Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 207

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 3. Developing Our Spirituality, 18
Section 4: Blessed Families and Eternal Life, 08


(18)  After you pass through the stage of revelations, you enter the stage of visions.  In this stage, you enter the spirit world and have various experiences throughout the day.  You are connected to such a world. You can reach a state where you feel God in your daily life. Unless your faith is based on such experiences, you cannot apply the great Will of God to your everyday life. Therefore, people of faith without such experiences cannot be trusted. You should know how precious faith is, based on experience, and develop it. Then the spirit world will work through you. Spiritual power will enter your body like electric power. When this power finds its way into you, which is similar to coming in contact with high voltage, then a power that is stronger than your awareness enters your body; that is an awareness of another world.

(19)  To have spiritual experiences, you need to offer prayers and devotions. You should never ignore the visions or dreams that appear to you. The matter of how you can control them and apply them in your actual life, the realm in which you should practice them, is a most important aspect of your life of faith.

Section 4.  Blessed Families and Eternal Life

(1)  Blessed marriage and eternal life begin with True Parents. They cannot exist without True Parents. True Parents need to resolve these astonishing matters and bring about the unification of the spirit world and the physical world, as well as unity within the earthly world. The world is bound to first oppose me and then follow me. Without going before God and receiving the royal seal, the unity of the spirit world and the unity of the physical world cannot be achieved. No matter how much the earth opposes me, it cannot block the way I am meant to go. The time will come when the angelic world and the spirit world will be mobilized. Ancestors will be mobilized to bring paralyzing nightmares and to grasp the necks of those who do not follow me, similar to what Satan has been doing.

Blessed families are the key to the gates of the kingdom of heaven

(2)  After marrying, the moment when a couple first experiences conjugal love is the moment of their perfection as a man and a woman. They reign supreme. The man is the antenna that represents God’s entire plus world, all the male characteristics and right-sided things. The woman is the antenna that represents God’s entire minus world, all the female characteristics and left-sided things. Their union is like the point at which a negative charge and a positive charge meet, at the top of the antenna. The place where a man and a woman make love is where they achieve perfection as a man and as a woman. The royal palace of love that can settle on earth as the center of heaven and earth begins from that point. Then the origin of love can finally emerge and connect to our life. Our lineage is connected to that place. At the same time, a nation comes forth from that place. The kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven begins from the place where the gates of the first love are opened.

(3)  The Blessing given in the Unification Church opens the path that fallen human beings must follow at all costs. No matter how much people oppose it, the Blessing is of great importance because it allows us to connect the spirit world with the physical world. Today most people of faith think that salvation means individual salvation. They believe that if they practice their faith well, they will go to the kingdom of heaven. However, based on God's original ideal, people are not meant to go to the kingdom of heaven alone. Rather, they are meant to go together with their beloved spouse and their beloved family.

(4)  Who has the key to the gates of the kingdom of heaven? Adam and Eve should have had the key to heaven and they should have opened the gates on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, and nation. Now that blessed families have been organized, they should be brought together so that the gates to the kingdom of heaven can be opened with the key. This can take place on the foundation of the joint Blessing of the spirit world and the physical world in complete unity and oneness, which has been established on the worldwide level. Thus, the kingdom of heaven, which has remained vacant for millions of years since the time of Adam and Eve, can be filled all at once.

(5)  You cannot go to the kingdom of heaven alone. You can enter the gates of heaven only after you have your ideal object partner. In order for fallen human beings to enter, they must go through the history of restoration, the history of resurrection, and the history of re-creation. I am giving you the Blessing to open the gates of heaven. By establishing the Blessing, I have opened wide the gates of heaven, which were closed to you. Though the gates are open, you cannot enter by yourself. Only families can enter. In other words, you need to have sons and daughters and enter the kingdom with them. Yours is a historical family with historical fruits and accomplishments. Since God's six-thousand-year history of restoration went through the eras of the first Adam, the second Adam, and the third Adam, you need to go through three sons, and those three sons need to have their own object partners. Then you can enter the gates of heaven as a family.

(6)   Heaven is a place that people from both the spirit world and the physical world can enter through the gates of True Parents' love. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and had entered heaven as loving true parents, their family would have become the model for all families. Thus, God's original model family would have entered heaven. In this case, all families that were connected to the love of the realm of the royal family, inheriting this tradition through history, would be like branches sprouting north, south, east, and west from the one central trunk. That is why they all would have entered heaven according to the law of integration. Only in this way can a unified world come about.

(7)  According to the principle of the universe, the three stages of parents, couples, and children are supposed to unite and form a four-position foundation. Those who fail to reach this standard are expelled from the realm of those who pass, and so they feel anguish. Based on these three stages, and centered on God and on Adam and Eve, the vertical world and the horizontal world can unfold. This reflects the Principle. That is why the horizontal world can unfold only when Adam and Eve have sons and daughters. When the horizontal world grows, the vertical world is formed naturally. The horizontal foundation of the body is the sons and daughters and the horizontal foundation of the mind is the spirit world. From there, God can finally go to both the spirit world and the physical world for the first time and thus, the kingdom of heaven can be realized on earth.

(8)  What is the Completed Testament Age? It is the age of the settlement of the family and extends to the settlement of the tribe, people, and nation. That is why I have declared the complete settlement of Cheon II Guk. Everything is done now.  The spirit world and the physical world will become one. In the spirit world, the paths from hell to paradise and the kingdom of heaven have all been opened as well. However, the decisive reorganization of those places can only be carried out on earth; it cannot be done in the spirit world. Is there such a term as the establishment of kingship in the Bible? Can you find the word homeland there? The Bible does mention the realm of chosen people. Everyone must go through the gates of the Blessing; not even the chosen people can go to the kingdom of heaven without receiving the Blessing. The path of faith should be completely focused on receiving the Blessing.

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