Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 212

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 2: Divine Spiritual Works and Spiritual Phenomena, 02 - 09


Spiritual phenomena and our attitude toward them

(2)  In the early days of Christianity, all manner of wonders took place, including speaking in tongues, carrying out works of the divine spirit, and uttering prophecies. Because there were so many works of the divine spirit in the early church, ignorant people who did not understand the content and who encountered spiritual works here and there became confused. To overcome that confusion, they said, "The words of the Bible are best." In the Bible, we read that "In the Last Days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh" (Joel 2:28). This foretells that in the final days of Christian history, the phenomena of the early church will reappear in the world. Many groups will arise from all quarters and will be accused of being insane or heretical. The Unification Church is one such group.

(3)  When those who have received an outpouring of the spirit do not know the reason for it, Heaven enlightens them. When they open their eyes, they see the spirit world, and when they act, they behave like the people in the spirit world. Their eyes, hearts, and actions may be completely out of the ordinary. They may look like lunatics. Long ago, did Jesus appear to be a normal person? In the eyes of many people of the time, he must have seemed like a fool or a dullard. In the future, such spiritual phenomena will sweep through us, sweep through societies, and sweep through religious bodies. Therefore, around the world today, the number of patients suffering from incomprehensible mental illnesses and diseases of the nervous system is increasing. A world of fear, a world of anxiety and fretfulness, is fast approaching. This is because Jesus, the Son of God, lived his whole life engaged with the Will, with fretfulness, anxiety, and an agitated heart. That is why similar phenomena will sweep the world. When that happens, people will not be able to find their direction, try as they may, and events will come to pass in which what is true seems false and what is false seems true. An era is coming in which what is false will gain power and what is true will lose power, an era in which what is false prospers and what is true loses its voice. We need to pass through such a period.

(4)  The more the Last Days advance, while some people are seized with dread, others will be seized with joy. Such developments will inevitably emerge. While there are some people who are extremely evil, there will be others who are extremely good. Something that is extremely evil cannot invade an extremely good person and something that is extremely good cannot have anything to do with an extremely evil person. Even God will not be able to hold on to this society. The time will come when even a spiritual person, even a person who has received the grace of Heaven, will be unable to unite this world, try though he might. When that time comes, the people living in the extremely evil world, the people who have failed to form a connection with Heaven, will surely find themselves subject to judgment. A time will come when a state like this will unfold in your heart: the mind desires to go this way, but the body desires to go that way. Those who struggle due to their failure to set the conditions to be able to unite their body and mind are surely bound for hell.

(5)  God carries out His providence centered on a specific religious denomination. At the time of Jesus, He developed His providence internally in advance, without anyone knowing, centered on the families of Joseph and Zechariah. In the very same way, right after the liberation of Korea, Heaven prepared the content of this providence unknown to anyone. Thus, there had to be a group that could fulfill the mission of the archangel. What was lost spiritually will have to be found substantially, and the time to do this was the time before the liberation, so in that period one person who could carry out the mission of the archangel in the flesh had to come forth. This is why, from among the people who can communicate with the spirit world, some came forward claiming they were Peter or Paul, or asserting, "I am John the Baptist." The twelve disciples did not have faith in Jesus, so to atone for having failed to lay a foundation for him, their spirits had to come down to lay this foundation substantially on earth. Such work has been carried out until this day.

(6)  What is Jesus' greatest sorrow? It is that he was unable to establish a substantial realm on earth with his disciples. The twelve disciples were unable to unite centered on Jesus; Joseph's family was also unable to become one centered on Jesus; Judaism was unable to unite and the nation of Israel was unable to unite. Jesus tried to manage the situation based on the twelve disciples, but everything broke down. Jesus left behind the model spiritual standard, but because he could not establish the substantial standard, we need to reproduce the model of twelve disciples who establish the base of spiritual victory and work with the Lord of the Second Advent on the earth. After the foundation has been laid—that is, once the disciples who did not believe in Jesus and expelled him can believe in him and work again—the work of the Second Advent can begin. That is why in the time before the liberation of Korea, among those who could communicate with the spirit world, people claimed to be Peter, John, Paul or Abraham, and people representing many of the prophets who have come and gone in the course of history, appeared all at once in the spiritual groups in the horizontal world of Korea.

(7)  Up to the present day, because evil spirits have come down to earth and carried out their work, there have been phenomena such as mental illness and the degradation of people's character, but this will not be the case henceforth. We will conquer our bodies, form a realm of resonance, and immediately enter the higher realm of spiritual experience. A realm of noble character will be formed.

(8)   There are only two kinds of spiritual phenomena: those that are caused by God, and those that are not. We can tell right away; that is, when we classify spiritual phenomena as good or evil, we have a standard that tells us what a good phenomenon should be like. We should not move forward unless we check the phenomena according to that standard. Every few hundred years or so, a period of great transition or extensive spiritual phenomena comes about. When this takes place, a nation either perishes or prospers. If evil spirits are mobilized, it perishes. If good spirits are mobilized, it prospers exceedingly. How could the fortunes of the world get mixed up with all this? It is not a simple thing. Then what is the purpose of these spiritual phenomena or of religion? The reason Heaven stirs up spiritual phenomena in the course of the providence is, in the end, for the perfection of humankind.

(9)  The works of an evil spirit and the works of a good spirit begin in the same way, but their results are different. In both cases, there is trembling, a disturbance, and the overturning of things. There seems to be no difference between the two. But what comes of these works in the end? When carried out by an evil spirit, rather than profiting the world or benefiting heaven and earth, the results of such works profit only the evildoer. When you do something, it should benefit not only you as an individual or a family, where you are the center. If it is done egocentrically, whatever the good intentions, it will eventually come to naught. To some extent, the spiritual phenomena of the providence of God at the start may appear the same as the evil side. But God's providence sets its standard on the world level. A church with a purpose other than the liberation of God and the liberation of humanity cannot endure through the Last Days. That church will go its way based on greed and naturally collapse. Its leader will be taken away. And when that happens, that church will not connect to the environment of the age. This will be because the leader did not understand the situation he was placed in.

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