Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 245

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 3: Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents
Section 2: Our Course of Rebirth Through True Parents, 08
Section 3: Our Course of Rebirth through True Parents, 01


(8)  Until now, you have prayed to your Father as if you were in the kingdom of heaven. But if your Father is in a serious and pitiful situation, you should feel that you too are in such a situation. Even though we cannot express this, in our hearts we have to share our Father's pitiful situation. We should say, "Father, no matter what sorrow I may have, no matter what difficulty I may face, don't worry." We have to be able to fulfill our filial duty and comfort Him. Unless such a person appears on the earth, there is no way to solve the problems of history. Even if we stand in an extremely difficult position, we should not desire God's sympathy. Rather, we should offer God our sympathy. Jesus appeared as the culmination of our eternal bond with God, which has endured throughout the ages of history. But because Jesus could not fulfill God's Will, the Lord who comes again has to do so. This is the way of the Lord of the Second Advent. This is the path of the True Parents. The True Parents are the result of the hope of history. The True Parents are the historical, conditional, substantial being that God raised up to represent the whole.

The foundation of faith

(9)  Through belief in True Parents, the Unification Church has entered the age when we can educate our sons and daughters directly. Therefore, if you follow the path of the True Parents, unite in heart and offer devotion, you will naturally become one with them and your conscience will clearly distinguish what is good and bad. You gradually will become brighter. God is not far away. You are object partners of God's love, sons and daughters who receive God's love. We should always be aware that God dwells in our conscience. This means we are one body. We need to feel that God is our vertical Father. We should keep this in mind as we lead our daily lives. If you do so, all of your ancestors in heaven will be with you and the realm of the angels will be with you. Through this, representing Adam's family, you will realize a perfect family and go directly to the kingdom of heaven.

(10)  Because the True Parents are the central figures who establish the standard of faith in the foundational period, you need to follow True Parents with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The True Parents have explained everything up to the world level, from the ideal of creation through the Fall and restoration. These are not mere words. True Parents have gone this way and built bridges. This is why the completion of the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age depends on me. Because the Fall destroyed the object partner that God created through His absolute faith, love and obedience, and because God is looking for that object partner, we cannot help but invest everything with absolute faith and love.

(11)  Abraham built an altar where he prayed and earnestly pleaded for Sodom and Gomorrah; his devotion was like a hidden root. Your heart for the area where you are living and the people of that area should be on fire like Abraham's. Never forget that you are to take over the foundation of faith that Abraham established through his course of hard work, which is like a hidden root. God promised Abraham's family, who are our spiritual ancestors, that they would be the source of blessings. This expanded as it passed through Isaac and Jacob to Moses, forming a people. Through Jesus it expanded to the world scale. Abraham's heart of deep faith and loyalty to Heaven created this connection to God. Do you know the hidden secret that allowed Abraham to become our spiritual ancestor? He loved God and faced Heaven alone, and he lived for the earth. Therefore, he could establish the foundation for a deep and wide relationship with Heavenly Father.

The foundation of substance

(12)  It is never easy to remove fallen nature. Even when trying to overcome long-term habits such as smoking or drinking, we go back and forth repeatedly. Then how can it be easy to remove our deeply rooted fallen nature, passed through our bloodline for many thousands of years? It is impossible by human effort alone. Even if you make God the center of your life, attend Him with absolute faith, and struggle throughout your whole life, it is a difficult battle. There is no point in even attempting this unless you are ready to attend God as the True Parent, with absolute love greater than the love you have for your parents and children.

(13)  When God decides a course of action, He always establishes the positions of Cain and Abel. He teaches us through Cain. From this position, we ourselves have to pioneer the way of sorrow, pain and death. Since enduring and pioneering to the end is the way of restoration, even Jesus ended up being crucified on the cross. Through his resurrection the foundation of victory was laid, and the Holy Spirit descended. This was the decisive beginning from which Christianity spread to the world.

(14)  When Cain and Abel spheres are united into one nation and sovereignty, God's eternal, ideal kingdom of heaven on earth is established for the first time. The Unification Church has to go forward for that purpose, leading Cain and securing a foothold for the Parents. We need to do this constantly as they go forward. We need to make Cain and Abel families and Cain and Abel tribes. When we have a base that allows us to go forward and unite Cain and Abel nations, on that foundation our Parents can go forward to the world level.

(15)  Christianity is the elder brother that remains with us to the end. That being so, unless we become one with this elder brother, there is no way to avoid death. We are facing that fate. What is God's hope? It is that the Unification Church and Christianity will join hands. This is due to the Principle. The Parents can be recognized only when Cain and Abel become one. Through Cain and Abel, the Parents can be reclaimed. Yet, because of the separation and conflict between Cain and Abel, the Parents' way forward was blocked. Only when Cain and Abel unite and form a tribe on the world level will the Parents emerge. When that unity occurs in the democratic world, the groundwork will be laid for a world-level victory.

(16)  Today in the course of restoration, if you want to save Cain, you have to triple your effort. This will not work if you only give orders and do not know how to take orders. This is not the correct attitude. Abel shed his blood. It is a significant fact that he shed his blood to prepare the way for Cain to live. That is the standard for victory, and it is the way a pastor must go. As a pastor, you need to ask yourself whether you have taken an Abel-like responsibility for the members. You have to ask yourself if you have sincerely tried to raise up one person, as if it were your life's purpose.

(17)  Through the victorious foundation of Cain and Abel's unity, the Parents can appear on the earth. Once they are here, for the first time, we can receive blessings and heaven can start anew. We go to heaven not on our own, but by attending the Parents. We can say that the Parents have already appeared in the Unification Church, but the world-level Cain-Abel indemnity conditions are not complete, and the foundation of the blessed couples is not secure. As an Abel-side family representative, you have to be victorious and receive Heaven's blessing. The neighbors should bow down in tears and say, "Even if the world is destroyed, your family should be blessed." You can only stand in the eldest son position if your community bows down to you and reveres your family.

Section 3.  Our Course of Rebirth through True Parents

(1)  Everyone on earth should be born again through the True Parents. Born again means born anew. When Nicodemus came one night to Jesus and asked him about the meaning of being born again, Jesus answered him, "Are you a teacher of Israel, and yet, you do not understand these things?" (John 3:10) Rebirth means to be born again, to be born anew. What is being born again? A person who was born of false parents is born again through the True Parents. When being reborn and inheriting God's love, life, and lineage, one must have absolutely no relationship to the love, life, or lineage of Satan's world. You have to completely erase them from you mind


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