Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 215

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 3: The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World, 15-21


Establishment of the right of the eldest son in the spirit world

(15)  In the spirit world, Heung-jin is the firstborn son of love, in the realm of love.  All the others in the spirit world stand in the position of his younger siblings. The positions are reversed. That is why we can say that the standard of heart for the right of the eldest son is settled in a principled position. In other words, with regard to the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the firstborn son in front of all people in the spirit world, and in front of Jesus and all the saints. That is why, from the viewpoint of the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the first son and the people who are born after him are second sons. Heung-jin can thus bequeath the right of the first son to the realm of the second son. But Satan did not want to pass on this right. In fact, he did not; instead, he stole it. On the other hand, Heung-jin, with the right of the eldest son, gives all the blessings he has to the earth. That is why he can connect heaven to earth. Heung-jin unceasingly endeavors to pass blessings on, whereas Satan's world has been trying not to bequeath everything. Since Heung-jin formed a conjugal relationship and established the foundation of a married couple, the walls that have divided the people in the spirit world are demolished. Those spirit selves can meet and cooperate with one another. Thus, they will have a foundation on earth through which they can cooperate and fulfill the hopes they could not fulfill during their lives on earth in the past. This is possible through the heart. Thanks to the True Parents' foundation of having paid indemnity, the global realm for which they paid indemnity has come under their dominion. It can, therefore, be said that those who have connected to the realm of heart, becoming one with Heung-jin, with True Parents at the center, can participate in the realm of dominion that True Parents have established on earth.

(16)  By virtue of Heung-jin's passing into the spirit world during his youth, as the beloved child of the True Parents, he and the spirit world are positioned to be in unity. The spirit world is thus connected to True Parents' family. He becomes the first son of the spirit world. He becomes the eldest brother there. Consequently, the realm of True Parents' love is extended to the spirit world. Jesus is to attend Heung-jin as his older brother. In this way, everyone there will come to connect with one another. Then, through their returning resurrection to earth, with a storm of spiritual support, Satan's world will begin to decline. It will fall drastically. The barriers that were erected after the Fall between the spirit world and the physical world will be eliminated. Through Heung-jin's passing, the spirit world connected to the earth in the realm of True Parents' love; therefore, we have entered an age in which the walls between the earthly world and the heavenly world have crumbled and interaction between the two worlds is possible.

(17)  People of the free world should love Heung-jin. Since Heung-jin set the condition of having loved all the people of the world rather than his own life, you are also spiritually connected to the bonds of love through which you can love others rather than your own life. Heung-jin went to the spirit world in place of his father. For that reason, when you love Heung-jin it is as if you are loving True Father. You can make such a condition. Loving Heung-jin forms a relationship of love with True Father. Until now, in the spirit world, there has been no center through which the spirit world could connect with True Parents. Through Heung-jin's passing, however, all the spirits who love him are considered to have made the condition of loving True Father. Furthermore, they are connected to the Unification Church. The Unification Church members on earth set the standard of fighting at the risk of their lives. In the spirit world, Heung-jin set the condition of becoming the representative of the spirit world that could connect True Parents' love with the earth. He thus stands in a position unprecedented in history. On earth, he showed an example to Unification Church members that they must love God's Will even at the cost of their lives. His message is "Love True Father." For the sake of the world, you need to walk the path of loving True Father. As a result of Heung-jin going to the spirit world, the spirit world was given the opportunity to love him. He thereby enabled a relationship of love with the True Parents on earth. Therefore, for the spirit world, the day he arrived there was the most joyful day in history. He is the one who has opened the gates of the spirit world as the messiah of love, whereas on earth, he opened the path of martyrdom. This is the reason Unification Church members should love Heung-jin.

(18)  Since Heung-jin is in the spirit world, he is the protector, taking responsibility to teach people. Those in the spirit world should resolve to make effort and to participate in his training to remove their shame over what they failed to accomplish on earth. True Parents are not a hollow shell. They are moving forward based on all substantial authority centered on the spirit world. This is why I can give the Blessing to people in the spirit world. Since the substantial authority of the True Parents exists in the spirit world, by blessing in unity those on earth and in the spirit world, the blessed people are destined to go to the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is empty. In order to populate it, the Blessing must be given on earth. Without the Blessing on earth, there can be no Blessing in the spirit world.

(19)  I will go to Cheongpyeong, take good care of Jesus' family, establish ties of brotherhood between Jesus and Heung-jin, and bless all the Christian apostles.  The Unification Church stands in the position of Abel, and Christianity stands in the position of Cain. How can we bring them together? They need to be completely united, both spiritually and physically. Heung-jin, a true child, stands in the position of Abel. He is in the position of the eldest son. Jesus is the eldest son on the Cain side. By connecting the earthly world with the spirit world, the Unification Church and the Christian world can be blessed at the same time. In addition, white people, black people, people of all races should be blessed with each other so that in the future there will be mixed-race descendants. Then there will be no more fighting.  Who will resolve the very troubling racial problems in America? Who can bring that conflict to an end? This is something beyond the power of any person or organization in America. Even the religious community cannot resolve it. This is possible only through me.

(20)  I plan to build a center for experiential education, even in the spirit world. We must teach the traditions of the world's faiths and religions and, second, the secular philosophies related to them. We must teach Unification Thought, which can overcome communism. Because the spirit world is divided up, people there do not know these things. We must teach them that God is their Parent and teach them to become His beloved sons and daughters and establish ideal families.

(21)  Presently a thorough cleanup is taking place in the spirit world. I will probably leave the earth and go to the heavenly world in the not-too-distant future, but the citizens of those realms are not yet prepared. They are waiting for that time. For that reason, we are holding one hundred-day workshops to create new, good spirits who can receive the Blessing through their descendants on earth, and they are waiting for the day of my arrival. Paradise and hell came about due to false parents, so it is True Parents who must set things straight and become the eternal and unchanging rulers of all eternity, based on the one sovereignty of the purified heavenly kingdom of God, on earth and in heaven; that is, the unified kingdom of heaven. God's ideal of creation is that the True Parents be the Lords of glory and splendor, reigning over all nations in peace and prosperity for tens of thousands of generations. We need to establish that world.


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