Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 216

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 3: The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World, 22-31

The cooperation of ancestors and the responsibility of descendants

(22)  You need to know the truth about how terrifying and fearsome the relationship between you and me is. If you take a wrong step, you will ruin everyone in your family and clan and all your relatives. If you take a right step, everyone, from your ancestors in the spirit world to the present members of your tribe, and even your future descendants, will live. In other words, you are standing in the awesome position whereby your actions determine whether or not they will live. It is still the case that I have to bring completely ignorant people with me to cross over to the global level, so even if you cannot become my substantial object partner, at least be like my shadow, and follow me.

(23)  You must liberate your ancestors. To liberate them you have to love your ancestors in the spirit world and invest in them more than in your family and relatives on earth. Otherwise, your ancestors who have gone to hell will not be able to come back to earth. Therefore, you should be able to stand at the center, call those families together, and help them. Only then can you be one with them. Those who invest more than others become central figures.

(24)  What should you consider most important in your family? You should hold on tightly to the teachings about the spirit world and about the True Parents on the earth. That is the path through which you can go over the walls in the spirit world and head toward the original, liberated kingdom of heaven. That is why you need to conduct hoondokhae. When you make a mistake on earth, what will your ancestors do? Until the present day, Satan, having overturned the world of Adam on the earth, has dispensed blessing or misfortune as he pleased. Actually, he dispensed misfortune, not blessing. This makes it necessary for the descendants to offer devotions in order to be freed from the misfortune brought on by the archangel. This is what we are doing. In contrast to the actions of the archangel, the blessed families offer devotions for the sake of their descendants. Receiving the Blessing means the blood of True Parents has been bequeathed in a spiritual sense; therefore, blessed families have no blood ties with Satan.

(25)  From now on, when you go to your hometown for the Chuseok holiday you should hold a feast for your ancestors, but not only with your own relatives. If you celebrate that day, attending your ancestors and offering it to God, that celebration will connect to a celebration in heaven. It will not be only for your clan. When heaven and earth are harmonized, this world becomes one. Then, when you go to the next world, how much will the spirits who attended your feast welcome you? They will receive you as their ancestor. Through this work of liberating the spirit world and honoring those spirits, with one body and one thought, in accordance with the instructions of True Parents, the spirits can come to earth and cooperate with you. Since you have bequeathed the grace of liberation to those ancestors, they will always gather around you and assist you. Thus, the evil fortune of Satan, which leads to unhappiness, will be unable to invade and heavenly fortune will protect your environment.

(26)  Through True Parents, we have become ancestors who engender a new bloodline, and a blessed tribe through whom the realm of liberation can unfold. Our tribe will be of God's eternal and unchanging family and lineage. When this happens we will bid Satan farewell forever. This is why we in the Unification Church honor our ancestors. Does Christianity allow memorial services for ancestors? The Unification Church has such a tradition. It is not a secular tradition. The realm of the tribal messiah that connects the succeeding generations by serving the Heavenly Parent, the heavenly kingdom, and the heavenly ancestors, becomes the royal domain in which we can attend our ancestors for thousands of years. It will become the nation where we can attend the king in the eternal reign of peace. Only after having lived in such a nation can your parents, family, and clan go directly to heaven.

(27)  Now great chaos is arising in the spirit world. If you do not receive the Blessing, become the messiah for your family and your tribe, and perform the liberation of your ancestors up to seven generations, problems will arise. There is a saying, "He who gives the disease offers the remedy." All your ancestors are giving you diseases and offering you remedies. If you commit an improper act in Satan's world for which you have to pay indemnity, it is a serious problem. Restoration through indemnity is not possible. You will be caught and taken away; if you are taken, it is faster to set things right in the spirit world. Such an era is coming. There will be no indemnity period. Were not Adam and Eve punished immediately after they fell? It will be like that. Your ancestors will do everything. In the past, people tried to achieve restoration through their descendants, but now restoration will be achieved through the ancestors. Unmarried men and women on earth have been the body of Satan, but since we have blessed our ancestors in the spirit world, that "body" no longer exists. We have to transform them into good spirits. By blessing even the evil spirits who are on the earth, we transform them into good spirits.  Everything is reversed.

(28)  If you stand idle in the future, I will use whatever incentives or pressure it takes to guide you to heaven rather than to hell. I will do this even if I must be strong with you. In the future, when God's Will has been completed and the Constitution enacted, results will appear instantaneously. You will not need to make effort to love your enemy, because everything will happen according to law. For the time being, we are trying to save Satan's world and restore the right of the eldest son, so we have no choice but to work as we do. But these conditions will not last; changes are going to take place suddenly. This is the nature of the time we are in.

(29)  Because your ancestors come down from the spirit world to supervise you, you have to adapt to that. If you oppose them they will give you no peace. Your ancestors know that if the spirit world becomes biased against you because you violate its laws, the path for your tribe will be blocked. So they work to prevent that from happening. If you do not change, they will take you away or deal with you in many other ways. The enemy Satan, who comes from a different bloodline, has been doing this until now, but from now on your ancestors will do this. They want to cooperate with you and help you because it is their own clan that will move forward and benefit. They will give you blessings so you can multiply as many sons and daughters as are needed.  On the other hand, the ancestors of bad people, who only degrade things, will restrict or eliminate those people.

(30)  Your family is the third generation in front of God. Your family represents True Parents. Therefore, you should be better than I am. I was persecuted but you are not. Your own nation and the world welcome you; heaven and earth testify to you. Until now they were blocked from doing so. However, now everything has opened up, the entire spirit world, every corner of it exists as one current.  From now on, if you do not do what you should on earth, the spirits will take you away. If I tell someone's ancestors to take that person away because he or she is not working, they surely will do so; otherwise, those ancestors who were being abandoned would fall into the pits of hell. It would be a serious issue for those who had made their way up to paradise to fall all the way down to hell. The ancestors would be filled with such sorrow. Such difficulties have arisen in God's providence of salvation, and they will arise again.

(31)  When you go to the next world, your ancestors, going back thousands of generations, will be gathered there. Some generations of ancestors will have ended up in hell, and others will be in different places. Every ancestor will be at a different level. Those who lived for the sake of others will be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. This is why the saying, "If there is harmony in the family, all is well," is realized through me. Live for the sake of your family. If you serve your grandfather and grandmother at least three times, they will recognize what mistakes they have made.

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