Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 243

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 3: Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents
Section 1: Our Life of Faith and the providence of Restoration, 01-13


CHAPTER 3  Our Life of Faith and Course to Emulate True Parents

Section 1.  Our Life of Faith and the Providence of Restoration

(1)  In this age, to receive the new Messiah, we must repeat the history of the restoration of Israel. We must become people of faith who absolutely believe God's Word and dismiss the corrupt ideologies of this world. We need such people of faith. We are not distracted by worldly glory or fame. We have to sever our ties with that world and go forward as a separate people, for the sake of the new Messiah. In this way, we discover the historical formula course that can stand within the realm of God's love.

The way of the Principle of Restoration

(2)  You have probably heard the Divine Principle lectures several times. They include the Principle of Restoration, the formula for fallen humankind to find God. How does that formula proceed? It is not through knowledge or through mere words; it is through the heart. If we look at Adam's family, Cain and Abel's positions were determined by heart. What matters is who loves God more, not who receives more of God’s love.

(3)  The Divine Principle is the way to become God's sons and daughters. It also inspires us to become loyal citizens, virtuous women, devoted sons and dutiful daughters. Our original mind leads us to become an elder or younger brother or sister to Jesus, and a devoted son or daughter, man or woman loyal to God. The Unification Church Principle has never been understood before. It is a unique teaching that cannot be displaced, even in the future. Therefore, we must be bold. After I debated with the founders of numerous historical religions, God acknowledged the truth of the Principle. In the near future, the Unification Church will move the world. Moving Korea will not be a problem. The Divine Principle is the fruit of the past, of the present and of the future. All people must follow it as a higher truth, a higher ideology, a higher Will, and a higher way of living and acting.

(4)  People should follow the Principle. You sow seeds in spring, in summer, the plants develop fully, and in autumn, they bear fruit. In winter you should put things in order, carrying the essence of new seeds of life deep within your heart. Only then will you have seeds to plant again when spring returns. This means that you should become parents and raise sons and daughters who will resemble you in the future.

(5)  Restoration is carried out based on the Principle of Creation. God originally established the law of eternal love centered on Adam and Eve. We have to follow that law; otherwise we undermine heavenly law. Breaking the law of eternal love negates the value of humankind, and even of God. Therefore, restoration can only be accomplished through re-creation.

The course of separation from Satan

(6)  Heaven does not judge humanity out of hatred. The purpose of God's providence is to strike Satan and separate us from him—the one who betrayed God, rules through evil, and made us as we are today. God's goal is not to snatch us and cast us into a cauldron of death. God's goal is to eradicate Satan, who tempted humankind and threw the earth into confusion. Therefore, God keeps warning us through our original minds, saying, "Don't go this way. Avoid this path; go out and fight. View the fallen world as your enemy." The further we go, the more He tries to warn us, as people of conscience, to change our ways.

(7)  Separation from Satan does not just happen. It can never occur while living comfortably like the people of Satan's world. You have to do that which is difficult and disliked by the people of Satan's world. Satan dislikes the way of the cross, the way of suffering and sacrifice. Therefore, we have to go down to the bottom. Since Satan likes to go up, we have to go down to the bottom. We have to separate from Satan by going down to the bottom. We fulfill our portion of responsibility only by completely separating from him.

(8)  According to the Principle, when we enter a love relationship we are overwhelmed by love. God Himself established this Principle, so He cannot deny it. Satan distorted this law. If God had intervened by striking Satan and banishing him, He would have broken His own Principle of love, so this was not an option. All the problems of history arose from this. Therefore, the providence of salvation is to separate Adam and Eve from Satan and repair this broken situation.

(9)  Sacrificial rites have often involved the shedding of blood. There have been many conflicts in the course of history. People have struggled with the power of Satan and the power of evil spirits. God has to separate good from evil. Rather than cutting people in half, God has instructed us to make sacrificial offerings. These offerings divided people between Heaven's side and Satan's side. Therefore, when people successfully carried out a sacrificial offering they could, for the first time, go beyond the level of the fallen angel. This is why the practice of religious sacrifice emerged.

(10)  We have to make Satan surrender. How can we overpower him? The only way is by embodying the Word. The Fall separated us from the Word. It resulted from our failure to embody the Word. According to the Principle of Restoration through indemnity, our character is perfected when we are one with the Word. What does it mean to perfect our character and become one with the Word? It is to stand in the position of an unfallen person. Such a person has the authority to subjugate the archangel. Unless you go to the front line and bring Satan to surrender, you have no right to enter the realm of God’s love.

(11)  You need to set indemnity conditions in order to separate from Satan. Satan has taken root in your body, through your lineage. You are of Satan's bloodline, and thus, cannot go to heaven unless you are reborn. You have to be born again. The principle of being born again applies here. Because your lineage is different, you have to be engrafted to a new lineage. You have to deny your entire life and set conditions of indemnity in order to be engrafted to my foundation.

Restoration to our original state

(12)  What happened to the garden of heart that existed before the Fall? What happened to the world of our destiny, to that noble position where we could rejoice and relate happily with God? We lost that. It wasn't just that God would have loved Adam and Eve. He would have acknowledged them, saying, "You are my eternal son and daughter." When they fell, they had not yet attained the position where God could give them dominion over all heaven and earth, where all things in the universe would follow their command, where even the archangel would obey them. Instead, they fell because the archangel dominated them. They were the son and daughter of the Master, but they fell before they had attained the full status and authority of the son and daughter.

(13)  Before the Fall, God had intended to give all of heaven and earth to Adam and Eve. He intended them to inherit and substantiate His internal nature as well. Upon giving them heaven and earth, He wanted to make them lords of creation.  What greater inheritance could there be? From the day that Adam and Eve fell, God took care of heaven, earth and humankind. He had been progressing toward the day that He could say, "What is Mine is yours." God has been working toward this with the same hope, until today. He wants to say, "Even though you are you, you are Me. Your family is My family; your society is My society; your country is My country. And your world is also My world." God has taken on all the work of heaven and earth, while searching for someone to whom He can bequeath it.


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