Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 218

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training

Chapter 1: What Is a Life of Faith
Section 1: A Life of Faith, 01-12


CHAPTER 1   What Is a Life of Faith?

Section 1.  A Life of Faith

(1)  In leading a life of faith, you cannot be a spectator. You follow me, but you should not practice your life of faith centered on me; you have to practice it centered on yourself. So you must preserve your way of faith irrespective of what others do. A life of faith centered on Heaven is a life of gratitude and contentment in the deepest sphere of the heart, unlike any experience you may have with a person who is close to you. Our life of faith should be such that, no matter how evil the world may be, we can look at heaven and earth and say, "I am grateful; I am happy." If we cannot feel this way, then in this sad circumstance, we must determine ourselves anew and pray, "I am a sinner. Please grant me the courage I lack."

A true view of faith

(2)  With faith, nothing is impossible. We need faith. We need to think, "The prime subject partner is God and I am His object partner. The perfect plus creates the perfect minus. Hence, I was created to reach the position of a second God, second Jesus, and second True Parent, and I can attain this position." You may wonder how I am able to undertake worldwide activities by myself, alone. It is because I have this kind of philosophy and because I work on the national level. Thus, you need to clearly promise me, "We will inherit your philosophy and live according to it!"

(3)  I have brought four great truths to the world of faith. First, I clarified the relationship between God and human beings. I also gave a clear explanation about the portion of human responsibility and indemnity—things that no one in history had known about before. We did not know why human beings are as they are today. I made this point clear. I then explained why life is difficult for conscientious people, while evil people live well. No one has known about the law of indemnity or the problem of Cain and Abel. Finally, I explained why, even though people seek goodness, situations often get worse, little by little. This is an issue of lineage; it is due to our blood being tainted by Satan. This question has been unresolved due to the fundamental ignorance concerning the problem of lineage. All the problems of the world are related to the issue of lineage.

(4)  A life of faith until now has been a quest to find the true self. It has been a quest to rise from the position of fallen Adam and Eve and create the original sinless self. Now, what is God's ultimate wish? First, it is for sinless individuals to form families based on His love. Then through such families whom God can love, the tribe, the nation, and the world can be redeemed. This is God's overarching Will.

(5)  Heaven made limitless efforts to enable us—human beings living with our earthly human hopes—to go over the peak of death with new hope and to live with reverence for the eternal world. Therefore, people who live a life of faith should not live embracing only our earthly hopes but should live dreaming of the eternal world of hope that can conquer even death. To achieve this aim, we practice our life of faith continuously.

(6)  Anyone who can experience God’s heart, so that he or she feels every shock and impulse within Heaven's sphere of heart, is unstoppable. No matter what kind of persecution he or she faces, even walking the way of death, such a person would be relentless. This heart touches the mind and moves the body. Devout believers in this secular world today, walking step by step through their daily lives, are thus advancing toward the infinite realm, even if they don't realize it.

(7)  God does not want Christians with a life of faith that puts their denomination first. Even though I put up the signboard of the Unification Church, my concern is, "When will I be able to take it down?" Although you may be identified as Unification Church members, the question is, when will this type of identification cease in this land of Korea? Unification Church members all over the world are exerting their utmost effort to relieve God's sorrowful heart. With devoted and loyal hearts, these members walk a path of tribulation in God’s place. Unification Church members with the highest level of resolve are ready to sacrifice themselves for this work. This is a blessed path to be on.

(8)  It is with grave concern that God looks upon your notion of faith. If I were not on this earth, I wonder how many of you would remain. I bet a fight would break out. I am looking at you and wondering, how many among you are willing to die for God's Will? You have to be serious about this. You need to reflect on the issue of how much devotion you have offered for your wife and children in your family, and how much devotion you have offered for the members of your church.

(9)  A person who is unable to sow seeds of compassion will not have an enduring life of faith. The same applies to me. Even though it was because of my public position that I was late for a service, I enter with prayer. There are times when I am unable to attend Sunday Service. Whenever this happens, I offer a prayer of repentance. The members put their faith in me and offer sincere devotions, seeking for blessings and solutions to life-or-death situations. So, as the person bearing the subject partner's responsibility for the members, if I am unable to attend a Sunday Service, I offer a prayer asking for forgiveness. Such prayers are necessary.

(10)  We need to sacrifice and advance for the sake of the world. The time required to achieve a goal will be reduced in proportion to the sacrifice made by the person seeking to achieve that goal—the amount of sacrifice offered for the sake of the object partner. We in Korea must live for the sake of Korea, but if Korea is unwilling to live for the sake of the world, we must live for the sake of the world. By raising people or descendants who share my faith and philosophy, and by establishing a foundation whereby my philosophy can be bequeathed to posterity for tens of thousands of generations, Unification Thought will be the Thought that engenders a new global culture. This is my view, and it is God’s view.

(11)  You need to have zest in your life of faith. In the past, when I sent you out to the countryside to witness, I used to visit the Tongil business two or three times every day. I also visited Cheongpyeong every other day. What was the purpose of having such a hectic schedule? I had a zest for the work  I could feel what ordinary people could not feel. In that situation, when I offered devotions going from place to place, all the cells of my soul became alive, generating spiritual power. We need this kind of experience. Thus, whether it rains or snows, we need zest in our life of faith.

(12)  The Lord comes to this earth to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. What kind of place is the kingdom of heaven? It is where those people go who are qualified to attend the Lord and who successfully lead lives of attendance. The kingdom of heaven is the world where, before the entire universe, we can be eternally proud of preparing and actualizing a life of attendance. Do you know what people are doing in the kingdom of heaven? Some may think it is simply a place to play and walk around, but it is not so. Even to play and walk around, you must have made preparations and real-life conditions. However, people often pray for blessings without making any real effort. Therein lies the primary reason that divinely inspired people have difficulties as they advance. Even tremendous grace from God will not last beyond seven years.

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