Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 214

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 3: The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World, 05-14


(5)  All spirits in the heavenly world receive the Blessing as elder siblings and ancestors, and they protect those on earth from all directions—east, west, north, and south—so those on earth can perfect the ideal family of the Abel realm. In other words, the entire spirit world returns to earth and cooperates with those on earth by protecting, nurturing, and accompanying them so they can enter the heavenly kingdom in a satisfactory way. These spirits are blood relatives who possess the love, life, and lineage of God. They share the one, unified heart that goes beyond the boundaries of village, nation, race, and religion. They are of the same universal bloodline. Their color is universal.

(6)  In the spirit world, there are no such concepts as far and near. Since that world transcends time and space, no matter where your home is, it is in your field of vision. This is why spirits can help you at any time, across any distance. In such a manner, spirits moving in the spirit world come down to earth frequently, following their network. As the number of spirits who come down to a village increases gradually and they start relieving one another, they can carry out a campaign to eradicate the evil spirits in that village. Thus, the environment is naturally purified. They carry out that kind of campaign. They come down to earth and form connections centering on their relatives. When they return to the spirit world, their efforts become indemnity and form a proportional foundation for them to go to a better place. Therefore, even the spirit world will enter an era of competition.

(7)  Now the ancestors in the spirit world must be deployed to the earth, and who is the person who can deploy them? God cannot deploy them; to do so would violate the Principle. I am the one who must deploy them. No matter where they were born, they are to return to their birthplace, their hometown. All will return. You enable your ancestors to rise above paradise and go to the kingdom of heaven by having them participate in Blessing activities. This is logically correct. Do you know what virtuous people have lived in your hometown and passed on? You should surpass them. When we think that the spirits who died with sorrow and regret are returning to the earth and that they are coming to where we live to cooperate with us and attend us as if we were their elder siblings and their rulers, we should become the best there is.

(8)  If God were to look down upon this neighborhood, He couldn't help but shed tears because the people here are destined for hell. That being the case, you should feel of your own accord the desire to shed tears in His place. When the power of resonance enters you, enabling you to shed tears with the heart of God, the entire spirit world is mobilized. As human beings, you should be moved to tears in God's presence. You cannot communicate with the spirit world unless you reach a position where God can say, "Thank you! The descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve are much better than the Adam and Eve of old," and then be moved to shed tears Himself. Only when God is moved to tears, asking, "How could the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, the descendants of traitors, come to be like this?" will the spirit world come to your assistance. It is from there that the spirit world opens. Anything less than that will never work. This is the Principle.

(9)  We have to mobilize the spirit world. How can heaven be built without mobilizing the spirit world? It cannot. Heaven is supposed to begin from the True Parents, not from the fallen descendants who have existed until now. Just as the angelic world helped when Adam was created, the spirit world should come down to earth and help at the time of re-creation. Otherwise, it cannot be achieved.

(10)  When your entire family comes to believe in God, and the grandfather and grandmother, sons and daughters, and grandchildren take charge of this and that responsibility, the family can function as three generations. When this happens, you restore your parents and thus, all at once, your grandparents and their parents and their parents' parents—in short, your ancestors over thousands and tens of thousands of generations. The age is coming when the spirit world can return to the earth. The system on earth determines the system in the spirit world. They become one. When such an amazing thing takes place, will not the spirit world be overjoyed? This being so, the era of the victory of religion has now come. In other words, the era of the victory of the spirit world has come.

(11)  Thanks to the coming of Jesus upon the earth, the good ancestors who preceded him were able to transition from the form-spirit level of the spirit world to the life-spirit level. Likewise, your ancestors have come into a realm of special privilege where they can return to earth through the conditions you set on the earth. If you understand this aspect of the Will and become a branch of the victory, then you are in the position where you can become a life-spirit and your ancestors will cooperate. In the same way, you should become the base upon which thousands of generations of your good ancestors can return to earth. The era of Jesus was one in which the spirit world helped conditionally for the sake of resurrection to the life-spirit level, but now is the era in which you can achieve the divine-spirit level at which the spirit world helps unconditionally for the sake of resurrection. Since such an era has come, there is no greater blessing. The point is that the spirit world is helping you.

(12)  On earth, we have transcended the Blessing, the world, and everything in it, and have come into the environment in which everyone can acknowledge that. Furthermore, as we have the environment everyone needs, the question now is how we can set the standard for the accomplishment of liberation and create joy. You all need to carry out this task. Aren't you supposed to make God happy first? When God rejoices together with your ancestors, the entire spirit world, tens of thousands of generations, can rejoice. They are as one body. Therefore, you have to know God, and you have to know the spirit world. Isn't that how people need to live? What does it mean when we tell ourselves that we want to love others, want to make a good impression, and be outstanding? It means we want to create an environment that can be better and leave good future generations. Doesn't it mean we want to establish wonderful descendants in the coming generations, who will stand as the nucleus and who will affect the nation and move into the most prominent positions? It is very simple, an unavoidable conclusion. To the degree you do not receive this, you will be disciplined in both the heavenly world and the earthly world.

(13)  In the Unification Church, we have the spirit world liberation ceremony. There are ceremonies for ancestor liberation and for ancestor Blessing. The blessed family members of the Unification Church cannot attend their ancestors just as they are. We can attend them as heavenly families representing God only providing we have blessed our elder and younger siblings, our mothers and aunts, and any others in spirit world. Now that time has come. It is not idol worship.

(14)  Until now, many babies have gone to the spirit world. Does the word "Blessing" exist for them? It does not. But True Parents came to earth, severed the lineage of Satan's world, and resolved all conditions of indemnity. As a result, based on the blessed families in the spirit world, those who died as babies have been raised until they are sixteen years old, and then blessed. Children grow even in the spirit world. When the parents care for their baby and the family commemorates the day on which the child was born, the baby grows. When conditions are offered on the child's behalf, such growth is possible. And if there are good ancestors, ancestors of several generations, the baby can be raised within the realm of their care. I gave the Blessing to the babies who had gone to the spirit world and who have been raised to the age of sixteen and above.

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