Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 208

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 7: Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Chapter 3: Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 4: Blessed Families and Eternal Life, 09-19


Blessed families and the spirit world

(9)  When you receive the Blessing, the way to the kingdom of heaven opens up before you. But even among blessed families, there are people who have carried out fallen acts, so paradise and hell arise in the blessed family spirit world. These realms are within the realm of God's dominion. Just as good angels helped God in His work, since the entire spirit world is supposed to receive the Blessing, these blessed spirits, in the position of ancestors, assist those on earth. Henceforth, when the descendants of such ancestors are born on the earth, the ancestors are supposed to guide them to receive the Blessing and protect their children of direct lineage. By doing this, along with their descendants, they can cross over to a new world that has nothing to do with Satan.

(10)  Couples who were blessed on earth will be together even when they go to the spirit world, which is an eternal world. No matter how many couples and children there are in this fallen world, they are scattered and separated in the spirit world.  They are separated, and they do not know where the others have gone. Without a reciprocal connection, they cannot even meet one another. They are all separated in the spirit world according to the state of their spirituality. But as I have told you, if they are united with love at the center through the Blessing, the whole family will dwell together in the spirit world.

(11)  When you go to the spirit world, no one tells you to go to hell. You go there on your own. You go to the place that matches your own level. Even in the case of Unification Church members, though the goal is to go to the same realm, where you come to dwell will depend on your spiritual state. Then in what ways are blessed families different? The members of a blessed family cannot be separated from each other no matter how hard they try. When you pass to the spirit world, if the wife failed to fulfill her responsibility, the husband must take joint responsibility and resolve this. Whether the wife has done wrong or the husband has done wrong, or whether it is the sons and daughters who have done wrong, they are all involved.  Since the kingdom of heaven is a place where the family must enter together, the family must be united. If a member of that family has done wrong, the whole family must wait until the wrongdoing of that family member can be resolved and atoned for. That is why, one way or another, each family member needs to reach perfection on this earth before passing into the spirit world.

(12)  When you go to the spirit world, you have to live in protective confinement.  You have to wait for thousands of years. Even in the case of those who are blessed, do you think your sons and daughters will not ask, "Mom, why did you make me this way? Why did you drag me here?" Do you think your sons and daughters will just stay quiet? Your families are at different levels. So you will go to the place that is appropriate to your level and stay there for a long time. Then your ancestors and your sons and daughters will accuse you, saying, "Look at the problems you've caused. Why couldn't you do better?" You will have to stay there for as long as those accusations last. This is not easy. So you should do well while on earth. You should do all that I ask of you.

(13)  Unless you advance step by step along the path I have taken to the realm that is liberated and free and report on my behalf, you will be caught.  Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Groups of Cain-type and Abel-type people who fight at the gates cannot enter the good spirit world.  Heaven will restrict them.  That is why, even if members of the Unification Church have received the Blessing if they fail to enter the gates of the kingdom of heaven because of their wrongdoing, a paradise and even a hell for blessed families will be created in the spirit world.

(14)  If you go to the spirit world after ten years or a hundred years and you say, "Heavenly Father! I have come here. Since I know True Parents, I will go to where they are," do you think you can actually go there? If you are not connected to the missions of the tribal messiah, the national messiah, the global and the cosmic messiah, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and live freely. What a fearful and serious position this is! When you think about the present situation, how could you possibly deny and ignore that?

(15)  If you live as you please after receiving the Blessing, you are out. You only have a document; you do not have the substance. The kingdom of heaven is the substantial world, so when you enter the spirit world it will not be enough if you only have a certificate without the substance. The same is true for me. Even if I am the Lord of the Second Advent, without the substantial realm of the spirit world, I cannot assert the substantial realm on earth. That is why the spirit world needs to be liberated.

(16)  Every day you must know the reality of the spirit world, which is the subject world. In our daily lives, while we are eating or teaching our children, it is regretful that we do not know the reality of the spirit world. This is more important than the record of the lives of our ancestors or the traditions of our nation. We live together with True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, knowing their actual circumstances. We know the heavenly world and the earthly world. It is the responsibility of each of our families to eliminate everything that blocks us from attaining the ideal standard, no matter what sacrifices we have to make. You have not yet become liberated central families. You are in a position where you need to go beyond your nation and your world. If you fail to do so, you will have to stay at your current level in the spirit world.

(17)  The paradise and hell that came about because of Satan's lineage will be wiped out all at once. Then based on the best, ideal blessed families who are closest to God, the kingdom of heaven of the highest class will be formed.  Underneath that, the paradise for blessed families will form. Furthermore, just as there is the middle spirit world for Buddhism or Confucianism, a middle spirit world for blessed families will be created. In fact, many classes will be created. Next, there will be a prison for blessed families. But this prison will not be a prison of hell within Satan's realm. Until now, things have happened in such a way that descendants saved their ancestors. Now that the principled first son's position has been established and there is no indemnity to be paid, the elder brothers or parents who have sons and daughters or relatives in hell, or anyone they know in the lower places, can go and help them whenever they wish to. They can lay down a bridge.  Thus, such people can be restored quickly.

(18)  The kingdom of heaven is originally a place for families to enter. Have blessed families reached the highest position in the spirit world? Even in the case of blessed families, if they cannot surmount the realm of the eight stages within the fallen realm, they have to stay where they are. This is why, even though all blessed families have been liberated, the kingdom of heaven for families, paradise for families, middle spirit world for families, and hell for families have all come about.  However, though this earth is under Satan's dominion, it is not eternal, and your ancestors who have gone before you are tugging on your legs to drag you forward.  They are pulling you up. That is why restoration can be much quicker. At present, we are teaching people to once again live the religious way of life.

The best gift to take to the spirit world

(19)  What gift can you offer when you stand before God in the spirit world? It is neither money nor the prestige of an academic title. Neither is it the affection you have for your loving spouse, nor a well-lived life, nor any other such thing. Such things cannot be gifts. You should take your love for God and your love for the world to that place. That is what remains. In John 3:16 it is written that God so loved the world, testifying to His love. That is why He sent His only begotten son.  His only begotten son is the person who came to love the world. For this reason, if your faith is based on love, you will not perish. You will be saved. Since the Lord loves the world, you should love the world together with Him.

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