Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 210

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 4: Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 1: The Last Day and Returning Resurrection, 01- 09


CHAPTER 4  Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works

Section 1.  The Last Days and Returning Resurrection

(1)  How do we characterize the times we are living in? When we look around the world, we find many people suffering from mental illness. This is because the spirit world and the physical world are intersecting. When the two worlds intersect, it is not the good people who are aware of this first. Who knows this news the fastest? It is not the good people who learn of it first; rather, it is the enemies who oppose them. This is because the enemies always immediately strive to intercept the news meant for the good side. In the same way, when the spirit world comes down to the earth, it is not the good spirits who come first but the evil spirits.

Phenomena of the Last Days

(2)  As a result of the Fall in the garden of Eden, Eve became an enemy because of the archangel, and Adam became an enemy because of Eve. They became enemies to each other. Now everyone is an enemy. Therefore, even your children are your enemies. You cannot trust them. When the Last Days come, even your mother and father will be your enemies. Your siblings will be your enemies. A time will come when nations become such enemies that their relations are rent all to pieces. When such a time comes, where will we find ethics and morality? When the time comes in which global trends are tossed about as if in a raging storm and we can neither discern our direction nor distinguish between what is good and what is false, we should know it is the Last Days. Now is that very time.

(3)  What characterizes the era of the Last Days of the world? When all people of the world place absolute importance on individualistic love, the Last Days have come. This statement derives from our understanding of fallen love. The  global era that exalts individualistic love is the era of the Last Days. It is an era in which people go their way, pursuing love fixed solely on themselves while denying love for their nation, love for their own people, and love for their family. They stand not on the side of human ethics or morality but rather follow the desires of the flesh.

(4)  Your body and mind are in conflict, husband and wife are in conflict, and parents and children are in conflict  Everything plunges into chaos in the Last Days.  In the face of my teachings, people in the spirit world are falling into utter confusion as they try to cling to the religious views they have held until now. To be able to return to earth, spirits need to have actual accomplishments they can show to the Unification Church members and to their descendants. They cannot return to earth without actual accomplishments. I have walked the entire course of indemnity that makes returning to earth possible. I am the king of Abels on behalf of God. In the original family of Adam, Cain killed Abel, and this act has been repeated throughout the ages of history until today. In this world of Satan's bloodline, God cannot intervene. Why suddenly, in the Last Days, are the saints and the elders in the spirit world completely reversing their positions? It is inevitable; the spirit world has to be shaken up all at once.

(5)  This time today is when the Will of God manifests upon the earth. On the earth today both Cain and Abel exist. As is written in Chapter 13 of the Gospel of Matthew, on this earth there are both wheat and chaff. And as the Gospel of John states in Chapter 10, there is the good shepherd who enters by the gate, and at the same time, there is the false shepherd who does not go through the gate but climbs in by another way. We need to face the fact that if we do wrong, these very phenomena can occur in our church.

(6)  The Bible teaches that the Messiah will come in the Last Days. The term "Messiah" refers to a person who has to restore three things: eternal truth, eternal character, and the true love that true parents give to their children. This is why Jesus said he was the bridegroom who came to find his bride. In the Last Days, the Lord of the Second Advent must walk a course opposite to that of the Fall.

(7)  The Lord is the subject being. Therefore, when he comes to the fallen world, he has to speak the truth. When people hear that truth, both their bodies and mind will be bound to him. When human beings fell, they wept; they shed tears of grief as they were dragged away by Satan. But in order to return to God, they must be drawn to the Lord with gladness. Such a movement of reversal must happen in the Last Days. Since human beings went over to the other side after being led by the words of Satan, all people in the fallen world can be brought back to this side led by the words, the message, of the Lord of the Second Coming. That is why his words have to surpass those of the archangel and he has to stand in a position where God acknowledges him. On that foundation, he can lead all humankind with authority.

(8)  We have been told that in the Last Days we should anoint our heads with oil, go into a closed room and pray. It is a time when we should not listen to what others say.  It is a time when we should listen only to the words of the bridegroom. Not even my pastor or my companion in faith can support me when I reach the final summit. If I am bound for heaven and he is bound for hell, he will cling to me and pull me back. It is the same as if my beloved friend is drowning and when I go in to save him, that friend clings to me and pulls me down. At such a time I cannot feel pity for him. There is no leader who can save my life. Such a time is coming. In the districts, nations, religious organizations, and societies that experience such a time before others, chaos will ensue. People will be unable to trust each other. A pastor will not be able to trust an elder, nor the elder the pastor. A lay believer will not trust the church council; sects will not trust one another and associations and political parties will not trust each other. The citizens will not trust the president; the president will not trust the citizens; the people will not trust their country and they will overturn it. Everything will be engulfed in a melee of mistrust. In a world where we cannot trust anyone, chaos will reign in all directions. In such a place, all we can do is trust ourselves and seek the position of faith that Heaven can acknowledge.

(9)  Now chaos from the spirit world will unfold on the earth. The chaotic spirit world will attack the earth. This is why nowadays many people are suffering from mental illness and have become half-crazed. The number of people who mutter to themselves, for example, will increase gradually. From the spirit world, billions of spirits will invade the earth. Why do they do so? It is because religion has been unable to fulfill its proper role. Religion failed to stand up as God wanted it to. It was supposed to stand vertically, its eyes on Heaven, in relation to the people on the horizontal plane, but it has collapsed completely. This is why the spirit world is invading the earth. Don't we view an insane person as possessed by a ghost? Why do spirits enter people? It is in order to use them. Conscientious people, especially those who are literary or who are engaged in disciplines related to art, are more sensitive than ordinary people. They have taller antennae. Such people are affected by such influences first, and mental illness is a global phenomenon of the Last Days.

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