Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 211

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 1: The Last Day and Returning Resurrection, 10
Section 2: Divine Spiritual Works and Spiritual Phenomena, 01


(10)  At this time, billions of spirits are attacking the earth in order to occupy it. The phenomenon of mental illness is one aspect of this. Around the year 2000, you all may be able to communicate spiritually, be it with evil spirits or good spirits. Against the counsel not to engage in war, we may have no choice but to fight.  Such a time may come. The mission of the Unification Principle is to defend us against this eventuality. From a high radio antenna comes a ringing sound. This is like the phenomenon of mental illness. The most fearful thing is if only evil spirits are mobilized and invade the earth. In that situation, the question is how things will turn out. No matter how many people there are on earth, they will end up being attacked by evil spirits. This is why God has been preparing for this. Centered on the good spirits, He is expanding His foundation in the spirit world continuously.

The returning resurrection of spirits

(11)  If you fail to equip yourself fully during your time on earth and you end up going to the spirit world with Satan claiming dominion over your mind, how will you be able to manifest the works of God? It will be extremely difficult. If you fail to fulfill your responsibility on earth, you will have to set up your descendants in your place. You will have to set them up in a position like that of a messiah who can save you. You will have to help them and cooperate with them, taking their circumstances into consideration. You will have no choice but to cooperate with them so that through them you can fulfill the responsibility you failed to carry out while you were alive. This is the phenomenon of returning resurrection.

(12)  Originally human beings should not have been under Satan's rule. They should have lived in the realm of God's direct dominion. As a result of the Fall, however, they came to live in the fallen realm. In order to escape from that realm, they have to pay indemnity as individuals and as families. Without indemnity, they cannot escape. Therefore, spirits unfailingly come forth through the phenomenon of returning to earth in every historical age. Some people interpret this as transmigration or reincarnation. This spiritual phenomenon applies to you as well. If you practiced your faith on the individual level only and died, because you never had a family, you would have to go through the level of the family and eventually the levels of the tribe, people, nation, and world. You have no idea how many billions of years that would take. The time needed would be nothing short of infinite.

(13)  We know very well that through his death Jesus substantially testified about his entire hope to all of heaven and earth. On the way to the cross, he prayed, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what You want" (Matt. 26:39). As he prayed he surely realized, with intensity unrivaled by anyone, that the more the fear of death washed over his heart the closer the day of hope drew near. In other words, he felt that after going beyond the death of his physical body, a new world of hope would unfold before him, and he yearned for that world. Because he hoped for resurrection in an eternally liberated body after his physical death, and he yearned for it, after he died, he was able to resurrect in glory.

(14)  The central root, central trunk, and central bud are connected to me. As the mainstream, the central root, central trunk, central branch, and central bud are connected in a consistent flow to the individual level and the family level. In short, they are alive. They have gone through the returning resurrection. All those who connect as branches to the Lord of the Second Coming can live. By doing this, everyone from Adam's family to the world level can stand in the position to be resurrected simultaneously. It is a work of engrafting and perfecting in only a few years what has multiplied for tens of thousands of years, so the kingdom of heaven of individuals and the kingdom of heaven of families on earth, and even the kingdom of heaven in heaven, can be completed at the same time.

(15)  I could not do two things at once, so I had to carry them out separately. For that reason, centering on the spiritual standard, I established Heung-jin as commander-in-chief of the spirit world. The Lord of the Second Advent came to earth, centered on God, and in the opposite direction, I sent Heung-jin from earth, centered on me, in the position of the Lord of the Second Advent of the heavenly kingdom. I have united the divided spiritual and physical worlds. I had my son carry out the work of the realm of resurrection in the spirit world in place of his living father, with the authority of the Blessing, based on the fact that the spirit world did not have a connection to the love of True Parents. Since the ceremony of rebirth, the ceremony of resurrection and the ceremony of eternal life can now be performed and based on this supreme foundation having been laid on earth centered on the First Israel, the Second Israel, which is the United States, and the Third Israel, which is Korea, the boundary line dividing the spiritual and physical worlds has been abolished.

(16)  Now there is nothing to worry about. We can just let things take their own course.  That will happen is that spirits from the spirit world will return to earth. The failure to fulfill God's providential Will to save the spirit world through three ages—the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age—will be completely reversed and thus, will be realized automatically. Through the completion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Completed Testament Ages, the providence automatically sets its direction and moves forward. The spirit world will set its direction centered on God and centered on the earth; the earth will not move ahead of it. The right of the eldest son will be restored based on the original standard, and God, our cosmic Parent, and the Lord of the Second Advent on earth, that is, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, will establish their lineage through a new ideology based on the Blessing and they will move forward horizontally. Thus, the gates to the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will open automatically. There, everything will be overturned and the entire spirit world will come down.

(17)  We should wait eagerly for the day of resurrection. Heaven has to be resurrected through the earth. We think the base of resurrection is in heaven, but it is not. It is on earth. This earth is the center. The base of resurrection and the place of resolution is on this earth. If resurrection does not take place on this earth, the resurrection of heaven, the resurrection of humankind, the resurrection of all things, and the resurrection of people in hell will remain mere words. Therefore, a resurrected person must appear on earth first. In the spirit world, there is hell, the middle spirit world, paradise, and heaven. To this day, people who have shown loyalty to Heaven have gone to paradise. Even Jesus is in paradise.  In achieving the purpose of resurrection, the indirect destination is the spirit world and the direct destination is the earth. The spirit world is the place that must be resurrected, but the earth is where resurrection must happen first. Therefore, only when we first can declare on earth, "I have been resurrected; I have concluded the purpose of resurrection," can we go to the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

(18)  What is the meaning of the phrase "opening of heaven and earth"? What people would be eligible to participate in the first resurrection? It is those who have passed through the gates of the Blessing. That is why even the elderly in their eighties need to become young again. That may sound strange, but even grandmothers and grandfathers need to marry their spouse again. This is because, in order to establish the nation of the Third Israel and become its citizens, we need to pass through the gates of the Blessing.

Section 2.  Divine Spiritual Works and Spiritual Phenomena

(1)  The spirit world and the earthly world are not two separate worlds cut off from each other. Under the fundamental principle of existence, they have a mutual relationship of giving and receiving, that is, mutual exchange. We began our association originally as the Holy Spirit Association, with the aim of achieving unity through divine spiritual power. What is divine spirit? It does not refer to distributing transitory spiritual power or spiritual activity. It is the power of God's love through which the spirit world and the human world can harmonize and resonate based on true love. The Unification Church movement of course moves the hearts of people through a lifestyle of true love, living for the sake of others and investing oneself for others, but also through gaining the spirit world's cooperation.


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