Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 244

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 3: Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents
Section 1: Our Life of Faith and the providence of Restoration, 14
Section 2: Our Course of Rebirth Through True Parents, 07


(14)  By analyzing God’s providence over the course of history, we come to understand that God has been looking for the original unfallen Adam and Eve. Through the Fall, humankind received the lineage of Satan; therefore, we can become God’s people only by reconnecting to His lineage. Even though the descendants of Adam and Eve became evil, God sent Jesus so they could reclaim their original position by believing in him. This has been His hope. But until today, how many people have reclaimed the original position of unfallen Adam and Eve by believing in Jesus? Not one.

(15)  How much do you really understand that you were born through false parents? If someone has a disease, that person must be healed. If that person is weak, we do not aim only to return him or her from that weak state, but to a state of perfect health. The same applies to fallen humankind. Since people have fallen into an evil state, we have to restore them. To save them, we have to raise them above the level at which they fell. What we call salvation is restoration. People born of false parents with original sin need rebirth through True Parents, who have gone beyond the original sin.

(16)  Restoration is like returning to the original seed. The perfection of restoration is the perfection of the seed. Until now, humankind could not find that true seed. Through the Fall, Satan seized the central root, the central stalk and the central shoot. These could not grow straight; instead, they were bent over. Thus, no one could harvest a perfect seed. All seeds came under the love of Satan, who has invaded the world.

(17)  The terms Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent relate to the level and focus of the course of salvation and restoration. No one has been able to enter heaven. Even Jesus is in paradise. All people have been born from fallen parents and fallen ancestors, and have lived in conflict and sin. But raising people to the level Adam and Eve reached before the Fall will not fulfill our entire hope. Religious people have lived in hope. The original hope of all people is to become perfect and ideal people with the true nature of the ideal of creation, and to realize the ideal world. This is the Will of God. It requires rebirth as an individual who has perfected God’s ideal of love. It requires marriage as husband and wife of true love, and then becoming true parents.

Section 2.  Our Course to Meet True Parents

(1)  We have to search for True Parents and then fulfill our filial duty to those parents. Adam and Eve did not fulfill their duty of filial piety to God. Originally, they were to have had children only after fulfilling that duty. Then they should have taught their children to follow that way. As a result, a tribe was to appear with a God-centered tradition of heart. In order to establish that tribe, God has worked through six thousand years of history.

Meeting True Parents

(2)  We may have thought that if we could only meet God, that would be enough. Yet, human beings still feel distant from Him. Simply put, because our ancestors could not become true ancestors, we could not have True Parents and we could not become true children. This being so, even if we were victorious over Satan, we could know God only from the perspective of an adopted child. To have a direct relationship with God, we have to attend the True Parents.

(3)  What is our ultimate purpose? It is to return to God. It is to experience love directly with God. To do so, we have to meet the True Parent. If you were to meet the True Parent in his youth, that time should not be seen only as one person's youth, but as a time of historical destiny. It is the time that traverses the age of the adopted child and that of the direct child. Although he is an individual like you and me, he has the unique value of being able to connect the individual to the whole; thus, we can become counterparts of the Absolute Being. Therefore, when we attend the True Parents, the value of an individual who began as a servant of servants, or as a servant, or as an adopted child, rises to that of a direct child. Only by attending True Parents can we connect to them and form an eternal bond with them.

(4)  In what kind of place would you want to meet the Messiah? Where would you want to meet the bridegroom, Jesus? How would you prepare, and how would you want to look when you went before him? These are serious questions. Would Jesus want a bride who welcomed him with a radiant lamp of glory, saying, "You are my bridegroom." Or would he want a miserable-looking bride, weeping uncontrollably in a lonely place like Gethsemane, saying, "My ancestors could not fulfill their responsibility"? How would you answer? Before meeting the bride of glory, the Lord seeks the bride of suffering. You attain the qualification to become the bride by going through the destined way of the bride of suffering. This is the course of restoration. If a child seeks to resolve the sorrow of his or her father, the child must experience a deeper sorrow than that of the father.

(5)  In the course of the providence of restoration the individual has hurdles to overcome. Until now, the six-thousand-year history has been to find the one lost Adam. It has taken six thousand years to find one perfect man. At a certain point in time, one individual overcomes all hurdles and attains perfection. Only by overcoming these obstacles can a new eternal bond with God be formed. Today is that time, that age of hope, for which humankind has been longing. Furthermore, the person who has come to the earth as one perfected man is the Savior for whom all people have been waiting. This is our understanding of the Savior, the Messiah.

(6)  The True Parents come only once in all eternity. America needs them, Christians need them, Buddhists need them, each country needs them. They are the central figures who are needed by everyone, from the individual to the family, tribe, people and nation. Originally, True Parents should have taken care of all things, but because of the Fall, false parents appeared and all was lost. Therefore, True Parents will come to transform and resolve everything. If you follow True Parents first as an individual, and then as a family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, you will go to heaven. Up until now you believed in the Unification Church and followed True Parents as an individual and you wanted to go to heaven, but that's not enough. If your family believes, you follow as a family; if all at once the nation believes, you will follow with the nation, and if suddenly the whole world believes, everyone will go to heaven.

(7)  Because God has gone forward selflessly, I could not go forward thinking of myself. God has been looking for a person such as me. Without finding such a person on earth, one who could pay indemnity, He could not resolve his sorrow.  God's six-thousand-year history of sorrow dwells in my family. Enemies within and without have persecuted and tried to stop me. God also walked this path. This came about because of our wrongdoing. No one has been able to understand God's deep heart. In this environment, God struggled to find and raise up the family of His ideal. Now that the True Parents have come forth, you too have to walk the same path. You cannot go this way without resolving the past, and you cannot go this way thinking of your family. You need to know how great my internal suffering was. I should be able to forget my suffering by looking at your families. Blessed families should become a shield around the Parents' family, and should be able to demonstrate excellence. They should be families that represent a new world. Even now, there should be people who are striving to become those families.


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