Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 213

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 2: Divine Spiritual Works and Spiritual Phenomena, 10
Section 3: The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World, 04


(10) We who live today can witness spiritual phenomena in the world. It is a historical fact that no matter the age or time, the realm of life for religious believers and non-believers alike has intermingled with the spirit world in accordance with each person's relationship to the spirit world. We know that people lived in this way throughout history, even if we do not believe in religion, through dreams and various mystical experiences. Good spirits and evil spirits dwell in the spirit world and, owing to their influence, people on earth are divided into good and evil. This is logical. Then what is our concept of a good person and an evil person? There are those who receive help from good spirits and others who receive help from evil spirits. From these two sources of help, we can judge whether a person is good or evil.

(11)  I think an age will come in which we even can invent instruments that will help us see spirit-world phenomena. When that comes to pass, no one will be able to say there is no world of the spirit. When your spiritual eyes are opened, you can see the spirit world. You will be able to perceive through your senses all the phenomena, everything that exists, in that world. If you could see such things as you would a weather forecast, you would not say, for example, that there is no God. Then it would be natural for religion to disappear. If there had been no Fall, this would have been such a world. Things turned out the way they did because of the Fall. In the process of restoration, this earth is a training center for us, to bring us into a reciprocal relationship with that world.

You pay the price for working miracles and wonders

12)  God's cooperation comes about when we apply principles and rules in our life. God does not like mindless faith. What happens to people who chase after miracles and wonders and declare, "Just believe and it will come true"? When a person works miracles and wonders, what happens to him and his clan? In the case of revivalists who were famous in Korea, whose names were well known in the past, did things go well for them and their descendants? Things did not go well. Why is that? When you blindly ask for something and it comes true, you inevitably have to pay the price for what you blindly asked for. If you perform miracles despite not possessing such ability, you are performing such acts by the power granted to you by God. When you do such things with the power of God, Satan will accuse you for the blessings and the things you received but did not merit. It is the same as everything crumbling when there is no foundation.

(13)  If Moses had not performed miracles and wonders, he would not have failed.  That means that if Jesus had not performed miracles and wonders, he would not have died on the cross. Miracles and wonders are not good things. They draw down a great deal of sacrifice for just a smile. Nowadays, where are the preposterous groups of people who unthinkingly believe in miracles and say that through miracles and wonders they will sort out heaven and earth and settle everything in the world?

(14)  Jesus, who walked the course of restoration, didn't perform miracles and wonders happily. If you think he worked miracles and wonders because he was joyful and comfortable, that is a big misunderstanding. Since he had no place to lay his body on this earth and no place on which he could rely in the universe, he was in a situation where he had no choice but to appeal to Heaven. We must consider the resoluteness of Jesus who was in such a desperate state. When he was in sad and pitiful circumstances and raised his hands and called out, "My Father!" miracles occurred there. Those miracles and wonders appeared through circumstances in which he called out from a place of such extreme sorrow that even his bones and flesh were melting from sheer grief.

(15)  If I pray, I can perform any number of miracles and wonders. However, no matter what circumstances arise, I will not do so. What is the use of fixing temporary circumstances? Even if I fix them, is it of any use in heaven? It has no effect. Quite a few people have performed numerous miracles in Korea, but I have never done that publicly. Even when I am insulted, for example, I remain still. Since I walk alone, I must prepare, by myself, the path I will go. I believe that people who do not prepare, fade away. After making all the preparations, I went on the big stage of America and shook it up. I said Christianity had done wrong and should repent.

(16)  If I had lacked wisdom, I would have ruined everything. If I offered prayers to cure illnesses, a thousand or even ten thousand people would have been cured. However, I do not want to do that. Instead, we have to educate people. Spiritual works are for the moment, but the truth lasts for ten thousand years. Now it is your time. You can do anything, even cure others' illnesses. With just a look, you can cure leprosy and all other disorders. If your passion is set aflame and you forget to eat or sleep because of your love for Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, any illness can be cured. You will even forget you are sick. And after you have lived for a year forgetting you are sick, your illness actually will be gone. The miracles and wonders of the Bible are nothing. Looking at it this way, I have carried out countless such works.

Section 3.  The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World

(1)  I bestowed upon some individuals on earth a special marriage Blessing with spirits who lived and passed away thousands of years ago. Those people are living with those spirits now. They wanted to marry them because they expect that the chance of their going to the kingdom of heaven through marriage to a spirit in the spirit world is better than through marriage with a person living in this world at the present time. The couples' bodies and minds are always united, just like God's, so they do not fight. Therefore, the body and mind of those who marry such spirits while living on this earth will not fight with each other. And if the spouse on earth comes to be bound for hell, the spirit spouse can say, "Follow me! I will guide you." Then they automatically go into the heavenly realm. If people know this background, everyone might want to marry a spirit.

The reason spirits return and cooperate

(2)  You know about the Heaven and Earth Blessing, do you not? Through it, the divided spiritual and physical worlds are united, and the people who are now in hell can be sought out and blessed. After you join the Unification Church, you have to rise above the level of the nation. Because your mission is on the global level, you can pull out and bless those who are in hell for crimes committed against a nation. You can carry out a liberation movement with your mother, or your relatives or anyone on earth related to you by blood, at the center.

(3)  Do you think I have bitter feelings now? I have laid my hands upon everything to which I was called. Now is the time for fighting. Having stirred the invisible spirits to come down to earth, we must act as their leaders. Since we couldn't act as the leaders of this world, we should at least become the leaders of the people who have passed into the spirit world, the leaders of our ancestors, shouldn't we? Everyone is wishing for that. I have bestowed the Blessing upon innumerable people from the religious realm, and permitted the blessing of their sons and daughters and the blessing of the spirit world. I tell you, find your way to places where you have a connection of heart. Go and bless generations of people in your religious denomination, even without sleeping.

(4)  The question is whether we have set the standard that will allow people in the spirit world, unknown to humankind, to mobilize and testify to us. The spirit world also demands such conditions. Since the spirit world knows God's heart, if people with that standard on the earth appeal to them, spirit people will mobilize to help with the work on earth that actualizes the ideal of the heavenly kingdom. The reason spirit people cannot come to earth is that we have erected fences of lamentation.
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