Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 242

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 6: Life with the Goal of Mind-Body Unity, 15-25


The daily life of a blessed family

(15)  As blessed families, we need to bring our heart into oneness with God. We have to become one body with God, united with God's Will. Only when we accomplish this can we become a family that goes forward representing the ideal of creation. No one can determine their value as an individual outside the context of their family. We are the embodiment of God’s heart and hope. We are the substance of God’s heart, in the position to represent His Will.

(16)  Blessed families have to be role models for all humanity and for the countless churches in the world. Our families have to complete and indemnify the responsibilities that Joseph's family was unable to fulfill. Furthermore, we must, as a religious body, overcome and fulfill through indemnity the responsibilities Joseph's tribe, as well as Judaism, could not fulfill. Our responsibility is to resolve and overcome at once on the national level all the failures that transpired on the levels of family and tribe.

(17)  What is the blessed family's duty? Their duty is to inherit the nation, the world and eventually the love of God. Blessed families have the authority to inherit the nation and the love of God. This special authority comes from the Blessing, which bestows on blessed families the power to inherit the coming kingdom of God and His love. The Unification Church can speak about the world of heart, and the heart of history, because it brings the love of God and allows us to connect with God and His kingdom. Thus, the family is the issue.

(18)  Blessed families have to be patriotic, invested in the establishment of the heavenly kingdom. Whether they are asleep or awake, their entire daily life has to move according to Heaven's command. From the viewpoint of the spirit world, blessed families on earth are similar to the heavenly kingdom's emissaries or intelligence agents. Blessed families live in constricted environments, deprived of freedom while being persecuted by Satan's world. Therefore, in order to expose all the wrongs Satan's world perpetrates, blessed families have to risk everything, including their livelihood, get active, and expand their ability.

(19)  I place blessed families in the forefront. However, this is of no use if blessed families do not suffer hardships and shed tears for heaven and earth in their daily life. One who never sheds tears is a false person. In the Last Days, everything will be revealed. We have to shed tears, but not over what we can eat. We have to shed tears to fulfill our given responsibility. We are engaged in a battle against an enemy. We are officers entrusted with an executive order to capture the enemy's base. It is ours to spend sleepless nights shedding tears due to this responsibility.

(20)  Receiving the Blessing resurrects you to the level at which Adam and Eve stood before the Fall. What then should you do? You still have to go through the completion stage, and for that you need to fully understand God's heart. To perceive His heart, you need to know the internal circumstances surrounding God's tireless endeavors to redeem fallen human beings. Just as God offered His only Son and entrusted him with the responsibility to resurrect all humanity, blessed families are to go forward into Satan's world while offering their children. Blessed families are to live carrying their children on their backs in the same manner that Mary and Joseph carried Jesus and escaped to Egypt. Furthermore, when they see their beloved children going hungry, the parents have to say, "We are living this way for the sake of the world; surely our loving Father will protect them." God will certainly raise their children to a position equivalent to that of the Lord who returns to this world in the flesh. So we remain standing until the end to accomplish our responsibilities. Those who demand, "Serve me, I am from a blessed family," will be swept away.

(21)  Have blessed families based their life on God and His Will? They have not done so. They have led self-centered lives. We can create the garden of love only when our life's motive, objective and purpose are centered on God and His Will. Then we initiate a give and receive relationship with God as our subject partner, attending Him as object partners. Within that relationship, God's love will pour down.

(22)  What kind of people should you become? As families of Heaven, you have to abide by rules and principles. Blessed families lead hard lives for the sake of their tribe. You cannot sleep when others around you go to sleep. You cannot eat when others are eating. Blessed families must raise the families within their tribe. You have to stand in the position of parents raising children. When the families you raise are in pain, you should feel even greater pain. You have to be people who cannot bear the sight of someone in your neighborhood going hungry. You should bring something to that person with the heart, "It is better that I go without food than let you starve. I cannot be one who eats when someone has nothing to eat."

(23)  Blessed families know how to embrace and love their babies, but for what purpose were those babies born? They were born because of God and because of their relationship to God. You share secrets with your precious husband or your precious wife, but you did not design your relationship. You met along a public path, following a heavenly principle. God intervened to create your meeting. Because He was involved, the more your children are in misery, the more God feels misery. For this reason, the more that this is the case, the more you should offer conditions, firm up your outlook, and go forward with integrity, following your beliefs and principles, as one in whom God can place His trust. If you do so, you certainly will overcome all obstacles. This undeniable truth is based on my experience fighting for God throughout my entire life.

(24)  Blessed families, reflect on the hardships I have had to overcome for your sake, and raise descendants who can overcome hardships greater than those I have endured. This is the view of the Principle. The Israelites who followed Moses out of Egypt had to go a path of tribulation similar to the one Moses followed. Up to the moment Moses set out on his course, he was immersed in Egyptian customs. Nonetheless he had to preserve the realm of the chosen people, not surrendering the traditions that he had to uphold as an Israelite. In this way, the life Moses led until becoming their leader was one of affliction greater than that of any among the people of Israel. Therefore, as they followed Moses, the Israelites should have recognized that Moses' hardships exceeded the difficulties they were facing. With this in mind, the Israelites should have crossed the wilderness and reached the Promised Land of Canaan within three weeks. This was the problem. If you stand in the position of a child, you have to overcome difficulties greater than those of your parents. A patriot in a nation should endeavor to sacrifice more than does the king. This is the Principle.

(25)  Blessed families of the Unification Church must find their own nation. You must recover a nation. Adam and Eve lost the nation. Therefore, finding the nation became Adam and Eve's inescapable destiny. Since God and True Parents have intervened, finding the nation is inevitable and is our destiny. We cannot realize it through money or other such means. We can do it only through our blood being shed. We have to stand before the altar of our blood.

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