Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 217

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 3: The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World, 32-39


(32)  Today should be better than yesterday. What constitutes better? It is giving your ancestors the Blessing. You should bless your parents and grandparents on the earth, your ancestors in the spirit world, and your family and relatives. Centered on your clan, you should bless your descendants and save your ancestors, who are in the position of Cain. If the way to the Blessing is blocked, no one will save them. If you clearly know this and yet fail to carry it out, who will take responsibility? No one will. You have to take care of your own clan.

(33)  You who are on earth should become brothers to the eldest brother in the spirit world. On earth, you should cooperate with and consummate the work being done by the eldest brother. This cannot be done in the spirit world. You need to keep this in mind; you should pray daily for your ancestors and ask them for assistance. Only then can you fulfill your responsibility to make everything right on earth. When you complete what your ancestors failed to carry out on earth, the heavenly world can be liberated. This is crucial; you have to understand it in detail. Not only your life but the lives of all your ancestors depend on your settling this. You need to carry out on earth, as the younger sibling, what your eldest brother is doing throughout the spirit world. The final responsibility rests not with those in the spirit world but with you.

(34)  When we go through the gates to the kingdom of heaven, a paradise for families and a hell for families will emerge. Our ancestors need to indemnify this.  Through their sacrifice, the sacrifice of hundreds of people, our ancestors have to set up one family to represent the tribe. The Unification Church on earth should be the center, not the saints or renowned ancestors in the next world. When Unification Church members ascend, they should connect to the living members of their tribe and, on that basis, to their future descendants. Only if they reach perfection and enter the kingdom of heaven can others follow them. That is why we are currently uniting our tribes.

(35)  Adam and Eve failed to stand in a public position, and thus, left behind a condition for accusation. Had they stood in a public position and succeeded in the way of sacrifice, they would have been free of accusation from their descendants, all of humankind. You are standing in a similar position. Therefore, you should always keep in mind, "I represent three eras." The spirit world is in your hands; in other words, your ancestors are at your mercy. The spirit world, your relatives, and your country are all in your hands. Even the task of setting the right tradition for your future descendants is in your hands. Whether you as one person do well or poorly will determine whether your ancestors and relatives in the spirit world can be liberated and whether your descendants can become the liberated chosen people.

(36)  Thanks to the help of your ancestors, you came to join the Unification Church and to lay your foundation up to this point. Nevertheless, if you break the laws of Heaven they will take away everything, even your own children. Further, when you come to the spirit world, they will take you to another place in the spirit world and make you wait at the gates to the kingdom of heaven. You will not be able to enter. Even when your grandfather and grandmother and your friends follow and enter the gates of the kingdom of heaven, those who boasted of their knowledge, money, or power, or deceived the church about their marriage, will not be able to enter. They will have to wait in front of the gates.

(37)  Since we have mobilized the spirit world, those in the archangelic realm that have received the Blessing are our ancestors, and yet, are not ancestors. There is the archangelic realm and there is the blessed archangelic realm; this division into two came about because of the Fall. Our ancestors are in the archangelic realm, and those who have been blessed can come down to earth and protect the members of their clan—those who are already blessed and those who should be blessed—and serve them as elder brothers. The nation and the world can be brought together based on the unity of these two. Therefore, you must not fall behind them, you must not lose out to those in the spirit world. You must work proudly, standing at the forefront.

(38)  Families on earth are in the position of Adam's family, the original blessed family, and in the elder brother position. Since the lineage of those in the spirit world was changed, they need to come down to earth. The younger brother must be engrafted to the older brother and become one with him. Based on the standard set when the Holy Spirit and the substantial mother united, on the foundation of the elder brother on earth and the younger brother in the spirit world having united, the mother has to achieve oneness within herself. Then, with the mother who is one in spirit and body at the center, the families whose siblings are united come together and attend the parents. Then the brothers on earth, whose relationship had not been based on their connection to the parents, establish their relationship, reach perfection, and become one with the heavenly world. Then the blessed families in the spirit world can serve the blessed families on earth as their elder brothers for the first time. Because they attend them as their elder brothers, the right of the eldest son is finally restored. When the right of the eldest son is restored, the spirits enter the position of being one with God.

(39)  Because we proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, the good angelic world is coming down and expelling all the evil spirits of the evil archangelic realm. This restores the spiritual right of the eldest son. Because that had been reversed, everyone on Satan's side attacked God. Now the era has come in which God's side attacks, not only in the spirit world but also on earth. Because I knew such a time was coming, I told you to fulfill your tribal messiah responsibility.  Tribal messiahs are the true parents of their tribe. They are the ancestors. Once they have secured their position as ancestors, their descendants will follow them automatically. Be bold and self-confident. The restoration of the right of the eldest son, restoration of the right of parents, the restoration of kingship, and restoration of the realm of the royal family bring history to a conclusion. On this basis, I declared True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. What does this mean? It means that the right of the eldest son now belongs to God and True Parents.

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