreover, you have to set the world right by living a true life. You should pray for the success of each person you meet. You should share the happiness of others. Your heart should be full of hope and gratitude to Heavenly Father; your mind should behold the glory of His light, which gives rise to a heart of peace. You should live each day with a heart that can bring people together. If you do this every day for your whole life, when you go to heaven, you will be able to sing of the glory of God. Therefore, if you want to sing the praises of God when you go to heaven, you should teach about His Will and fulfill it while you are on earth.

Spiritual children

(7)  You have to reclaim your family. In order to do that, find three spiritual children and then, with those sons and daughters, form a four-position foundation. After forming this external, spiritual four-position foundation, your spiritual children have to support your physical sons and daughters, your direct lineage. What do these three spiritual children represent? They correspond to the three archangels in the spirit world. The three archangels attended Adam and Eve from the time they were created. After you are blessed, your spiritual children should attend your children from the time they are in the womb. Here on earth, they are restoring through indemnity the standard of cooperation that the archangels should have maintained. This should have begun before Adam was created and continued through his birth, maturation, and blessing in holy matrimony. Therefore, you absolutely need spiritual children.

(8)  In order to become a parent, you have to receive the Blessing. And in order to establish a family, you have to restore Cain. In order to be resurrected as an individual, you have to inspire Cain to surrender to you. Adam is in the position of the parent, but in order for God to be released from His grief, and in order for Adam himself to be redeemed, Cain must surrender. By the principle, in the course of indemnity, restoration occurs only if you restore Cain and Abel, with your spiritual children in the position of the eldest son and your children in the position of Abel. If you don't do that, you cannot rise to the position of true parent. It is a fundamental rule that to establish the position of true parent, Cain and Abel have to be restored. Cain must surrender to Abel.

(9)  Having spiritual children is the highest ideal for which thousands of generations of religious people have hoped. Even Jesus could not reach that. During his final prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, everyone rejected and opposed him. But we have built a victorious family in the realm of resurrection, a family honored by the cosmos. It is a blessed family of that value. It is your responsibility as blessed couples to convey the proper tradition to your children. This is the family responsibility. We must not burden our children with heavy indemnity.

(10)  Why do we need spiritual children? We need them in order to find the three archangels, to find Adam's three sons, and to find Cain, the elder brothers of Satan's world. It is in order to find the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age. The Old Testament Age represents the people, the New Testament Age represents the nation, and the Completed Testament Age represents the world. The Old Testament Age was the period of the redemption of Canaan by the six hundred thousand people of Israel. Jesus took the redemption of Canaan from the national to the world level, and the Unification Church is taking the redemption of Canaan from the world to the cosmic level. The redemption of Canaan is the Last gate. The expression of three stages has this meaning.

(11)  You eat what you want to eat, wear what you want to wear, and do what you want to do. But based upon those conditions you will be accused. You couples in the prime of life have not been able to raise young people loyal to God. You should be ashamed before God. From now on you should raise up such young people. We should be very grateful that in the Unification Church we have what we call spiritual children. Your spiritual sons and daughters save you couples in the prime of your life. It is for this reason that I tell you to keep going until your bone marrow melts. When you bring tears of hope to the eyes of the young people, on the foundation of that hope, the Messiah can come.

Rebirth through the Blessing

(12)  Humanity has to understand the foundation of true love and return true love to God. Only people who have been consecrated, reborn through the True Parents' Blessing, can appear as the true children of God. A person who has not gone through the Blessing cannot qualify as a first fruit.

(13)  The Blessing ceremony engrafts people to the lineage of God and cuts them off from the lineage of Satan. It starts with the baby in the womb. The children of each blessed family must receive holy wine in a conditional rebirth ceremony. In that way they are born again. The rebirth ceremony actually is to be done in the womb. The mother in a blessed family is to do that, too, and it is the same for every woman who has not been blessed  They come to stand in the same position as Mother. Drinking the holy wine is the condition. In this way, everyone is able to inherit the perfect lineage of True Parents.


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